www.son-rise.org Wһеח a parent gets tһе diagnosis οf Autism fοr tһеіr child, tһе ԁесіѕіοח аbουt wһаt kind οf treatment tο υѕе саח bе overwhelming. Tһеrе саח bе pressure tο conform tο traditional mainstream treatments such аѕ ABA аѕ tһе standard default. At tһе Autism Treatment Center οf America™, home οf Tһе Son-Rise Program®, wе encourage parents tο learn аbουt tһеіr alternatives. Yου ԁο һаνе a сһοісе tһаt аррrοасһеѕ уουr child аѕ more tһаח a clinical case. Tһе Son-Rise Program іѕ totally non-invasive аחԁ іѕ based οח a loving аחԁ respectful аррrοасһ, using each child’s οwח motivation аѕ a guide fοr social interaction. Iח Tһе Son-Rise Program, tһе children ѕһοw υѕ tһе way іח tο tһеіr world, tһеח wе ѕһοw tһеm tһе way out tο ours. INTERESTING FACT: Tһе actor representing Tһе Son-Rise Program іח tһіѕ video, аƖѕο tһе script writer, іѕ fully recovered frοm severe Autism himself! Tһе Autism Treatment Center οf America™ іѕ home tο Tһе Son-Rise Program®, аח effective treatment fοr children аחԁ adults challenged bу Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), Asperger’s Syndrome , аחԁ οtһеr developmental difficulties. Oυr team οf committed teachers represents over 100 years οf real life experience working wіtһ children using Tһе Son-Rise Program. Over tһе last 35+ years, more tһаח 25000 parents аחԁ professionals frοm 78 countries һаνе bееח trained іח Tһе Son-Rise Program techniques аחԁ methodology tο һеƖр challenged children worldwide. Wе believe tһаt еνеrу

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25 Responses to “CHOICE in Autism Treatment- #2 ABA vs. Son-Rise Program”
  1. GAMLASANNA says:

    Love the Clyde jazz clarinet <3
    Big hug from Sue

  2. msgrozzy says:

    ABA is good for some kids and other methods such as Son-Rise are great for others.

    I have two boys with autism. My older son benefited greatly from ABA, however, my younger son has had 2 years of ABA with little improvement so I’m considering a play-based approach such as Son-Rise or Floortime. Those options make more sense for my younger son who currently cannot generalize ANYTHING outside of his ABA session.

  3. meadowlotus says:

    There are some people who commit unrequested acts of loving kindness to other people and nobody knows they did it. We call them unsung heroes. Their motivation for what they do comes from within and so they don’t need applause. This does not fit your model at all. Often their motivation is love. Love is not a passive word, it is a very active verb. Love requires action to make itself visible. Love does change behaviour because as a parent I have seen it happen during our Son Rise program.

  4. annabanan29 says:

    applied behavior analysis was defined in 1968. behavior analysis was derived from Watson’s studies beginning in the early 1900s and from BF Skinner in the 50s….

  5. annabanan29 says:

    Using an ABC model is not cookie cutter. The principle is derived from science and is how EVERY behavior of EVERY person is acquired and maintained. Rewards are not used, but reinforcement. Lots of reinforcement is natural and quite loving, but lots of times “love” does not change behavior.

  6. meadowlotus says:

    One of the things taught at the Option Institute is Radical authenticity, in fact there is a whole weeklong course devoted to the subject. If you feel that your program is more effective than another, it isn’t saying that yours is right and the other wrong – just more effective. Speaking out for what you feel is important is part of being a loving person, particularly loving those people who have never heard of The Son Rise Program. I am so grateful that someone told me and I want to pass it on.

  7. av8rjeff says:

    I love Son-Rise and the Option process and feel they’ve helped me cope better with the challenges autism brings, as well as my son. However, I have seen the first 3 of these SR vs ABA videos and feel that all of them are presented with the exact opposite of the SR/Option attitude. None of them feel loving and accepting to me – more like “we’re right/ you’re wrong”. I’m disappointed; this is the last thing I’d expect to come out of the institute. (but acknowledge I’m choosing disappointment!)

  8. raarmom says:

    The person that referred us to Son-Rise was an ABA facilitator. She gave me the book and explained that Son-Rise was a different way of looking at your child’s diagnosis. One that is hopeful and loving. Pick up the book and read it. You may have the same experience that I did. It made sense to me on a personal level and I felt like I had the answers right in my hand.

  9. aroma22008 says:

    Thank God I live in America, where there is free speech. I want choices in my child’s school. This is a great video – Thanks Raun!

  10. mdeleon03 says:

    This will be my final comment. I have indicated many times that the process of an intervention, the components that it includes and the methods that it uses need to be accurately described when someone says X intervention is ___, so parents are not confused. If another intervention wants to show what parents think of that intervention it would be helpful to say “this is the opinion of some parents who used this intervention” at the beginning of the explanation in order to avoid confusion

  11. jsarbora says:

    I do think it would be more effective if the Son-Rise program simply explained why they believe their approach is more effective. The written comparison of son-rise & floortime, states real & true differences, but there is a bit of “dissing” going on (“it is only child centered as long as it serves the adult”). Come on! There are reasons for this difference and it is not to meant to serve the adult but the child. S.R. does not have to agree with it – just explain why in a nonjudgmental way.

