Alex talks wіtһ Dr. Andrew Wakefield, tһе British former surgeon аחԁ researcher wһο wаѕ banned bу tһе General Medical Council frοm practicing medicine іח UK fοr һіѕ research аחԁ public statements linking tһе Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine tο childhood autism. Iח November 2001 Wakefield became a fellow οf tһе Royal College οf Pathologists іח recognition οf һіѕ research publications. Dr. Wakefield іѕ tһе author οf Callous Disregard: Autism аחԁ Vaccines — Tһе Truth Behind a Tragedy, available аt tһе Infowars Store

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25 Responses to “Dr. Andrew Wakefield Warns of Tainted Vaccines Link to Autism on Alex Jones Tv 2/4”
  1. MHUnited1 says:

    @TheMraby They fudge the numbers dont pay attention to that.

  2. FaceFirst11 says:

    Wakefield’s work is, at best, deeply flawed. There is no evidence linking MMR and autism outside of some partially or fully retracted papers by Wakefield and a few others. The Lancet paper that Wakefield cites in this interview had only 12 subjects, and has been largely discredited.

    Jones should be embarrassed and ashamed of himself for giving credence to an idiot like Wakefield, but judging by his other work, this is his style of fallacious pseudo-journalism.

  3. d2h1 says:

    ‘Vaccination – The Hidden Truth’ on Youtube

  4. d2h1 says:

    @billybassman21 Do YOUR research – Iatrogenesis

  5. BTbass says:

    Can anyone link me the studies that back up Wakefield’s research?

  6. 1jtbt1 says:

    @billybassman21 Mentally retardation is quite different than autism! I went to school back in the 70′s and early 80′s. We had 7 kids out of 5000 that were mentally retarded.( I MEAN THESE KIDS WERE MENTALLY RETARDED) Knowing children who are autistic, there is a BIG difference between the two.You are a BRAVE man DR. WAKEFIELD! Far too many children have been harmed already! PEOPLE, IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP!

  7. billybassman21 says:

    More autism rates are due to better diagnosis of what was previously labeled as mentally retardation. I know I’m brainwashed and probably paid by skull and bones to post this. Keep this junk science up and we will see a return on these high contagious and deadly diseases.

  8. billybassman21 says:

    His studies were full of flawed data and outright lies forcing him to retract his study. His junk science is the cause of many deaths especially in the UK from gullible people refusing to vaccinate. The MMR is given around the same time that the first signs start. Going back and watching home movies doctors can find early signs before the vaccines. Also study and study shows no link. Finally autism rates are up, but mentally retardation rates are going down. Vaccines DO NOT cause autism!

  9. Anihilist13 says:

    These days, if kids aren’t autistic, they are bipolar or ADD or some other bullshit. Kids are being poisoned.

  10. cristoballs says:

    this is typical alex jones bullshit. find a story where someone was reprimanded for doing something obviously unethical, and turn it around to make that person the hero and everyone else look like members of some massive conspiracy. i wonder if this idiot alex jones ever takes the time to actually research anything.

  11. cristoballs says:

    @ProudFreeAmerican actually they did disprove his findings. they revealed that he fabricated his data to support his conclusions. i believe studies were also performed which compared autism rates between areas where vaccines were discontinued as the result of wakefield’s research to countries that continued to use the vaccine, and there was no difference. if the vaccine was really linked to autism wouldn’t you expect lower rates in countries without the vaccine?

  12. ProudFreeAmerican says:

    @axeld93 They never disproved his findings. They claimed he had a conflict of interest which tells me the government covered their asses from lawsuits by using Wakefield as the sacrificial lamb, and all he tried to do was get 3 vaccines to be spread out by 1 year, so they would not affect small children, which was causing bowel problems which is his specialty field. But for Medical associations who derive monies from these very companies is where the real conflict of interest originates.

  13. super2000man says:

    What an Idiot no wonder he got banned because he does not know SHITTTT.

    THERE IS NOT DATA CONFIRMING Vaccines cause Autism .

    They Play with DATA to convince their BULL SHIT CLAIM that vaccines cause AUTISM.

    Dr.WAKEFIELD maybe you should WAKE UP.

  14. super2000man says:

    What an Idiot no wonder he got banned because he does not know SHITTTT.

    THERE IS NOT DATA CONFIRMING Vaccines cause Autism .

    They Play with DATA to convince their BULL SHIT CLAIM that vaccines cause AUTISM.

    Dr.WAKEFIELD maybe you should WAKE UP.

  15. axeld93 says:

    He was banned from the General Medical Council for a reason… Science does not take sides, it is objective. Read the latest New Scientist for a break down of people who deny scientific or historical facts.

  16. mamasuntwinkle says:

    1) Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court – Now What?
    Huffington Post 2008. 2) Hannah Poling Autism-Vaccine Case: Implications for ME/CFS-labelled patients. 3) Growing Divide Among Courts On Vaccines — as more children sue, they are backpeddling. And CPS gives triple shots (15-25 in two weeks) by saying parent not vaccinate child. Casas de los Ninos nurse does it for them. In other words they triple the dose in young children to disable them.

  17. mamasuntwinkle says:

    They have mass murdered the next generation of children around the world. It appears what they are doing is making sheep of the next generation (passive, unable to react) to complete the plan. As women are having children later in life, who will take care of these children when they grow up (if they need some assistance)? Are they damaging them for the kill?

  18. doc2earth says:

    @CodexAlimentarius1 Do you get yours from waiora? My dog had a big tumor in her mouth and I gave zeolite and it died off, incredible stuff.

  19. dconrad000 says:

    Dr Wakefield is an honest man. Go to my channel & see a recent, extremely hard hitting interview on the absolute fraud & danger of vaccines — & about a simple tool to viralize the truth about vaccines. The more people that know the truth, the harder it will be to force these vaccines on those of us that would rather put our trust in God, eating right, our own immune systems, natural remedies, faith & prayer — rather than on Big Pharma & their veritable witches brews.



    all lifes very best all the time.

  21. olddirtyburg says:

    search wakefield on google there’s a link on a bbc page pretty interesting..

  22. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Zeolite Powder treats Mercury Poisoning AKA Autism.

  23. Glamgirl245 says:

    @tiatdivad lol

  24. 1churchmouse says:

    @tiatdivad Yes!

  25. WodeBolder says:

    science…… or medicine.

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