mу dog іѕ ascared οf tһе floor. tһіѕ іѕ ѕοmе іmрοrtаחt backstory fοr mу dog, һе һаѕ dog aspergers.

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25 Responses to “dog time EPISODE 7”
  1. rcmike123 says:

    wow someone is obbsesed with there dog a little bit to much…

  2. XradicalD says:

    Have you played that game where the floor is lava? Cause the dog is the world champion of that game.

    Nice dawg man

  3. gabesabitch says:

    lmao… at 1:20… GET YOUR TOUR-EEET

  4. Fumples says:

    That dog is so adorable.

  5. ChezJamesy says:

    huh, your dogs a republican? who wouldve thought!

  6. gorgexpress says:

    My friend’s dog was scared of wooden floors too. Apparently it was a combination of the lack of friction on the floor and his bad eyesight. His eyesight was bad enough that he couldn’t see the floor too well. Once his eyes were fixed he wasn’t scared of the floor.

  7. ChibiSabbath says:

    That dog looks so scared! Gotta admit, though, I still chuckled.

  8. dalonelybaptist says:

    No its the slippy flooring.
    My dog is also terrified of kitchen floor like this.

  9. Dekationz says:

    good epsiode

  10. 1stonep94 says:


  11. rpturner says:

    ascared is not a word.

  12. jsgamer21986 says:

    Dog looks like he has cataracts.

  13. thinkthis13 says:

    This is the greatest thing in the history of mankind.

  14. crowpaw says:

    i wish i had dog aspergers

  15. RideTehLightnin says:

    hes not scared of the floor.. hes scared of the dishwasher thats on lol i can hear it

  16. AdeyAdey says:

    this is quite easily the greatest dog in the universe

  17. Ytpoopy says:

    tellurk drop dead and go to hell I LOVE DOG TIME! and is his name really dog? lol

  18. armistices says:

    lol dog aspergers

  19. stultissimus says:

    Truly the best new thing on youtube

  20. 1981z28camaro says:

    lol, does he even have a name, or is his name “Dog”? lol, I always hear you call him by Dog, lol

  21. 1981z28camaro says:

    you have a nice home, and dog, lol

  22. 1981z28camaro says:

    ur an idiot

  23. GenericSteve764 says:

    Your dog’s favourite thing is John McCain?

  24. tellurk says:

    stupid dog

  25. gambitraven says:

    maybe with a wooden cig he can be top dog

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