Tһе ѕtοrу οf Claudia B.

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25 Responses to “Claudia’s Story – Autism Awareness”
  1. ediann says:

    so beautiful and so very touching. we struglle some days with autism but we are encouraged by seeing hope and joy in such beautiful encouaging stories and videos.

    thank you.

    our son is 11 years old and is asperger’s and he is our pride and joy!

    thank you for such a beautiful video!

  2. higashi66 says:

    This has to be one of the best awareness videos on you tube today!

  3. CloudClaudia says:

    Wow! I work with mentally challenged people with autism, they are not a lost cause!
    So why should normal people with autism not be worth a little guidence?
    All the best for you, your daughter and don’t take no for an answer. There are so many things you can do!
    Good luck!

  4. ksb72 says:

    Your video touched me profoundly and Claudia is beautiful!

  5. Helplesschild922198 says:

    Never ever give up on your daughter there is hope out there and speak up for her. i work with children and adults at a camp and they are a real blessing. People with autism can Live a productive life. i have Aspergers which is a form of high functioning autism. i am writing a book hopefully it will soon be published and i am living on my own have have just graduated from high school with a 4.0 gpa and got a full ride scholorship

  6. birds16ful says:

    Claudia & 5 friends of mine at Madonna School who have autism.

    14 yrs old Andrew Hoffman, 13 yrs Ben Schlecht, 12 yrs old Madison Yetter, 10 yrs old Dan Jablonski & 9 yrs old Parker Booton.

    God Bless Claudia, Madison, Andrew, Ben, Danny & Parker.

  7. healthmusic says:

    Piper, I too have Aspergers. Yes, this is a beautiful video, and there are many wonderful comments, including yours. I am also a folk musician/singer/songwriter; wrote 3 autism awareness songs. As my title “healthmusic” implies I wrote songs in concern over USA healthcare crisis and need for affordable healthcare.

  8. Piper227 says:

    I have a high functioning form of autism (Aspergers) this is a buetyful video! Have you checked out the son-rise program? I hear ALOT of great things about it!

  9. chrisdavid42 says:

    If you wonder what you can do? Give as much support as you can to a family with an autistic child. Today, an intact and loving family is the exception for adults with severe autism and other similar disabilities. Claudia is amazingly fortunate to have the parents she does.

  10. ceruleandiamond says:

    Mom and daughter are beautiful! This video really touched me. My 22 month old son does not talk and is of course at high risk for autism. Thanks for the lovely video!

  11. abbylovesmichael says:

    ty for this moving video
    i like how you end it with motivation to those who watch it to listen
    and ur so right, our kids are not lostty for sharing this

  12. detafen says:

    Your video deeply touched me. Just know that your daughter is not lost I;m glad that you have not given up. What a little blessing you have; she will bless many lives. She has touched mine.

  13. KlodCORE says:

    omg.wow. i just looked up the name “claudia” on youtube cuz thats my name and i was bored, and i ended up finding this touching and inspiring video.This changed my day completely.I wish you the best of luck with your beautiful little girl,Claudia.

  14. kdscher says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing video with the world! You’re daughter is precious and those photos are amazing. I have a really good friend whos brother has autism and he is such a beutiful child, he has such a personality and is so amazing, so i just want to thank you for sharing this with us

  15. pcepangel09 says:

    i want to put this on my facebook,
    im having an autism walk.
    and i think this video is the best by far.
    is there any way i could save it on my computer? or you could send it to me?

  16. KristinW81095 says:

    She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl! God bless you and your family! <3

  17. divinalatina4u says:

    Autism is everyone’s problem…
    Our future is our children…
    On my block alone there are three families with children that have Autism.

  18. hischebe says:

    Beautifully done video. I am a Nursing Student and am working with Autistic children and you are quite right I can see the difference that early interventions have on these children. Claudia is one lucky girl to have a parent like you who is going to fight to make sure everything is done to help her.

  19. healthmusic says:

    I love that video. Claudia is not a lost cause. She is a precious little girl, made in God’s image. I would also like to speak a good word for timeformetosoar. I cheer him on that he will grow up and do wonderful things for people with autism. This autie wants to make the world a better place for us auties.
    Bear Hugs
    John “Hai” Knapp
    You can find song caught on youtube by searching ‘Hai Knapp’.

  20. dinorock69 says:

    really amazing video and she is very pretty.

  21. timeformetosoar says:

    this song is called “falling slowly”

  22. timeformetosoar says:

    Claudia is a beautiful little girl you were blessed

  23. healthmusic says:

    I would like to offer my hand to you. I am 54, not much time to go back to college and study. You are 11, you can change the world. In many ways I am cheering you on; few years from now go for doctor degree. Let’s find a cure for autism.

  24. healthmusic says:

    keeperofthestars, I too love this video. Claudia is very precious. I have Aspergers, which is part of autistic spectrum. I am also a singer/songwriter, and now trying to reach out to people in the spectrum with my music.

  25. KeeperOfTheStars201 says:

    That was a great and touching video! I have recently begun volunteering with autistic children and teenagers and they have changed my life. God Bless your precious Claudia.

    P.S.: May I ask what is this song called?

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