Tһеrе іѕ a lot more tο bе ѕаіԁ οח tһіѕ, bυt i јυѕt want tο add tһаt i tһіחk ѕοmе kids һаνе pure genetic autism аחԁ i wouldnt doubt tһаt ѕοmе kids һаνе pure enviromental/medical autism.

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25 Responses to “Cure Autism or Accept Autism?”
  1. digitalcatgirl says:

    i would like to be cured… no doubt… being “gifted” in a planet that’s not prepared for it… it’s terrible… i would love to feel normal. that wouldn’t change who i am, but wouldn’t make me feel that weird and strangely guilty all the time.

    hum..i have very good social skills, but it’s probably cuz one of my element of study’s humanity’s behavior in general,,, i learned how to act like “them”, when i don’t act i suck. anyway… i would like to have parents that understand like you. :’(

  2. jayive34 says:

    @WeirdGirl00 Wouldnt rather be normal ? If there was a cure, I’d be the first to get it!

  3. Kumari58787 says:

    I don’t mind stimming but I mind the anxiety, I think half of the social problems merely need to be accepted but the other half(really bad social problems) can be cured.

  4. ChristianJewel76 says:

    I am diagnosed PDD-NOS. I am as happy with my identity and my traits as you are with yours. This society doesn’t properly respect and cherish people on the Autism spectrum and it is hurtful and we are being discriminated against. I do not wish to loose my traits or my identity. My neurological system…how I percieve the world..me..this is very personal..and who could imagine giving this all up for another “correct” way of being. It is good that your son is doing well though. Words hurt.

  5. wahineb808 says:

    i dont understand why people are so aprehensive to helping children with autism. you did a wonderful job with this video. there is so much anger and resentment. i mean take it one step further!

    great job.

  6. donovanfan3456 says:

    It’s hard to have a relationship to an autistic person. My son cannot talk or communicate very well. Of course I want a cure. I know that it can be genetic or medical. We all know that something is causeing the problem. But what is it??? Noboby has a monopoly on that answer at the moment. I my hope that we can find that answer we are looking for. All camps included.

  7. girlscantspeak says:

    I don’t feel guilty about wanting a cure for her and I don’t feel like a bad person for wanting one.I already have enough to feel guilty about and a wishing for a cure is the last on my list. Take a number and get in line for beating me with the guilt stick. Great video.

  8. girlscantspeak says:

    I want a cure. I love her, but I dont love the things that hurt her.Both sides of my kids’ family have genuises in them, but both my kids were environmentally damaged. One is a teenager and assimilating into the masses adequately.The other will live off the gamble of goodwill of others for the rest of her life.

  9. girlscantspeak says:

    I have 2 asd girls.1 in 3 kids with ASD have or will develop seizures.The seizures are horrible.They’ve caused lesions on her brain. She started having the seizures after an MMR and a fever induced by the MMR. These are possible side effects listed on the vaccine handout,only she never recovered fully.Anyway,83% of developmentally disabled females are sexually assaulted.I want my daughter to be able to understand safety. She’s also unable to cross the street alone.I won’t always be around.cont’d

  10. momtoMatthew says:

    The cure for Autism may just be Adult Stem Cells from cord blood. Take a look at our blog.

  11. PhilCommander2 says:

    all depends on how one defines autism.

  12. WeirdGirl00 says:

    Curing Autism is genocide. Just like Hitler did.

  13. jaybaluk says:

    This guy is just awesome!!! he is helping promote SCD DIET with great strides-Jay aka crohnsboy :)

  14. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    I like U a great deal & think this video like all UR others give UR opinion well & R strong videos 4 understanding others. Agreement ??

    Like any other opinionated person on You-Tube relative 2 autism I have my opinions.

    I think U rock, but I must like any other obsessive compulsive person base my answers off the 116 books & over 1000 journal articles I read on conditioning, behavior modification, & autism.

    Perhaps I’m spectrum 2, but again # of mutations counts & mine does not add up.

  15. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Final Part:

    I am well aware apples fall from trees & no doubt there R some mutations in parents, but that does not a disability make.

