Mу life wіtһ NLD һаѕ bееח very confusing.

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25 Responses to “Confusion: My Life with NLD”
  1. Steamaddict1603 says:

    I have NLD and I was diagnosed in fifth grade. Now going into my jounior year in high school it’s still extremly difficult for me if a teacher hands me a book of math problems and says to me ” do these ten problems” and walks away without explaining how to work them out. According to my parents, I had an extensive vocabulary when I was younger. I think of life as one big railroad track ( I’m into trains BIG TIME!!!) the further you go on the track, the more you get to learn and explore.

  2. EyesOnAMD says:

    thank you so much for sharing this video, you are a fantastic woman and an inspiration.


    wow you seem very smat and u r a remarkable lady god bless u!

  4. macie670 says:

    I didn’t learn I had this until my jr year of high school and by then it was kinda too late. It’s even more difficult to learn then and now as opposed to being a little kid.

  5. mels8780 says:

    how are you at highschool already? did you skip a grade? ohh i get it lol…your highschool is grades 8-12 or something. Here its 9-12…and we get freshmen fridays too…scary.

  6. mels8780 says:

    yeah…what todd…

  7. mels8780 says:

    its very important to get diagnosed (correctly) early and have intervention or whatever they call it…lol…help to help strengthen those parts of your brain that lack a little…There’s a boy named Zac and he’s going along gr8 now..although when I read about NLD I was thinking my gosh this is awful how is any help gonna help tht much…there are plenty of other people with it out there that are doing very good…I didnt knw that they ment the help would help strengthen the parts of ther brain

  8. kingofthedistant says:

    Anyone else that have NLD and be well with computers

  9. todd6719 says:

    I am from Sudbury Ontario .Canada. I have a Non verbal learning disability. I was fortunate enough to be in the pilot program at Cambrian College for learning disability strategies in a college enviroment in Canada. I’ve seen many people attain diplomas and go on to rewarding jobs and careers. The system is slow but things are getting better. Give post -secondary school learning a chance.

  10. TheAnywho2009 says:

    Don;t beat yourself up. Maybe you haven’t found the right work environment for yourself yet? Please be careful about making generalizations as they don’t fit for everyone with NLD. I have moderate-severe NLD and finished graduate school. For me, personally, it wasn’t a waste of time or money. It worked best to find a line of work and a work setting that didn’t magnify NLD.

  11. edwthompson313 says:

    If you have NLD, don’t go to college, I know from personal experience it’s a huge waste of time and money because even with my education, I can only obtain and perform high school level jobs. Don’t build yourselves up for a fall. I’m not saying this to be cruel or hurtful, I just wish that I had someone to tell me these things when I was younger.

  12. caramour says:

    Try facebook. There are LOTS of us NLD’ers on facebook, and a lot of discussion groups.

  13. xXdorito100Xx says:

    I have NLD/NVLD too. Im at the top of my english class and somewhere in the middle of my Math class, and the bottom of my Science class. I just dont get it…
    Do you know a site where i can talk to other teens about it?

  14. RavenShadow85 says:

    do you have the shape of raven heads on the palm of you hands??? I like to know for a good friend of mine as NLD

  15. Nova477 says:

    when i was in 5th grade, i use to say i had to go to the bathroom, but then end up getting there, and wonder why i had to go in the first place and i just wandered.

    i take those tests too, with the drawing things, but i can LITERALY not see the shape in the square or circle.
    i have problems with facial remeberance and stuff like that.
    i love to write, so it really helps me to learn to be better at making sence ^__^

  16. Nova477 says:

    you and i both, im better with words and dont have Asperger’s, and im good with words, but sometimes get my sentances mixed up, and sometimes, i make no sence when i write, but when i speak, it comes out perfectly

  17. RetardedGenius93 says:

    I have NLD myself and I was thought to have Asperger’s Syndrome but I have the opposite…my verbal ability is described as remarkably high whereas my practical ability is only average. I find Maths really frustrating whereas I’m working at an A* standard in English Literature because I’m better with words.
    It’s remarkably confusing having the condition as hardly anyone in my area knows about it and I get so frustrated by being misunderstood I spend ages crying my eyes out…

  18. Breynih says:

    One of my best friends has NLD.

  19. redgypsy says:

    I have the oppopsite, Great sense of direction, but poor communcaiton or even unequiped

  20. lucybean975 says:

    ps: is there any evidence to show this is a genetic d.o.? much of my mother’s side of the family–especially my mother and my aunts–display/ed some of the same traits.

  21. lucybean975 says:

    well–this explains it. have been obsessing over asperger’s, but some things didn’t quite fit; a sense of something missing. have always had high scores on the verbal portions of iq tests—-it takes me a long time to do simple addition problems, and i’m forever lost, lost, lost.

  22. Mcdovin1 says:

    I learned how to read at 3 and could speak full sentences by 3 1/2. I still have problems in math and i am 15. My reading level is currently around college university level. My printing and hand writing skills are not excellent, but readable by teachers. The point is i was told by a doctor that i had border line NLD and border line ADHD but where they correct? I am not trying to boast I am just wondering if I would have the disorder or not.

    Thanks J-P

  23. lola16rules says:

    i have a 70 point span between my verbal and performance iq – can be quite the predicament
    does anyone else find they can parrot things better in their mind just based on sounds – i.e. recall in the mind things not just based on language, but say, music or phrases in a different language very accurately?

  24. humandefense says:

    Yeah i have NLD it’s so weird I learned to read really fast and have always been better than everyone but with math anything like algebra or stuff like that is REALLY hard I can’t get it. My brain doesn’t understand the process I think.

  25. daniellebelle1993 says:

    I have NVLD, I have a very difficult time with math. I also find it confusing when I have directions that are really wordy.

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