  12. jsarbora says:

    Well, this youtube certainly brought out lots of discussion!! And mdeleon03 has had a great chance to represent her version of ABA. And S.R. have allowed and left all these comments up, so kudos to them. Obviously this is all opinion now. It’s not like this youtube is standing alone without comments.

  13. meadowlotus says:

    This goes for everything you read, it is the opinion of the author, it is just part of life. The author expresses their view. If you can find something that absolutely everybody on the planet agrees with, then that would be a fact, other than that it is make believe, opinion, my make up on how things are. That’s life.

  14. meadowlotus says:

    When I am looking at your website I am expecting to see your opinion on what ABA, which is not the same as ABA appears on other websites – take for example the definition of manding that you have defined differently to others, on the Son Rise website I am reading Son Rise view of things. As a parent I can work that out for myself. It would make very dull reading to preface every sentence with Son Rise says, as it’s their website it is a given that it is their opinion.

  15. mdeleon03 says:

    is inaccurate. So either describe it accurately OR say “this is what parents think” But don’t take parent’s opinions of ABA and then present them as descriptions of ABA they are two entirely different things. I could say “tomatoes are disgusting and they make me sick” that is an opinion but is that really what tomatoes are? no. A description would be “tomatoes are a red fruit that grow on a green plant.” There is a distinction

  16. mdeleon03 says:

    I don’t know how many more times I can say it is fine to present parent’s opinions of it and to say “this is what parents think” but that is not what SR does. They say “ABA IS …….and then list all of these things that flat out do not accurately describe ABA. This could easily be fixed by saying “Parents who have done ABA say…….” that is all I’m asking for. The way it is presented now looks as if they are describing the field of behavior analysis. The way it is being described

  17. mdeleon03 says:

    It is also important to notice that Temple’s mother naturally used behavioral methods and Temple herself has said in interviews that she appreciates her mother forcing her to comply with structure and that there were consequences when she didn’t do what she was supposed to such as losing t.v. for the night when she didn’t have good manners. behavior analysis allows for choice we also teach the children how to indicate that choice like Temple did in the video

  18. meadowlotus says:

    Once again we are going backwards and forwards over the same thing. Son Rise treats the children and their parents with love and respect, how would it be respectful to deliberately lie about their program. In everything they claim, they have testimonials from parents with children who have done ABA before and switched to Son Rise. I realise this doesn’t support your business to have this advertised but actually the website says what it does because Son Rise believes it to be true as do I.

  19. Katieloudrifter says:

    I just watched the HBO film on Temple Grandin and was thinking about the importance of CHOICE in selecting the right treatment. Many SR parents I’ve met select SR because it “feels” like the right way to go for their child, their way of seeing the world — much like Temple choose her squeeze box. ALL POWER TO CHOICE

  20. mdeleon03 says:

    I completely respect your opinion. SR is presenting misleading statements about ABA as fact. I don’t mind if they make misleading statements as long as it is presented as opinion. I do think the parents are experts on their children and they do become experts on autism but when their child is first diagnosed it is overwhelming and can be very confusing to decide which interventions to use. SR isn’t help this any by having ADs and webpages with misleading statements presented as fact

  21. meadowlotus says:

    I think you need to give parents more credit for intelligence than you do, they are not stupid or naive. This is another difference between ABA and Son Rise, you see yourself as the ‘expert’ whereas in Son Rise the parents are the experts but the child is the teacher – they teach us how to help them, which they can do because they are already taking care of themselves. They show us the way in to their world, then we show them the way out. I am a real parent does my opinion count to you?

  22. mdeleon03 says:

    I guess that is where the difference comes in then. I don’t think in this area that misleading comments and statements should be made because this is about the children. The children are not computers or beer. The parents deserve the right to make informed decisions and not be confused by advertising. By all means they should read on multiple sites and see what real parents are saying but if a group selling an intervention says misleading things about another intervention, causes undue confusion

  23. meadowlotus says:

    Here in the UK there is an advert for Carlsberg lager where the slogan is ‘probably the best lager in the world’ I don’t know anyone who decided to only drink Carlsberg based on that advert, in fact people who drink lager usually try them all. Some people have been misrepresenting and in fact mocking Son Rise since it started which gives us opportunity to describe it again, controversy has been our friend as more people hear about Son Rise and have opportunity to enquire further.

  24. meadowlotus says:

    That’s a great question, I think that parents would probably look on both websites if making an informed decision is important to them. When I watch any advert on television I know I am not watching something impartial. There is always the biase towards whatever is being advertised, I think that parents watching these videos will know that too and treat the content of the video with that in mind.

  25. mdeleon03 says:

    maybe our opinions on this will differ too, what would you say if a behavior analyst made a site and video describing ABA and comparing it to SR and described SR inaccurately? What if it said something like: “SR doesn’t teach a child any skills. In SR the child is loved but not taught anything. In ABA the parents love their child and discover what interests their child so that the child has fun while learning” I am not saying this is my description but what if someone made something like that?

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