More οf a blog tһаח anything, tһіѕ “episode” іѕ аbουt mу intermediate family аחԁ һοw different wе аrе, even though three fourths οf υѕ һаνе AS. Tһе purpose οf tһе video іѕ јυѕt tο mаkе уου understand tһе mindset οf аח aspie, more tһаח anything. AƖѕο ѕοmе photos οf things, mostly mу brother. Bесаυѕе һе looks ѕο photo friendly. I hope һе′ll come here again, I need tο bυу ѕοmе two player games fοr υѕ tο play bесаυѕе wе seriously ran through аƖmοѕt еνеrу game I owned. Sadly wе didn’t ԁο a co-op LP οf Treasure Treasure Ɩіkе I wanted bυt maybe ѕοmе οtһеr day.

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25 Responses to “Do you have Asperger’s Syndrome? – Anekdotal stories from an aspie”
  1. thelittlesagg says:

    Wow, I just watched DYHAS Common Misconceptions and I saw the picture at the end of the video of your bro with a very cool Mohawk! And I even commented on it! But the picture at 0:23 confuses me, in DYHAS CM, he looked so cool and you looked so not cool. but here he looks like you in DYHAS CM, and you look like a cool badass! :S

  2. pesematology says:

    Samurai Jack rules. I’d have a beer with you two.

  3. kaylinsvlog says:

    10:43 linus hit puberty!!

  4. kaylinsvlog says:

    lol XD “you’ll find out more about ur thelf…seflf…self..”

  5. kaylinsvlog says:

    tell ur mom im praying she gets better linus!

  6. kaylinsvlog says:

    lol i want the first pic of u and ur bro as my desktop backround XDD linus ur epic!

  7. INz4aNe says:

    is Asperger’s Syndrome dangerous ? like you’ll die sooner or something

  8. unterredetu says:

    nice video greetings from ags mexico

  9. Adkit2 says:

    @wysiwyg43 Yeah, getting on people’s nerves is probably the biggest problem with having Asperger’s if you ask me. x.x

  10. wysiwyg43 says:

    Very good job with your english, BTW! My son ~10 years~ has Asperger’s. Smart kid, but he gets on my damn nerves. That’s all.

  11. DaithiDublin says:


  12. qopha says:

    7:40 That’s aspergian indeed.

  13. ruvand says:

    I aggree that you are one of the most interesting individuals here. If your on facebook let me know…! Ru x

  14. sarevor says:

    you the man!

  15. Adkit2 says:

    @eggert18 Don’t ask…

  16. eggert18 says:

    hvorfor hater du faren din ?

  17. MrVegemitesandwich says:

    Is it really necessary to insult people for their disability? Or even at all? Seriously, if you don’t like him, don’t go around commenting on his videos just to put him down.

  18. jivefx says:

    @Adkit2 Obviously the idiot gregjockca couldn’t meet the level of interesting. I agree. If somebody is going to be a smartass, atleast do a good job at it and make it somewhat entertaining. At least do it well. gregjockca couldn’t make it happen.

  19. supercanchero says:

    Think this videos are quite good. Funny and smart.

  20. taushable says:

    “and shame on you if you are”

  21. ekahamsa says:

    haha im more like your brother, but i love science too xD

  22. InoOwnedRyan says:

    You are like seriously the most interesting person on here, i actually like love everything about you and this video (: I dont get why anyone could not like it

  23. Adkit2 says:

    Not even a smirk. You are a failure. Good bye.

  24. gregjockca1001 says:

    “But you’re by far the worst…”

    YES!!! what an endorsement! you just think the words are random cuz you have asperger’s and have trouble connecting the fucking dots, you swedish turd.

  25. Adkit2 says:

    You know, I see a lot of trolls here. Pathetic people who don’t understand anything, trying to get negative reactions because they’re too scared to try and get positive ones. But you’re by far the worst… Why? It’s because you’re not even funny. Most trolls at least have some sort of quip to them, some pre-practiced routine. But you’re just saying random words because you’re too stupid to think up good taunts. You’re just so bland.

    You get one more comment before I block you. Make it good.

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