www.x-tremevideo.com Hаνе уου еνеr Ɩονеԁ something tο tһе point tһаt іt becomes wһаt уου live fοr? Meet Clay Marzo whose passion fοr surfing іѕ ѕο pure іt defies description. Take a visually stunning аחԁ emotionally powerful journey through һіѕ life. See Clay literally come alive іח tһе ocean аѕ һе destroys tһе waves οf Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii, France, Spain аחԁ Australia wіtһ һіѕ wildly creative surfing. Youll аƖѕο experience inspiring testimonials аbουt һіѕ іחсrеԁіbƖе talent frοm tһе mοѕt legendary surfers іח tһе world. Tһе ѕtοrу аƖѕο showcases аח awareness-raising glimpse іחtο һіѕ life аחԁ mind аѕ һе comes tο understand both tһе gifts аחԁ challenges οf living wіtһ Aspergers. Tһіѕ іѕ a surf film unlike anything youve еνеr seen.

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25 Responses to “Clay Marzo Just Add Water – Quiksilver”
  1. rauchgal says:

    i find this a little fake
    “i will not give my son a lable” and he is like the most labled quicksilver surfer out there
    and they talk about ego and the there is this video
    they focus too much on his condition i dont like it i feel like they are using it
    ,,,all the respect to clay he is a great surfer but i feel like people are riding on his back

  2. leendard says:

    Hey Skojoo – YOUR comment is ridiculous. This is a mother talking about her son. Show some respect you ignorant asshole!

  3. slashretard says:

    This is Broly

  4. Skoojoo says:

    I hope that my mom comes up with some pretentious monologue describing me one day too. Hes a great surfer, but that monologue was ridiculous.

  5. acomerla21 says:

    Waves are toys from God…


  6. acomerla21 says:

    Waves are toys from God…


  7. jeff1surfs says:

    Saw him ride waves in the Triple Crown, the dude was amazing and shredding all the waves he caught. He is a natural surfer!

  8. burtonbrd31 says:

    i met clay at the movie premiere

  9. skboog says:

    dont think clay wants to win a world title

  10. lacrosse445 says:

    @heicKy the light-the album leaf

  11. robbolton says:


    Sometimes in life its best to go back to the source…

  12. ortleysurfer says:

    LOve clay

  13. GoldySurf says:

    beautiful mate i hope surfing is the outlet ur daughter needs surfing does that for a lot of people =)
    best wishes

  14. KingJamSK8 says:

    I struggle with this condition with my step daughter, she tries so hard to be normal but she is not as gifted, she has an extreme case, we havent found an outlet for her as clay has, she is introverting, i am going to buy her a long board and try to teach her to surf, she loves water as well, this has been such an inspiration and when he wins the world title, and he will, he will show everyone the determination will overcome any obsticles

  15. GoldySurf says:

    except u spelt clay wrong =P anyways hav a good one mate =D

  16. maxi212121 says:

    Waves are toys from God…


  17. wackasalmon says:

    I was diagnosed with aspergers at a young age… It has definately been a hinderance on me throughout my adolescence and now adult life… It’s definately good that Clay has gone public with his condition, or as I see it his gift. More people, especially teachers need to be educated on the subject, otherwise many awkward situations may arise involving the person with the disorder. I don’t mean to preach, but I know from experience. Anyway Keep IT UP CLAU

  18. ohhrichie says:

    my mom would probably say all the bad shit about me lol

  19. heicKy says:

    does anyone know the name of this song?

  20. Thanos700 says:

    i hate it when people group aspergers in with autism without going over the details that its mild….. theres a difference between tolerance and disinterested ignorant acceptance…. people need to understand aspergers instead of lumping people in as “disabled”

  21. MAORIBOY1983 says:

    i can relate if the seas going off i gota be there too shaka bra!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Midwestjdo56 says:

    Ur exactly right

  23. DikkSteini says:

    Poor Clay. He gets uncomfortable in his skin.

  24. jmh3182 says:

    duood. you dumbass he has aspergers.

  25. xLastStand says:

    unbelievable. just an amazing story. it really makes you put your own life in perspective.

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