Hi everyone!!! Sorry fοr tһе delay – аחԁ tһіѕ very wеіrԁ, messed up video! Haaha. Tһіѕ time іt’s аbουt Copenhagen, nouns аחԁ a wee bit οf drunken singing wіtһ mу family. Iח Danish wе һаνе A аחԁ AN јυѕt аѕ іח English – BUT tһеrе аrе חο rules аѕ tο WHERE tο υѕе tһеm. Iח Danish іt іѕ called EN аחԁ ET – аחԁ tһе οחƖу way tο υѕе tһеm correctly іѕ through memorization. Sucks, huh? Aחԁ again – thanx fοr watching!! Yου guys rule!!!!

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25 Responses to “Danish Lesson PART 12 – a weird mix!”
  1. pimenton73 says:

    Ditte You Are Great…!!!

  2. coryrbk says:

    ok lol 2:36 is it me or os that a really furetistic White car ;D

  3. GRS1984 says:

    Thank you so much for your videos! I have a good friend from Denmark who has inspired me to learn the Danish language. It is a very challenging language to learn, but your videos have made it easier. Thanks so much!

  4. curlybobz says:

    Got to visit Copenhagen back in the 1960′s when I was stationed in Germany in the army. I remember the little mermaid. Had a good time in the nearby town of Klampenborg also. Is it true that if you learn Danish you can understand Swedish and Norwegian as well. Would be neat to get three for the price of one. Do you speak other foreign languages besides English.

  5. ZHEREAL says:

    You’re so beautiful. I hope you be very happy. You deserve it. Someone in the world deserve it. I mean, someone in the world deserve to share it with you.

  6. chnl9 says:

    This is Informative and the Video was really nice, I LIKE!!

  7. Masteroth1 says:

    @DreamGirl195 Hahaha, I’m glad to hear that!!! :-)
    I have lived in KBH myself – too crowded for me.

  8. Masteroth1 says:

    @retlavdomingues Hi there! Thank you SO very much!

  9. Masteroth1 says:

    @nitsamu LOL – thank you, I guess. HAHA

  10. Masteroth1 says:

    @TbagFM Aww, thank you. That’s awesome!

  11. Masteroth1 says:

    @jeanfrancoisrr Hahahah, OOOH EEEYYYY OH!!!!

  12. Masteroth1 says:

    @MosherMike Selv tak! I’m really happy to hear that.

  13. Masteroth1 says:

    @1VK3 That’s wonderful!!! I’m so happy to hear that you had a good time!

  14. Masteroth1 says:

    @bunnycatch3r Umm, why? Hehehehe

  15. Masteroth1 says:

    @coryrbk Hi there, thank you SO much for the flattering words. :-) I don’t know any online skype tutors unfortunately. :-(

  16. Masteroth1 says:

    @ChroniszM Hahaha, maybe, just maybe. :p

  17. DreamGirl195 says:

    KBHØ <3 went there for the first time just over a month ago and it is officially my faavourite city in the world… although my danish friends think its boring! It is my Humanoid City <3

  18. retlavdomingues says:

    OMG I do need to work A LOT on my pornounce… :S Thanks for the vid, Ditte, I love to listen you singing and this time wasn’t different :D :D:D Looking forward for more 8)

  19. nitsamu says:

    haha you guys can really harmonize for drunks! Fun fun!

  20. TbagFM says:

    Thanks again for the lessons! Very helpful. I’m visiting Denmark at the end of this year. Yay!

  21. jeanfrancoisrr says:

    Still very good and funny eh oh ehh ehhh ohhh lol

  22. MosherMike says:

    Wow, what a great vid. So entertaining and informative. Tak!

  23. 1VK3 says:

    I had my first påskeferie in Denmark this year, and it was wonderful! The beers, food (especially the pickled herring) was delicious, oh and rolling eggs down a hill….ha! Definitely going to spend more holidays with my girlfriend’s family, they do it better in Denmark than we did in England!

  24. matt3sd says:

    Two things. One) It was crazy windy, yet your hair never moved!! Two) That singing at the end was AWESOME!!!!!

  25. bunnycatch3r says:

    I so want to live in a Copenhagen ghetto! It’s always been a dream

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