Self-injurious autistic young adult punching self wһіƖе family works quickly tο dress һіm. Takes 2:1 support. Comportamento autismo. Awtismo. Autisme gedrag. 自閉症 متوحد عقليا aутизм אָטיזאַם אוטיזם mắc chứng tự kỷ 자폐증 otizm أمريكا التوحد autista 美國 自閉症 autistischen αυτιστικό autistické familia ninos adultos реалити-шоу realidad de autismo profundo

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25 Responses to “Dressed and out the Door with Severe Autism”
  1. TMBLyrics says:

    do you suppose the moaning/groaning noises are an effect of hearing the music, like when people hum or sing along, or is it a stim to block out discomfort/unwillingness to put on clothes? or both?

  2. coach77060 says:

    God bless you guys. Our son Kevin exhibits the same SIB’s and we know the toll that it takes on the entire family. Our son wears headphone as well.

    You have our respect for the commitment to your son, not many people understand what it takes but we have learned it first hand.

    If you guys ever need any stress relief, I recommend the Autism on the Seas program. A group of us just raised money for 22 families living with autism in the Houston area. They will take care of you & your son.

  3. crazyboafrog1986 says:

    where do you find the head phone things that go over his ear when he listens to music ? id like to get a pair for myself . thanks in advance .

  4. MsAubergenie says:


    You know, to me it seems that your son enjoys listening to the music. He stopped hitting the diaper and making the “thwack” sound on the diaper as soon as he had the music. He also seemed a lot calmer. It also seemed like he was singing or humming to the music he was listening to.

    I’m no expert. Just saying what I saw. I have a young family member with severe Autism and have no idea what the future holds for our little person….

  5. udontsay1313 says:

    @Danny66679 – where do you find out about the autism service dogs and how do they detect when a SIB event is coming up?

  6. rolandsta1 says:

    sad illness hopefully cured one day.

  7. theclad123 says:

    Hi, I’m just curious if you have tried ABA therapy with him?

  8. goodgoodgoodful says:

    I thought my brother has the worst kind of autism.. until now.

  9. 1TopGunPaintballer says:

    Is that any special autism where he hits his side with his hand and “brushes” his hair with his hand a number of times? I don’t know if there are different kinds or if there is only one type.

  10. blondesprite1 says:

    does he understand what you are saying to him?

  11. debumaiya says:

    Gee, It must be really challenging to go clothes shopping for him.

  12. dcao2 says:

    aw he made you laugh! i love it when i’m connecting with my boy who has autism. there are days when you are so exhausted but every once in a while he will make you laugh and you realize why you are trying so hard every day to be the best you can be.
    god bless

  13. mr1derful112 says:

    u deserve Mother Of the Year Award, i know its your son and all but you need to be recognized for your work, i had no idea what Autism was til i saw this today, i heard about it and that was it, U should Inform the world well the U.S. anyways about Autism cause i dont think people know exactly what it entails, UR the Greatest Mom

  14. LovePeaceHope94 says:

    can he speak?

  15. kachekieran says:

    @Davidsfarmrules thats fukin stupid

  16. jules76sm says:

    Is he singing when the headphones are on? How cute!

  17. jules76sm says:

    Is he singing when the headphones are on? How cute!

  18. jules76sm says:

    Is he singing when the headphones are on? How cute!

  19. kgaccount says:

    He wears diapers because for the past decade, everytime we’ve tried to teach him to go in toilet, it triggers self injury or turns into a huge struggle. It’s just not worth setting him off. We do hope to train him out of diapers, at least in day. Who knows, he could learn it tomorrow. A lot depend on what he wants to do. We don’t push him too hard, or it elicits self abuse.

  20. Davidsfarmrules says:

    why does he wear diapers.

  21. kedked1 says:

    mom you are awesome and have the patience of a saint you are amazing! keep it up! i would love to help if you loved in ma.

  22. Danny66679 says:

    Thank you very much. I know a great organization for autism service dogs and odds are they will be able to pair you with a dog who is submissive enough to saticfy the other dogs :) Just let me know if you wnt the link and I will Private message it to you :)

  23. kgaccount says:

    Yes, I’d love a service dog for him but our cattle dogs would probably run the poor dog off the property…they are extremely aggressive against anything outside the family..and they love Jamey…but yes, it’d be nice to have even a seizure dog for him…or one that could detect possible self injurious behaviors emerging…oh, the eggs…got them from a special education catalog…I’ll look for magazine and get back to you on name …

  24. Danny66679 says:

    2 questions

    1 have you concidered an autism service dog for him? I know they aren’t for everyone but Ryan;s has really helped her!

    2 WHERE did you get those eggs?????

  25. mizzamaya420 says:

    I love how dad grabbed jamie’s hand. You both are such awesome parents!!

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