Dr. Stanley Greenspan, founder οf DIR/Floortime speak іח аח interview frοm tһе film “Autistic-Lіkе: Graham’s Stοrу″. Fοr more info ɡο tο WWW.AUTISTICLIKE.COM

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9 Responses to “Dr. Stanley Greenspan founder of Floortime speaks”
  1. acwallic says:

    This is very Montessori like. If you like Dr. Greenspan look into AMI Montessori Education.

  2. harmonyninja says:

    Rest in peace Dr. Greenspan. Thank you for all your hard work and brilliant ideas!

  3. khadeeja76 says:

    floortimes is a waste of therapy time!! ABA/VB works way better and it is proven.

  4. citisite says:

    Rewire??? Good Question?

    Brain Development: first bonding – second Theory of Mind – and in this connection: affectregulation, maximise positive states (Allan Schore) and be creative. NewYork 2008: Education, Creativity and the Mind with Peter Fonagy!


    …and click to full lenght in myspace.

  5. jpwjr1199 says:

    I agree. He is, unequivocally, a genius, but I must admit that it freaks me out that he doesn’t at least get falsies for those missing chompers.

  6. sarbothedestroyer says:

    It is not like the Refrigerator Mother theory — Dr. Greenspan repeatedly talks about biological problems in the child…the old way of thinking only blamed the parent; DIR accepts the child has biological challenges — how can we modify our approach to help the child rewire their brain to overcome the challenges.

  7. drtgreatwhites says:

    Yay Right!! Just Like the old Cold / Refirgetor Mother Theory!!

  8. antoanto123456 says:

    i’m italian terapist. I study this model by 8 years ago. The Greenspan model is the best model of mind at the time.
    With floortime principle and his theory, i work with adult with all diagnoses very well.
    thank you , dott. Greenspan and the staff of icdl

  9. Lizza51 says:

    Dr. Greenspan is soooo brilliant. Listen, wonder and learn….

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