Gο tο www.quiksilver.com/justaddwater fοr premiere dates аחԁ tour аחԁ onsale info.

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25 Responses to “Clay Marzo: Just Add Water Extended Trailer”
  1. deckelchen27 says:

    i just bought the dvd and i hope it’s a good documentary.
    looking forward to it.
    the trailer is just beautiful.

  2. JossyFerr says:

    I have a boy twin and he has the same prob… I’m the only one who can understands him. They can feel everything 10 more times than us!
    and yup, the real problem is with the others, and with the world outside. Because there’re many things that they can’t agree or understand ever

  3. Demmisiawver says:

    see it here: #FTW Go Movie World . com #CUTE

  4. Riggro says:

    @surf2surf2skate2surf : it’s “now days” but who cares. I agree with you 100% I’ve been surfing for about a 2 years and I’m still a noob. but watching him inspires me to get good and do what he does!

  5. MsStomper says:

    just read his feature in rolling stone AND OMG!!!!! tooooooo kick ass

  6. bricksFU86 says:

    Sorry, not “Song”, “Naked Sun” =P


  7. bricksFU86 says:

    Trail of Dead – Naked Song

  8. acomerla21 says:

    Clay Marzo one of the best surfers
    Very Soul

    Waves are toys from God…

  9. rotjer86 says:

    Love this film!!

  10. AlexPanacro says:

    Song:Naked sun
    Artist: And you will know us by the trail of dead

    theres 2 versions to the song. one that is about 3min and the other is about 6 min. the last part of the long version was used….shouldn’t be hard to find

  11. 258az says:

    What is the name of the Last Song !!??

  12. AlexPanacro says:

    definitely gonna buy the dvd.

    23coffeebreak well that “retard” probly has more talent than you could ever attempt to have…

  13. IntoxicatedCrow says:

    Im a dude so Im not gonna use the term beautiful but he is a nasty surfer. Pushin all of the boys out the way, rippin tasty swell on the north shore. Awesome place to grow up surfin

  14. Waioki says:

    What a beautiful boy and a absolute talent!

  15. IntoxicatedCrow says:

    Clay is sick, I used to watch him surf as a grom in lahina

  16. jeff1surfs says:

    bad karma heading your way bro…

  17. me3be3 says:

    well your not so bad yourself. for a kook

  18. AnuDnB says:

    not bad for ur fucking mother ^^

  19. inwardheel200 says:

    at .48 the songs mgmt time to pretend

  20. craig3008 says:

    He is not a ‘retard’ you ignorant gonk.

  21. 23coffeebreak says:

    Not bad for a retard.

  22. dasikcunt69 says:

    never mindd i foundd it :P
    its calddhow we breathe by pin backk if any body wanted to know :)

  23. dasikcunt69 says:

    doess any body no the first song at the starttt?

  24. inwardheel200 says:

    whats the name of this song

  25. me3be3 says:

    theres like 5 songs

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