January 05, 2011 CNN MOXNews.com

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25 Responses to “Dr Wakefield Defends His Autism Vaccine Research pt.1”
  1. dontblockmedk says:

    @XulChris I guess you don’t understand what ‘ROOT’ means. If you remove all government and FED but still had capitalists and money property systems ALL PROBLEMS WOULD REMAIN. And probably be even worse.

    On the other hand if we eliminate the money property systems, government and FED would cease to exist.

    Bottom line is we have the resources and tech to produce ABUNDANCE then automate the work and just distribute it to ALL. This is the ONLY sustainable way for prosperity and freedom.

  2. BadSwineDOTcom says:

    @bricitybrac FDA approved drugs kill 50,000 people a year, The Federal government allows depleted uranium to be shot off all over the place, injects blacks & Chileans with syphilis, approves feces eating genetically engineered pigs, is engaging in heroin manufacturing in Afghanistan, bars any labeling in regards to GMO foods and I am supposed to surrender my childrens health to their authority?

    And that’s just whats proven in the main stream media.

  3. BadSwineDOTcom says:

    @watercup123456 Thank god our founders gave us a second amendment to protect us from violent authoritarians like yourself.

    The U.S federal government has experimented on it’s people countless times from giving black people syphilis right up to the experimental anthrax vaccines they are giving soldiers now. My mother’s been a physician for 30 years.and wouldn’t let me vaccinate my children if I wanted to.

    My 2 year old speaks Chinese & Spanish, and is starting basic division how bout yours?

  4. watercup123456 says:

    @loser It’s sickening that your children will be sick and dying because you failed to vaccinate. You should castrate yourself immediately. You are a danger to yourself, society as a whole, and especially any children you have contact with. If you have children, they should be immediately taken away from you as you are a child abuser.

    Thank god for my healthy babies and proven medical science. I can try and help the poor but there is only so much I can do for the gullible and stupid!

  5. thundavolt says:

    @grendelee Thanks for pointing this out. I was still a little confused about what could cause it in so many people born around that time. It’s very logical. I was starting to think something environmental contributed to the increase but you have to remember in the past it was swept under the rug. This is just the same as parents believing someone can’t just be gay. It has to be someone else’s fault it cannot have anything to do with genes.

  6. mwired2 says:

    Th golden rule: Make your own research!

  7. thundavolt says:

    @TheAntiV I just think you need to accept facts more than anything else. Don’t let your fear of accepting that it could be in your genes stop you from loving. I have had to supervise a parent with their child because he had abused the boy due to his condition. That is the most awkward feeling ever. I was trusted more that the boy’s father. This sort of reaction pushes the attitude.

  8. thundavolt says:

    @TheAntiV I have seen 2 children with the same mother and different father and all their siblings on the faters side. They were both autistic looked so much alike except they were of different genders. I have seen children who received the Separate vaccine treatment and are autistic. I don’t think it all comes down to genetics because they were all of a similar age but that could also be because I worked for people who preferred to have clients of a similar age.

  9. XulChris says:

    @dontblockmedk No, an all powerful government and currency controlling Federal Reserve is the ROOT of the problem. Free market capitalism and property rights are the ROOT of a prosperous society.

  10. Neavris says:

    There’s no link in-between autism and vaccines as far as I’ve seen, autism seems to be caused by too many factors to be fully isolated. That plus the fact that the definition of autism was enlarged in the 80′s and plus (yes another conflicting factor, no less) that the methods for the discovery of autism have improved over time makes it near impossible to pinpoint how it works completely. Very Sad. Autistic childs can be bright, but limited.

  11. TheAntiV says:


    Speak for yourself.

  12. dontblockmedk says:

    @XulChris The point is the money property system is the ROOT of the problem. Please remember it isn’t just the ‘evil’ government ‘forcing’ us to vaccinate, it is EVIL capitalist big pharma ‘buying’ politicians and media to push this crap.

    The profit motive is behind most evil in the world, government is just a tool.

  13. OsamaBinForgotten2 says:

    Read the book, there are many.

  14. chriscunanan says:

    there’s two types of people now, the subversives and the submitters…one side is often demonized alongside the word “truther”, so that would logically make the other side considered “LIARS”…which side are you on?

  15. Garlannd says:

    If you look up the name gonazles. Why the fuck isn’t he pulling up google and throwing down with the guy? Seriously these dinosaurs need to retire.

  16. Garlannd says:

    We need to cure autism at all costs. They’re monsters all monsters. See Nesshelper / Chris Chan / the niggies girl for prime examples.

  17. fenriz218 says:

    Shame, now the parents who made it their business to produce retards on a massive scale will have to look for something else to blame … hey, know what: ask Oprah, or better yet, ask Jenny McCarthy. They’ll have the answer for you good people!

  18. MaryJesusJoseph says:

    The people who embraced this whole scam will still hold on to their false beliefs no matter what proof they get. They won’t have their child vaccinated then we’ll see a rise in diseases that were almost eradicated.

  19. StanMarsh1 says:

    @BadSwineDOTcom If you believe vaccines give children autism, I have some magic beans to sell you.

  20. grendelee says:

    @BadSwineDOTcom LOL heres that argument NOW! So, since they started diagnosing autism, there has been more diagnoses of autism? Really? You dont see the connection at all? THink about how dumb that sounds.

  21. grendelee says:

    I dont mind proving whether or not vaccines cause autism. If it does, it does, if it doesnt, it doesnt. You simply have to show it. And whenever i ask for proof from you nuts, you say “It has the same kind of mercury a FISH has! If you take a vaccine shot every day nonstop, you could get mercury poisoniing” well, people dont do that do they? They also say “AUTISM HAS BEEN ON THE RISE SINCE ITS DISCOVERED! BEFORE IT WAS DISCOVERED THERE WERE NO CASES OF AUTISM!” THink about how dumb that sounds.

  22. sschevypwrbb says:

    why was it typed and not live, a lie is a lie a cover up is a cover up. Fear of a live taping, is hidding from facts, feared to be reliesed. “and many children were damaged” dam him

  23. sschevypwrbb says:

    why was it typed and not live, a lie is a lie a cover up is a cover up. Fear of a live taping, is hidding from facts, feared to be reliesed

  24. BadSwineDOTcom says:


    Everyone knows your a asshole and need to STFU…

    Well not really but claiming everyone believes it makes me feel important.

    And Gupta didn’t claim to know that in fact continually said no one knows, and if it were genetics it wouldn’t of started appearing the late 70′s.

  25. BadSwineDOTcom says:

    @jawayetti hey troll get fucked, people will make their own decisions about whats safe for their children.

    The medical industry complex has lost all credibility and if Wakefield were lying which I doubt. People only believe him out of sheer contempt and utter distrust of the behavior of the FDA and pharma companies.

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