Glutamate аחԁ glycine аrе 2 neuro-chemicals proven tο trigger Autism іf out οf balance. MMR аחԁ a few οtһеr vaccines һаνе a stabilizer called hydrolyzed gelatin; a substance tһаt іѕ approximately 21% glycine!

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  1. midasmith says:

    I’m a Jewish guy and I’ll tell you – it’s all greedy Jews conspiracy ! They’ll do everything for the money sake ….It’s all because of greed !;(( …. all of that pharmaceutic tycoon has to be butchered while they alive together with greedy blood suckering doctors …..yes , brake their legs , cut the stomach , get dragging out – intestines , we will hang them on it after ripping the skin off …..people around the globe choosing medical field to help an other humans against illnesses , in US

  2. HitMeWithIt says:

    You really are full of it. So wrong and yet so convinced.
    Please read a bit more on the subject you proclaim to know so much about.

  3. thegstar15 says:

    just a hypothesis

  4. macleod57 says:

    @TheRainbowMatrix Having an online degree in Reki and homeopathy do not qualify your parents as “medical people”.

  5. Lavinco says:

    Anytime. Email me to schedule a time and I would be glad.

  6. ActontheActor says:

    Do you think you can come on our radio show ?

  7. ActontheActor says:

    come check out our radio show …

  8. ActontheActor says:

    I would love him on our radio show.

  9. ActontheActor says:

    Would you like to come on our radio show to discuss? Thursday at 4 pm Pacific time.

  10. silkcat51 says:

    Thanks so very much! If you hadn’t gone on Bermas’ show, I wouldn’t had followed the lead and found this!

  11. SaintNobody says:

    What if he’s wrong and your genes are the cause? Do you direct your rage at yourself? Your family?

    How does your rage work?
    Having a child with autism is hard. Biting the hand that feeds you is stupid. Doing it on the evidence of… some guy posting on Youtube?


    Require better sources of information. This is just another man-in-the-street, and his opinion is no more valid than that of the bum-drinking-at-the-bus-stop.

    Perhaps if he was the doctor-publishing-research I would care.

  12. wellardking says:

    is this guy gay??? if he is merk him!!!

  13. mrneccos says:

    2 of my 4 sons have autism….this confirms what i have long suspected…and it fills me with a rage i can barely contain…

  14. FightForOurFreedom says:


  15. XMRVAware says:

    XMRV – this retrovirus is found in 4% of the “healthy” population. Much, much higher incidence was found in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Autism.
    See the stunning research done by the Whittemore Peterson INstitute and published in the prestigious publication “Science” in October,

    4% of Children (at least) should NOT be given the MMR until more research is done on this important finding.

  16. bodaking1 says:

    I read in the “media”today that the H1N1vaccine is not strong enough for children!!!!!!!!!!!Right on bro,for your researching and revealing “The Murderous Clowns” and their Crimes Against Life and Humanity

  17. MisterThomasPAINE says: are indeed a true” DIRT ” digger. Keep it up!!

  18. Lavinco says:

    Thanks for promoting the new finding. I have been pushing this news since the announcement on Nov. 18. The interesting thing about this, is that there is a sea of evidence in the PubMed to back the idea that an amino acid imbalance does cause neurological problems.

    In addition, the MMR contains Amino Acids and injecting them into the body skips the process which the liver processes them and distributes them in the body appropriately. I have a lot of research on this.

  19. YTSavedMyLife says:

    Its a joke that we cannot trust our governments or big pharma to do the right thing by us. The truth movement should have some kind of controlled funding to do our own research and set up our own pharma company that you can actually trust 100%. I agree we should do our own research but its more efficient to get experts we can trust to research for us. We are not scientists after all.

    There are ukraine type viruses out there (man-made and otherwise) but when the trust is gone we are wide open

  20. RedStar2fly says:


  21. Solablueangel says:

    You’re right, M’kay

  22. seattle4truth says:

    Ya can’t trust anybody except yourself and your own research!

  23. freedom4kaz says:

    Why would you say “don’t even trust me”? You do such great work. I understand why not to trust the MSM. You give factual info and show where you get your info. As always, great video!!

  24. holocaustexpert says:

    There would be a lot less war and more peace on earth if the fraud of the holocaust can be exposed and taught to others.

  25. holocaustexpert says:

    Ok, so the whole point is avoid vaccines.
    Simple. Now on to the really big issue of the day, trying to get into peoples heads this holocaust nonsense is a bullying campaign for hucksters who are extorting money from Governments, and nations for who knows what purposes. Yes, it is BS. Those persons who you see in films are not gassed Jews, but victims of american bombs and typhus related illnesses. That is a fact.

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