    UR learning path was not restricted like him at all. I get UR post & it’s cool, but I fail 2 see each behavior as a genetic cause. I would argue prove it.

    Behaviorist have proven amount talked 2 sets I.Q. & that score relates 2 very specific behavior which is highly irrelevant 2 darwinian survival. Rather parents talking behavior 2 baby is conditioned.

  16. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Next Part Three:

    Children like dinosaurs, painting, or cartoons.

    To state I am like them when their obsessive compulsive has nothing to do with that at all and more to do with restricted interests due to “Stimulus Overselectivity” is like saying we are alike due to being human.

    Yes we all learn by operant conditioning and classical conditioning, but the level of missing genetic material or replication of mutation is different for those with autism.

    Let’s not call all people autistic.

  17. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Part Two:

    Or how about why does language development not occur? Answer is lack of conditioning 4 success in steps related 2 language behavior. Reinforcement schedules create great deal of behavior or end development of a great deal of behavior.

    I think U would agree an intervention is answer 2 offer up 2 someone 4 a child failing 2 learn language or social behaviors.

    “Stimulus Overselectivity” can mean person excels in something, but it can also mean they excel in nothing.

    Next Part

  18. ABAisSCIENCE says:


    I am not saying an person with autism can’t succeed in life or achieve great things.

    Abraham Lincoln struggled with depression and accomplished great things.

    But the question is why social issues? The answer is a lack of conditioning for success in steps related to social behavior. Reinforcement schedules create a great deal of behavior or end the development of a great deal of behavior.

    Part One – Two coming up.

  19. PhilCommander2 says:

    To Abaisscience continued…

    A disabled person can still achieve greater things in life than a non disabled person.
    Being autistic just means you might struggle more in certain areas than a non autistic person would…especially social areas.
    I think maybe you should expand your view of what autism is and how it displays itself in individuals.
    Aspergers is a form of autism and people w/aspergers can achieve great things in life.

  20. PhilCommander2 says:

    To AbaisSCIENCE (continued)

    You wrote “2 state that Einstein or Bill Gates is on spectrum is akin 2 saying the disabled aren’t really disabled”

    This is akin to saying that a disabled person cant excel in other areas and if you have autism then you wont have an area in life where you have more abilities than a non-autistic person.

  21. PhilCommander2 says:

    Hi AbaisSCIENCE
    It is true that behavior is conditioned but being obsessive about certain subjects isnt. What I’m saying is that if I get obsessive about Sci Fi authors and my daughter gets obsessive about ghosts…I dont think that conditioned. I’ve seen kids who were seperated from their parents who grew up just like them. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree type thing. Some behaviors are conditioned but I feel most kids behaviors are genetic in origin.

  22. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    A lot of kids R just like us because behavior is conditioned.

    I’m not so sure it’s autism unless U consider children with autism R conditioned differently due 2 “stimulus overselectivity.”

    R any of UR behaviors that seem similar 2 being compulsive related 2 autism?

    Highly unlikely. 2 state that Einstein or Bill Gates is on spectrum is akin 2 saying the disabled aren’t really disabled.

    This is not same as saying disabled can really B helped early in life.

    Good bridge building vid.

  23. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Well, when a person aborts a Fragile X child that would be reacting to the primary cause of autism now that in that case a primary cause is known.

    As far as I know nobody has treated genetic material missing or mutated in one location in the hundreds and so no primary cause of autism has been treated yet.

    Let’s hope that maybe nobody ever treats the primary cause of autism unless you want to either destroy a fetus with our present knowledge.

  24. CoolNASCARGuy says:

    …my mistake.

  25. ABAisSCIENCE says:


    “hurtful secondary conditions” you realize that is all anyone has ever done as of yet as no one knows what the primary condition is except in the case of Fragile X.

    Therefore, no one in history has yet been treated for autism in any way except for the “hurtful secondary conditions” of autism that are used to diagnosis it presently.

    Those “hurtful secondary conditions” must be behaviors as that is how autism is diagnosed.

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