Harvard-trained pediatrician Leila Masson MD discusses autism аחԁ һеr work іח treating — аחԁ іח many cases curing — children afflicted wіtһ іt. Sһе talks аbουt wһаt autism іѕ, wһаt tһе ƖіkеƖу causes аrе, wһаt role vaccinations mау play, аחԁ tһе various treatment modalities wһісһ һаνе shown tһе mοѕt promise. Yου саח read more аbουt Dr. Masson’s work аt һеr website www.leilamasson.com

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14 Responses to “Curing Autism”
  1. OnwardUpwardForward says:

    Anyone who knows anything about Autism — from layperson to expert — knows there is no cure. Logically, a person who has a food intolerance/allergy AND a communication disorder within his/her Autism is going to have difficulty communicating discomfort/pain/anxiety after ingesting the intolerated food/allergen, and OF COURSE the removal of this item is going to make everything better. But it won’t cure the Autism.

    At this time, it is a cruel lie to claim that Autism can be cured. Please stop.

  2. shplatinky says:

    this was an incredibly eye opening video. paradigms must shift.

  3. 79timi says:


  4. MsSourGrapes says:

    Eh, I meant to write “chance” and not “case” in my first comment.

  5. MsSourGrapes says:

    One more thing…

    Why is this titled “Curing Autism” when there is no cure? If you’re allergic to something, for instance, you don’t eat it. That doesn’t mean the allergy is cured! If you are on the spectrum, but you learn to cope and function well, that does not mean you are cured. You will always think differently and need to be aware.

  6. MsSourGrapes says:

    Another reason why there seems to be an increase is because, as of the past few years, parents and doctors started testing as early as six months of age. No one diagnosed over the age of 22 is counted among the statistics. I was twice that age when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, shortly after bringing my twin girls into the world. By that point, I had long ago learned to “act normal” (for the most part), and I was in charge of my own allergies and mild asthma.

  7. MsSourGrapes says:

    But it’s not new. It is simply being recognized more, and genetics play a huge part in all autoimmune dysfunctions. Asthma, including adult-onset asthma, is almost always genetic. Autoimmune people have always been around; the modern world is more toxic, but it is also more aware and more medically advanced.

  8. MsSourGrapes says:

    I do not believe that testosterone is a factor. There is an approximately 60% chance that a female born with three x chromosomes will have Asperger’s syndrome, and these females obviously have very minimal testosterone. There is simply a higher case of autism in anyone with chromosome abnormalities, and Asperger’s syndrome is the spectrum disorder that metafemales are most likely to have a predisposition to. Estrogen is most certainly NOT automatic protection against disease.

  9. Gabbyh1987 says:

    I am HFA not to get confused with Asperger’s. I have other disorders as well. I started biomedical intervention just b4 ny 21 bday. it helps me alot, now i can do alot of stuff people thought i never would be able to do

  10. nursetroutt64 says:

    My 13 year-old son has autism. Bimedical treatment works! He did not start therapy until the age on 9. We do mb-12 injectins Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, digestive enzymes and supplements. Also chelation creams. We have a new boy. Not fully recovered yet, but well on his way.

  11. sunshineindep says:

    People who believe in what they do, have always made a difference. I know that caring always makes a difference. Families who have been touched by this disorder feel the need to connect with others that care. That is enough to say this is a good video and Leila is a caring person.

  12. paulwady says:

    Very charismatic, very believable. She is very good indeed.

    However, time alone will tell if children can really be ‘cured’, or rather changed in the brain. Just because it looks like a cure…

    She is very, very good.

  13. bobolith says:

    Thanks SO much for posting this! What a wonderful, knowledgeable woman

  14. healinglightspa says:

    wow, she is so good. God help the MD’s to find a cure for this disease…

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