іtѕ іmрοrtаחt tο note tһаt i һаԁ/һаνе many οf tһе same autistic Ɩіkе symptoms tһаt jake һаѕ wһеח i wаѕ a kid. I јυѕt ԁіѕрƖауеԁ tһеm differently. I һаνе/һаԁ fixations Ɩіkе һе ԁοеѕ tοο.

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25 Responses to “Cure Autism Gameplan”
  1. JakesWorkOut says:

    did you know these are my vidio and about that theroty vidio stef said im so cute it made me happy and i gowing up so fast

  2. PhilCommander2 says:

    I reall appreciate your comment dojcfreak.
    Thanks a ton!

  3. dojcjfreak says:

    I appreciate your balanced child-centered approach. I have Asperger’s and one of my fears about the people who are seeking cures is that they are saying that I’m wrong and shouldn’t exist and should be fixed. I like how you focus on who your child is, and use his strengths to help him develop skills that he needs that don’t define who he is. I wish all of us had parents like you.

  4. ifinallygetit says:

    LOL!! I love the end, but phil you know how literally autistic s take verbal communication. You better tell him he can pick the president , but he has to remember that he may not get what he wants. He may come back and say “Dad, you told me I could pick the president! No one would listen to me”

  5. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Makes sense. If autism is only identified by behavior then conditioning new behaviors helps then you are helping a child much like conditioning a four year old to get ready for kindergarten so that they know how to read, work in groups, are nice towards others, and can play appropriately.

    If that is curing autism then great.

    O. Ivar Lovaas didn’t call it a cure so much as “indistinguishable” which is a good thought.

    Talking is a good idea for those with autism.

  6. ischlopischlo says:

    I don’t like the therm “symptoms” for describing autistic traits, it medicalises the condition too much and imply the false idea that autism is something a person ‘have’ rather than a part of the person.
    Many “symptoms” are not stuff on the surface, but results of the basic way our brains are wired and work naturally, and that difference have both negative and positive impacts.

    The diagnoses are based on traits, and every person have their own mix of them, so I call them traits.

  7. cybergal3000 says:

    Thanks for this video. My daughter is 3 1/2 with Lyme-induced autism. She was pdd at 2 and is now considered no longer on the spectrum. Your video was so helpful because I do see behaviors and wonder about them but now I see that my daughter shows some of ME and also some of my siblings’ behaviors/traits too. I remember to tell myself that some things are just NORMAL. :)

  8. purplemutantas says:

    Nice vid. I agree with you. I have a formal diagnosis of Aspergers. My dad exhibits traits of Aspergers. I agree that treatment programs shouldn’t be to try to make the child someone they aren’t. I currently see a therapist who works with adults with Aspergers. He is out there to give us skills, not turn us into wannabe neurotypicals. Some things he wont work on because they are part of our neurology and can’t be changed. This is the kind of treatments we need. Not cures.

  9. MzTruthSeerUK says:

    you are totally convinced that you are helping but you are delberately ignoring what autistic adults are trying to tell you about how those “kids” feel? = STOP AND THINK HOW THEY FEEL PLEASE? My son doesnt want to forced to mix he prefers to do his own thing. I have seen the pain and anguish this type of over zealous behaviour modification can cause. Forcing another to do something against their will is torture and a breach of human rights! If a Child wants to learn they will!

  10. TheCommanders says:

    chemer2012, is this comment directed towards me? not only do i allow all comments i also allow all video responses…many of the comments are things i dont agree with but i dont delete any of them. if this comment is directed towards me i would be interested in what has given you the opinion that i dont accept comments or views that challenge mine…if you are making that statement about me i feel you should be able to show evidence that it is true and therefore valid.

  11. chemer2012 says:

    He won’t accept other responces that challenge what he has to say so I will be putting it all on my site and on every news group around. The only ones he will accept are ones that agree. Is that normal??? Nope its not.

  12. TheCommanders says:

    hi abnormaldiversity…who is this comment directed towards? thanks!

  13. Abnormaldiversity says:

    Why not accept him for who he is?

  14. Sanfreddj says:

    Hi 1210 donna I wonder at times what is “normal” and who makes the rules I have a cousin who I always thought was eccentric He was never diagnosed, but we suspect he has aspergers He is over 60 years old now and never had any diagnosis He tutors people in math and is very very good at remembering dates of events

  15. 1210donna says:

    Hi Sanfreddj.
    Be really careful you’re not getting hooked into an OCD ritual. OCD is not autism but commonly occurs in people with it. Where a child with OCD is compelled to force a parent into repetitions it can get way out of hand if the parent has gone along with it then says ‘no’ because with OCD that can feel immensely threatening, so they can force you to repeat at any cost.

  16. 1210donna says:

    When you, like me, feel ABA style programs are harmful to SOME people with autism, you can also remember there is an OPPOSITE social style which can respectfully promote involvement and ability without being invasive or seeking to replace the child with a ‘normal’ child.

  17. 1210donna says:

    Hey eddy,
    what you say re early intervention is exactly why I’m out there talking to people about an ‘Indirectly Confrontational Approach’ which is essentially the opposite of the generally socially invasive, compliance/forced conformity based program of ABA.

  18. cinderella4pcharming says:

    lol.. my babies have taught me well…:)

  19. Sanfreddj says:

    You seem like a strong person and like you really know what you are doing I admire that

  20. cinderella4pcharming says:

    yes… because you are reinforcing a behavior that is only going to impeded her…she needs to be taught other strategies to effective communicate in her environment= no more tantrums…i develop que fill ins… like a cow says——… you ride a bike….ready set… they become conditioned so that instead of reinforcing undesirable behavior i am teaching a way to promote language in a more productive manner….

  21. Sanfreddj says:

    My daughter will say random words and if she is not repeated, she gets very upset She will want to keep doing this over and over In school they do not allow this, do you believe it is wrong to allow it?

  22. SaintMax16670 says:

    I am so impressed at your compassion for Jake and other children. I am new to this medium and have enjoyed all of your videos so far.

  23. AspiePride says:

    Once again impressed with the body of work that your producing and have produced. From what i see in this vid your son has good social skills and is very smart with a father like you he should grow up to be a great ASPIE. With a well rounded sense of social thinking. I think im starting to sound like an ass kisser but what ever you deserve it lol. Keep it up once again.

  24. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    What people are trying to accomplish is teaching language such that the child is able to fit within the world even if shy, with less social skills, and less intelligent.

    Try this on: “We present in this book a technology and data on how to teach language to nonspeaking children. This is a practical text that reports on techniques we have developed over the last 12 years in our attempt to teach language to mute…”

    “The Autistic Child: Language Development Through Behavior Modification”

  25. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    If you got some good social behavior you could reinforce it by turning the topic to the Presidents. ABA literature has shown that the obsession does not increase and it is obviously a highly desired reinforcer. So what ABA did was study the behavior of obsession both before and after using it as reinforcement and ID that it does not increase through that procedure.

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