Tһе Autism Grant іѕ a nonprofit helping financially disadvantaged children wіtһ autism receive ABA therapy. Visit υѕ аt ουr website www.autismgrant.org. Join ουr facebook page аt Tһе Autism Grant.

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11 Responses to “Conor’s Story”
  1. louhop23 says:

    Hi, my little brother has autism as well. He’s 6 years old and he’s got hyperlexia and dyslexia as well, he’s way above average for reading but really bad at spelling. He’s obsessed with trains and airplanes like I am with snakes.. I’m just so glad he’s got a loving family like Conor does and life wouldn’t be the same without him! I’m really into autism, adhd, dyslexia, hyperlexia and other disabilities and also spd (sensory processing disorder) I’m 12 and I want to be an OT when I’m older x

  2. Grantofglyn says:

    @autismgrant my name is grant and i have autism.

  3. truwyo says:

    You could apply for disability. Someone should be helping you with that application.

  4. autismgrant says:

    Unfortunately, the autism grant only supports families in central Virginia.

  5. TheRaymondgsmith says:

    Are these grants available in Florida? If so how do I find out about them?

  6. britfrenir says:

    I am austistic but somoen said i do not qualify for money to help me move out of my parent’s house. My father has cancer and pnamonia.

  7. G0IMB says:

    Hope you get support local to you. It helps talking to other parents.

  8. TheHidalgo1982 says:

    im very proud of this parents

  9. ThisIsTaesMum says:

    My 3 year old Son, who has global development delay is yet to have an official diagnosis but He has symptoms of Autism and anyone who is close to Him, knows He is very likely Autistic. My son is a moderate case, and even then it can be challenging, but I would LOVE to be able to talk to other parents, because I have found the most natural and easy ways to cope and work with Taelah(keep in mind while He’s moderate doesn’t mean it’s not excruciating at times. Taelah is amazing, my little blessing.

  10. 08hanton says:

    I’m a parent of an autistic 5 years old girl and I appreciate this video.

  11. SweetNsexyUK says:

    God bless you xxxx

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