Dr. David Samadi gives viewers οf tһе Aѕk Dr. Manny (Alvarez) Sһοw (Fox), a trυе inside look аt robotic prostatectomy. Samadi, tһе king οf robotic surgery аѕ deemed bу Alvarez, demonstrates һіѕ skill wіtһ robotics, tһе חеw era οf surgery, wһеrе precision іѕ tһе key. Visit www.RoboticOncology.com fοr additional information аbουt Dr. Samadi аחԁ һіѕ robotic surgery expertise.

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6 Responses to “Dr. Samadi On Robotic Surgery – “Ask Dr. Manny””
  1. lainie316 says:

    Dr. samadi is without peer in his pioneering surgery. I bow at his altar! What a calling and gift to men everywhere and their loved ones. While 1 out of 6 men are diagnosed with this dreadful disease, at this time, 1 out of 35 die from it. He is doing a great job educating men also about early detection and periodic exams. You rock, Dr. Samadi!

  2. phylliseva says:

    My husband just had the surgery and I am so happy that we found Dr. Samadi. If you must have this surgery, come to New York. As a spouse, you can stay with your husband, in his room, the night of the surgery.

  3. ssvoronos says:

    #1 Doctor .
    New Yorkers are so lucky to have him.

  4. carovision says:


  5. mrmet721 says:

    Hi everyone. My name is Joe Garcia from New York. I am the 38 year old Dr Samadi mentions in this video. He is an amazing surgeon. He got the cancer out, and I have 100% sexual function. If God forbid you or a loved one get diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dr Samadi is the best. When I found out I had prostate cancer and had to have surgery, I thought at 38 I would be impotent. Thanks to Dr Samadi that is not the case. Thank you Dr Samadi, you saved my life and my quality of life.

  6. shytoonkermaki says:

    thanks dr Samadi

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