Congressman Dan Burton Government Reform Committee US House οf Representatives 2002

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15 Responses to “Congressman Dan Burton 2002”
  1. ropcsike says:

    Kedves abcGates!

    Ez nem (hiszem-nem hiszem) kérdése! Ezek tények, melyeket tudományos kutatásokkal alátámasztott publikációk igazolnak.
    Örüljön, hogy nincs köze az autizmushoz, és kívánom ne is legyen!
    De, azért nem kell megszólni sem őket, sem a velük kapcsolatos embereket, kutatásokat!

  2. abcGates says:

    I just wanna spit, punch, and cuss that vaccines can cause such harm in our children. I don’t trust the government about anything, period!

  3. drun1999 says:

    If nothing is done about it despite the evidence , the only conclusion would be the presence of an hidden agenda. Willfully poisoning people (kids!!!) Google “Madame Ghis”and find out out more.

  4. gabe112483 says:

    key point there! (7 years ago)

  5. ithinkformyself58 says:

    It is refreshing to someone who thinks, and who is in congress too. (7 years ago anyway!)

  6. ancientmariner1984 says:

    More proof that the FDA isn’t for the best interest of the people. I salute this Congressman for grilling this fool from the FDA. Too bad nothing has changed since then.

  7. hollywoodJimbo says:

    This video is from 2002, SEVEN years ago! Nothing has changed, actually it has gotten worse! Now what??????

  8. cybergrip says:

    I would like to see how many FDA higher ups REALLY got the shot themselves, the real shot.

    Kudos to a congressman that is knarly enought to ask such direct, no BS questions. THe FDA lady ws such a sacrifical goat for the FDA. SHe could not speak straight, but in all the bureaucratic crap that sticks of coverup. They know, we all know they know.

    I am impressed that people are really standing up to fight… but is it too late?

    What bio-911 will they release on us next?

  9. abcGates says:

    This is great information!!! I do not trust the FDA!!

  10. zgadgets says:

    Keep sending it out to everyone

  11. zgadgets says:

    Crimes Against Our Children KNOWINGLY…
    Deserves No Less Than First Degree Murder Charges…
    Organized Criminals at their best

  12. zgadgets says:

    Great Job Dan Burton but that might fall on Deaf Ears..
    They are in too Deep to admit to a link..
    Parents and Doctor don’t want to admit that they put their Patients and Children at risk…Its worst that letting a child molester baby sit … At least I know what to expect and who and what we are Dealing with..
    Mercury (Thermisol) a known Poison in any Form…

  13. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    Why only 144 views???

    Every American parent should watch this!!!

  14. silvafedor says:

    One word………pathetic.
    Head officials at the FDA should be put in jail for negligence and Big Pharma lobbysists and CEO’s should be jailed for knowing the dangers and even to be on safe side have rejected the notion to do single dose vials because they cut into profit.

    In BC where I live we have the lowest Immunization rate in Canada and there are no outbreaks, no disease and no adverse reaction from Vaccines.

  15. Kobarde says:

    The Answer to Why is profits,big pharma makes huge profits from pushing vaccines,the FDA and big pharma are in bed together always have been.The real reason is population control,EUGENICS,study francis galton,charles galton darwin and others.

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