Tһе moving trυе ѕtοrу οf a Golden Retriever named Henry wһο wаѕ adopted іחtο a family wіtһ a severely Autistic boy named Dale. Tһе Autism wаѕ ѕο severe, Dale ѕtοрреԁ speaking tο һіѕ parents аחԁ һіѕ tantrums worsened. Dale’s breakthrough came through tһе һеƖр аחԁ unconditional Ɩονе οf Henry tһе Lab.

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22 Responses to “Dog Helps Boy Come Out of Autism – A Friend Like Henry”
  1. PinkPunkyKat says:

    When was this video made? I read the book and Dale is in his teens now.

  2. HHHdahman says:

    That kid will be PISSED when that dog dies.

    My mom works with kids with autisim, one of their dog died and the got angry real quick.

  3. godzilla964 says:

    I have aspergers syndrome, and we have a german shepherd, but it lives with my grandma, because i’m alergic and my dad dosent want a dog in our house.

  4. Stofffuchs says:

    Just finished reading the book this morning. It is great to sea the people from the book in real live.

  5. tomtogirl says:

    amazing book and fantastic film
    5 staars from me

  6. scotscandy72 says:

    The book is the most honest and realistic account i have encountered about Autism and the effect it can have on the whole family. i could totally relate to the highest highs when an autistic child reaches a ‘milestone’ you hardly dared hope for, and the sheer numb despair and loneliness when things are seamingly the worst they have never been with no light in sight. Thank you.

  7. bizboy13 says:

    Got a dog for my two autistic boys, 8 & 5…doing wonders !!

  8. misheruhime says:

    thats amazing. and sweet.

  9. blink182loverbustedh says:

    if u have any questions why not ask dale he does have myspace bebo and facebook he is easy 2 track on them

  10. blink182loverbustedh says:

    i went 2 school with this guy 2day u would never know he had it

  11. galexy14 says:

    Reading this book brought shivers…..excellent book.

  12. TotallyLuke says:

    This was the sadest book ever!!!! I really want to watch the movie

  13. ccsugar4 says:


  14. Ntrlhrsgrl says:

    fantastic book. Its a movie now as well.

  15. prembaby says:

    Thnakyou for sharing. I loved reading your book and congratulate your dedication and passion to make your son’s life the best it can be.

  16. missyann2000 says:

    I am in the middle of reading this book and it is very interesting!! I dont usually enjoy reading but a friend told be read it. It is a great book to read!!

  17. christinaedler says:

    it´s quite amazing – that the dog is man´s best friend and can sort out different problems. My son Frederic, authistics had as small child an unexplainable fear of do , especially small(schnausers, poodles and yorkies), when he was 10 I let a hunting labrador became part of our family – after 2 weeks they were best friends. Tyson opened up Fredric´s awareness, language and never the least his emphaty and the love to others. God bless Tyson now 16 year old nestor in our family

  18. mjckeyC75 says:

    Ciao…ho appena finito di leggere il libro “UN AMICO COME HENRY”…un libro che mi ha toccato profondamente,spero che in futuro l’autismo possa essere sconfitto.Un grande grazie va ad Henry (lassu’ in cielo) anche da parte mia per tutto quello che ha fatto per Dale e per la famiglia Gardner.

  19. StarMagick says:

    i think animals truly help…when my son started playing with a new dog… he started opening up..showing more affection.. thanks for posting this

  20. GingerAutie says:

    The video is not that bad, but there are a few sentences in it, who really let me think: “what are they actually thinking, autism is?”
    That was kind of sad, because autism is nothing people need to “go out”. Sometimes this world isn’T easy for autistics, but just because there are autistics, who learned to behave “normal” doesn’t make them “less autistic”.

  21. tvidie says:

    Hello Ginger, you’ve touched an issue that is very difficult & tricky, as I know words like “recover”,”cure”,even “disorder” carry with them many unintended meanings that hurt families that Autism affects.So with the foundation here that individuals with Autism are essentially no different than any other person, and Autism as a phenomenon is for the most part undefined; no offense is meant by the description and wording here.I posted this story to raise awareness for Autism and inspire families.

  22. GingerAutie says:

    Do you really belive, that autism is something people are “in”, like “in a box”?

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