Alex talks wіtһ Dr. Andrew Wakefield, tһе British former surgeon аחԁ researcher wһο wаѕ banned bу tһе General Medical Council frοm practicing medicine іח UK fοr һіѕ research аחԁ public statements linking tһе Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine tο childhood autism. Iח November 2001 Wakefield became a fellow οf tһе Royal College οf Pathologists іח recognition οf һіѕ research publications. Dr. Wakefield іѕ tһе author οf Callous Disregard: Autism аחԁ Vaccines — Tһе Truth Behind a Tragedy, available аt tһе Infowars Store

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25 Responses to “Dr. Andrew Wakefield Warns of Tainted Vaccines Link to Autism on Alex Jones Tv 1/4”
  1. Remembermylai says:


    Kiss my fucking ass!

  2. briandeer says:

    This is such a pack of lies you wouldn’t believe. Almost sentence by sentence fabrication, distortion, dishonest omission and just plain lying.

  3. syntaxiko says:

    Yeah, Science in medicine is okay sometimes, but only when it is working to solve something immediately harmful. Listen to Alex Jones glorify all the studies that conspiracy junkies selectively browse like a schizophrenic in the middle of a paranoid break. It is disgusting the amount of misinformation these fear mongers dish out.

  4. bethalina1977 says:

    it not just about the vaccines the medical profession are not asking the right questions !

  5. bethalina1977 says:

    Email if you want to take part in a parent based study

  6. bethalina1977 says:

    I thought it was all propaganda untill I had my son at the age of 5 immunised and HAVE now lost 2 long hard years of work detoxing is that a coincidence because Autism is not a degenerative disease ???

  7. bethalina1977 says:

    I thought it was all propaganda untill I had my son at the age of 5 immunised and HAVE now lost 2 long hard years of work detoxing is that a coincidence because Autism is not a degenerative disease ???

  8. 1jtbt1 says:

    @Gothikatz Read “updwn180 ” and “1jtbt1″ No one said autism rates had gone down in young children! Watch the “Marketing of Madness ” 1 thru 18. As you watch the whole series you will understand how cases prior slipped under the radar???? As far as doctors diagnosing properly now? That is just an illusion!

  9. Gothikatz says:

    @1jtbt1 Mind providing some scientific proof and cite a study that shows that autism rates have gone down in young children AND gone up in older kids? It seems that rates are going up, but not all cases of autism have been properly diagnosed until 10 years ago or so – cases prior to that slipped under the radar being passed as other illnesses. It doesn’t mean that just because we see more and more cases of autism that more children are being affected, doctors are just diagnosing it properly.

  10. dontknowreally says:

    @triad14k Whatever else he may be (misguided? maverick?..) he is NOT a “greedy quack”. It’s a great pity one can’t use facebook comments in a suit for defamation/slander. Grow up and don’t make pronouncements about someone you don’t know from Adam.

  11. 1jtbt1 says:

    @updwn180 No, California did not take away vaccines, they just altered the vaccine schedule.Some vaccines that would normally be given at a younger age are phased in at ages 7-18, therefore autism rates are now increasing in children ages 7-18. Image that! The same vaccines (DTP, IPV, HIB, HEP B, MMR, Varicella) are still in the recommended schedule , just altered! You don’t need to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure it out COMMON SENSE says it all!

  12. updwn180 says:

    i work w/ children with autism & have taken many university courses in developmental disorders & autism all of them have said the same thing–Autism is NOT caused by vaccines based on HUNDREDS of scientific studies

    California, made the horrible desicions to take away vaccines if vaccines were gone rates of autism should slow down. 7yrs l8r they looked at the rates–which Increased

    Behavioral Interventions help teach children and support families .

  13. odinson78 says:

    @socrates856 you maybe right but there is mercury and aluminum in vaccines used as a perseverative and if ur child gets all the recomended doses he or she will have 10 to 20 times the amount of mercury a drown adult should consume and do ur research and see what the affects of large amounts of mercury has on the human body i ahve had only the polio and im 6’1 300lbs 31 years of age i dont eat right dont exercise i dont get sick. humans have live a very long time without vaccines.

  14. odinson78 says:

    @super2000man go ahead if u have kids have them enjectedwith mercury and aluminum which is in vaccines and thats not diputed.

  15. 7894anyutka says:

    totally agree

  16. Solablueangel says:

    @triad14k ….I did an extensive amount of research for studies and articles online…if you do the same, diligently, and looking for the available information…you WILL find out that there is a correlation between vaccination (Hep B) and autoimmune diseases, in particular, rheumatoid arthritis. Please study this, because the mass media isn’t going to tell you it.

  17. ProudFreeAmerican says:

    It’s amazing how some people are totally asleep and take what the media say as the honest truth. It is people just like these that marched right into the Nazi gas chambers without so much as putting up a fight and as the Zyklon B filled the chamber they were still in utter denial.

  18. triad14k says:

    @Solablueangel , Rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis B are 2 completely different things. It’s like saying you got punched in the face and couple years later you got fat…they have no correlations what so ever!!! Hep B doesn’t take “a couple of years” to become infectious btw. Once u get it, you have less than a month..maybe a couple of weeks before your liver starts failing. Stop with the bull shit conspiracy theory. Wakefield is a greedy quack. End of story.

  19. batigol47 says:

    @Solablueangel Do you realize that the majority of the contents of that syringe is water? Somehow I doubt it.

  20. socrates856 says:

    Autism emerges between 12-24 months, baby vaccinations happen around the same time, so it is likely to occur coincidentally. There have been extensive studies all showing no link between vaccinations and autism. Wakefield has not lost his license because he somehow is subject of a government conspiracy. He has lost it for misconduct. In fact in Japan MMR vaccines were suspended and autism still rose. There is no proven causal link but plenty evidence against. It’s a massive paranoia campaign.

  21. super2000man says:

    @1jtbt1 You have to realize that the PHARMA are private companies and need to make money to survive but the professionals in academia are more experienced than people in PHARMA and instead you should blame the government for not supporting enough people performing research and having to rely on PHARMA.

  22. super2000man says:

    @1jtbt1 If you were more educated and had a science degree and know anything about research you should realize that all these stories are to keep people busy from actual problems in everyday life and to make money on TV shows and bring attention.

  23. batigol47 says:

    @1jtbt1 Vaccines dont cause any of those conditions. Each one of them existed long before vaccines.

  24. 1jtbt1 says:

    @super2000man Right, you obviously don’t know how BIG PHARMA pays good jack to keep the real DATA from being published! Would you make a vaccine that was so safe and effective? I think not! You wouldn’t be in business too long. No Asthma, Allergies, Autoimmune Disease,MS, Diabetes, Bipolar, ADHD,Autism and the list goes on and on and on and on! “The Marketing of Madness” on You Tube gives you a little insight on how BIG PHARMA really works!

  25. vikingscool says:

    @DEFYtheTHOUGHTPOLICE I glad I don’t get a ADHD because I didn’t like fruit back in 90′s. Whew! My life saved!

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