A short description οf wһаt tһе diagnosis implies, аחԁ wһаt sort οf tests уου ѕһουƖԁ ɡο through before mаkіחɡ a diagnosis. I аƖѕο tһіחk I forgot tο mention tһе Emotion Quotient, btw.. I hope іt іѕ helpful :)

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6 Responses to “Diagnosing Aspergers Syndrome”
  1. theboombody says:

    I get accused of being on drugs because of my videos, but I’m clean. I have a drug test to prove it.

  2. kenandkids says:

    This is eye-opening. Coming from a conservative family that believed everything should simply be “dealt with,” I was never actually given any tests… for anything. I was always just told I was odd or “refusing to get along” or “refusing to be like everyone else.”

  3. TheAnMish says:

    I do know that feeling, yes :)

  4. mitolinchen says:

    Do you feel somtimes, that you don’t have Aspergers though you know it? I myself know that I have aspergers but I don’t feel this like. Just when I compare myself with others I know that I am this way but I feel myself so much normal just the rest of the world seems to be a bit strange.

  5. TheRobinRice says:

    Thanks… you are very helpful!

  6. 1LoneDesperado says:

    Nice video! I think that these kind of videos will really help raise the awareness of what AS in women can look like. You are so attractive and articulate that it must be difficult for people to understand how much effort and pain lies behind the smile. I know because I live it everyday myself.

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