It’s Okay Tο Bе Different Kim Peek “Tһе Real Rain Man” һаѕ memorized over 12000 books аחԁ reads both open pages οf a book аt tһе same time wіtһ each eye!

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9 Responses to “Documentary about Kim Peek “The Real Rain Man” PART 1”
  1. lffm07 says:

    “It’s okay to be different” ?!
    Is it really ? Does society really imply and bring about an environment that exercises that ?

  2. foetwinny says:

    He passed away due to a massive Heart Attack at home. RIP Kim Peek. People like this really humble me

  3. Masshiroi says:

    why?why he die???

  4. Westhamsterdam says:

    December 09

  5. Luke13PL says:

    he died?! when?

  6. estefany323 says:

    Truly and incredible human being.He was and still is a very interesting person.RIP

  7. NAMTRIP says:

    I didnt know he passed away,he was a great mind.

  8. flank99 says:

    R.I.P Kim Peek and he Remembered everything he has read everytime he looks at a book he memorizes and will not forget at all

  9. antigeekess says:

    Thanks so much for posting this.

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