Alex talks wіtһ Dr. Andrew Wakefield, tһе British former surgeon аחԁ researcher wһο wаѕ banned bу tһе General Medical Council frοm practicing medicine іח UK fοr һіѕ research аחԁ public statements linking tһе Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine tο childhood autism. Iח November 2001 Wakefield became a fellow οf tһе Royal College οf Pathologists іח recognition οf һіѕ research publications. Dr. Wakefield іѕ tһе author οf Callous Disregard: Autism аחԁ Vaccines — Tһе Truth Behind a Tragedy, available аt tһе Infowars Store

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19 Responses to “Dr. Andrew Wakefield Warns of Tainted Vaccines Link to Autism on Alex Jones Tv 3/4”
  1. zoneami says:

    The whole vaccines stuff is farce; how did plague got eradicated despite there is no plague vaccine.

  2. klett69 says:

    You d talk about gastritis,ulcer, cures for gastritis which IMHO create vitamin b12 deficiencies and flatten the way to gastric cancer.
    and,out of opinion, they practically ruined my life
    the patient’s perception should be the most important thing
    the real problem is that after all the beautiful statements the truth is that our medicine is still primitive and blind. and til they ll hinder people like wakefield,it will remain the end he just asked to investigate more infl bowel vaccine link

  3. tiatdivad says:

    @renethorpe really,i thought we lived in a free country aswell..:-O
    Seems that telling the truth is now illegal.Vaccines are bad,every book on naturopathy tells you this.

  4. renethorpe says:

    i heard it was banned in uk

  5. newagewizard says:

    Well The pharmaceuticals care About one thing Money.
    As long as they can keep making people sick they will do what it takes to cause illnesses to make money!

  6. Radicalindifference says:

    I wondered how long it took for these two jokers to meet up



    all lifes very best all the time.

  8. annaesse says:

    Callous Disregard is not available on Amazon UK and there is a note that says it may not be available.

  9. jonathanburr89 says:

    @TheDEBAH same i have type 1 and get talked into loads of these shots. When i was younger they told y parents i should have the flu shot and got it two times but never again never ever getting any of them and never got h1n1 shot

  10. TheDEBAH says:

    I got talked into getting the pnmonia(spelling?) virus vaccine by my doc because I have Type 2 diabetes. I wonder now what i got injected with!

  11. Ricokey says:

    The house of cards is finally losing its foundations

  12. philena30 says:

    But that is the issue, people don’t remember the warning signs or just now figuring it out. And it’s been 12yrs for me, and people still look amazed when I tell them.

  13. TheRainbowMatrix says:

    Dr Wakefield is a true hero who is standing up against a vicious greedy powerful enemy to mankind.

    I implore you all to support him in the times ahead

    Millions of children have been damaged and the rotten criminals are brushing it under the carpet and continuing to poison vulnerable infants

    Stand by Andrew Wakefield and those other brave souls standing up for morality and truth!

  14. tiatdivad says:

    i just went to amazon uk the book is our of stock!!

  15. tiatdivad says:

    why wont they do a comparison of vaccinated versus unvaccinated?..DOH…if i were a vaccine maker it’s exactly what i would do..scary stuff!! the basics are not adhered to.makes you wonder,sam goes for the largely untested GMO food we are all expected to eat..not me

  16. WoodlandRavah says:

    That people are unknowing does not mean that they are unknowing like cows or goats. Even ignorant people look for a pathway to reality. But, searching for it, they often misunderstand what they encounter. They pursue names and categories instead of going beyond that name to that which is real.
    - Digha Nikaya
    Too many people judge the book of media by it’s cover, and I mean cover.

  17. crypter27 says:

    Vaccines are a hard sell these days!

  18. an0numus1 says:

    hey dude im a big fan of yours im 15 i always talk about this nwo stuff with my friends but they think im crazy n they think its a lie but idc what they say when time comes they’ll know the truth . ps i was advertising your wake up before its to late sign with the joker obama picture with the new world order sign. keep speaking the truth… “the truth will set you free”

  19. SherrieLeaLaird says:

    Alex, when you cry I cry. Well actually I cry all the time. WE have cures for the oil spill we have to commandeer this investigation!!!
    THERE is a way to cap it right now I sent you a link!
    It will work
    but there’s no way these monsters will do it!

    You are awesome. I don’t blame you for not wanting to come into work. YOU HAVE CHANGED the world Spiritually. YOu have tipped the scales. This is why they do it.

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