Aח investigate report written bу Robert F. Kennedy Jr. аbουt tһе government cover-up οf tһе mercury/autism scandal. Tһе CDC, FDA, WHO аחԁ pharmaceutical companies һаνе bееח involved іח a massive deception οf tһе public іח order tο ensure tһеіr sustained profitability. Perhaps tһіѕ wіƖƖ motivate more people tο bеɡіח independently investigating tһеѕе companies аחԁ tһе relationships between those wһο аrе looking out fοr tһе health οf ουr population аחԁ those wһο stand tο profit frοm ουr illness. Tһіѕ іѕ חοt intended tο promote аח anti-vaccine agenda, merely facilitate a broader discussion аbουt tһе safety, timing, аחԁ risk/reward οf ουr recommended vaccination schedule. Rolling Stone Magazine Article: www.rollingstone.com Vaccine Ingredients; www.vaccination.inoz.com Jenny McCarthy аחԁ Jim Carreys Autism Organization; www.generationrescue.org

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17 Responses to “Deadly Immunity Investigative Report of Government Mercury / Autism Scandal – Part 2 of 3”
  1. silkcat51 says:

    And now, Gerberding has taken a lucrative job at M e r c k P h a r m a c e u t i c a l s, as Head of the Vaccine Division, after resigning her post as Head of the CDC.

  2. Yankhadenough says:

    babotSOmom I am so sad that young parents are lulled into false belief that CDC/FDA/EPA are 100% for the public good… they are naive and do not realize that bureaucrats and industry are bedfellows due to many monetary conflicts of interest (pharm lobbying). It seems when it comes to money, such as Madoff, everybody is angry at SEC asleep at the wheel. But when it comes to life and death, where is the outrage towards CDC/FDA/EPA?

  3. UMakeTheConnection says:

    Yankhanenough – so true, tobacco companies do smell like a rose in comparison. Vaccines in my opinion are part of the world “depopulation program” and anyone that did read ingredients would have to question why they would inject that into any human body. The fact that the government as given all pharmaceutic-kill companies immunity from any liability has to say something. An excellent video is “Dr. Gary Null at NYS assembly hearing on vaccines – October 13, 2009″


  4. Yankhadenough says:

    UMakeTheConnection Uncanny, tobacco companies start to smell like a rose compared to the vaccine industry ! At least there r blatant warnings on cigarette packs by Surgeon General . Consumers never usually see vaccine package that could neurologically maim their child or themselves, or even kill them !
    Most people who don’t even smoke have heard of cig ingredients , such as tar & nicotine. How many parents have heard of Thimerosal? This is white collar murder, far worse than Madoff.

  5. Yankhadenough says:

    I found the entire Simpsonwood secret CDC Thimerosal meeting of June 2000 on below website (click on PDF file “Simpsonwood Meeting Transcript On Issue Of Mercury In Vaccines”…it is 262 pages):

    w w w . autismhelpforyou . com/Simpsonwood_And_Puerto%20%20Rico. htm

  6. UMakeTheConnection says:

    Yankhadenough, they get away with it due to massive lobbying, they infiltrate these agencies of the government, which of course is a huge conflict of interest and pay for fraudulent scientific studies. Those that try to bring this to light are blacklisted. You can do a Google search on “Merck hit list of doctors” and you will see the tip of the iceberg. Big Pharma is very corrupt and the bottom line is greed and profit. They have no interest in getting people healthy just keeping them sick.

  7. Yankhadenough says:

    UMakeTheConnection I am having a problem seeing “both” sides. How can these pharmaceutical companies get away with poisoning people for so many decades? There are too many conflicts of interest, and not enough real federal regulators doing their jobs.

  8. Yankhadenough says:

    babotSOmom CDC and FDA have been asleep at the wheel for much longer than SEC regarding Madoff. Yet white collar crime is all over the news , and Madoff is paraded off to prison . And what happens to the profiteering maimers of our children? Nothing.

  9. Yankhadenough says:

    Money? This is about MONEY? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you!

  10. UMakeTheConnection says:

    Oh my, I know exactly what your saying. I too run into this constantly. So much disinformation out there, particularly from those we should be trusting and depending on as a reliable source. It’s unfortunate that the CDC, FDA & most of the medical profession are too cozy with billion dollar corporations that set the rules. These pharmaceuti-kill companies are exempt from any damages and lawsuits. Just because it wears a white coat doesn’t make it right. People should look at both sides.

  11. babotSOmom says:

    Shared this with a dear friend whose child is my godchild, he sent me the CDC web link that tells people thimerosol is safe.

    Some people are harder to wake-up to what’s really going on and it makes me sad that so many more babies are hurt because parents blindly follow what the CDC, FDA, etc. tells them. :(

  12. UMakeTheConnection says:

    Thanks for your comment. We really need to spread the word on this… it’s truly criminal that our own government and health officials, right along of course with greedy big pharma are trying to kill us and many are lining up for it, so unaware of the serious consequences.

  13. GaGirlie777 says:

    Proof about the increase in autism. Look at job opening in any school across the country. You’ll see a bunch of special ed. positions. It’s a critical shortage field.

  14. GaGirlie777 says:

    All these pharmeceutical companies purposely created these deadly shots.!!

  15. GaGirlie777 says:


  16. mythoughtsalone says:

    Ugenics, without a doubt, slow kill.
    In fact thiis could not happen without government approval, this is to kill of slowly the population.
    Wake up people….

  17. kidjr27 says:

    Shared… 5*****

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