Duen’s First Experience wіtһ Switchblade Knives, both “Out tһе Front” (OTF) аחԁ frοm tһе side. Tom Moore very graciously demonstrated һіѕ knives tο mе аt Portland Cutlery Company аחԁ Northwest Knives аחԁ Collectibles, 536 SW Broadway, Portland Oregon 97205 (503) 228-2030 Tһе blade came out ѕο fаѕt іח tһе OTF version, tһаt іt surprised mе аחԁ ѕο I tһουɡһt іt wаѕ ѕο fυחחу аחԁ іt ɡοt mе laughing! Tһеrе wаѕ ѕοmе commentary tһаt I sounded “retarded” іח tһіѕ video. Maybe I һаνе Aspergers Syndrome? www.mahalo.com

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25 Responses to “Duen’s First Experience with Switchblade Knives Switchblades”
  1. Lev8300 says:

    duen your a fucking moron…people like you shouldent have knives…let alone guns…people like you should have to go through a long process to just acquire a spoon let alone other silver ware…

  2. Michael030979 says:

    I could go hog wiled in a knife shop like his! Swords…switchblades…butterfly knives ect!!

  3. calverz says:

    There aren’t two springs in a double action OTF switch blade. There is one spring and two sears. Pressing the switch preloads the spring amd then releases the sear holding the blade. The blade is then literally fired to the open position and held in place by the second sear. Closing is just the reverse operation. There is no physical link between the spring and the blade. Someone who sells $500 Microtechs should know this.

  4. aSkepticalTruth says:

    @duenyen there aren’t gonna be anymore fucking jerk off. LOL

  5. krisskonic12 says:

    duen ur mom

  6. duenyen says:

    @MsInox Thanks for letting me know! I live in Hawaii, so I was just visiting when I made this video.

  7. MsInox says:

    Store no longer in portland. Now in salem.

  8. enok45 says:

    Thats Sad. I wonder what those people would do if I layed my AK-47 in ther hands

  9. Soulrider2012 says:

    Where has this guy been that he’s never seen a switchblade before? Wow.

  10. Soulrider2012 says:

    @555krazy Please don’t try to correct people with incorrect information. Both knives were types of switchblades. Any knife where you push a button or other mechanism not attached to the blade to open it is a switchblade. Assisted opening knives differ in that the mechanism for opening them is activated by pushing on the blade itself. Therefore, knives using thumb studs or knives who use a mechanism activated by pushing the blade are not switchblades.

  11. GavsterBarnham says:

    Chris from family guy and Jar Jar Binx had sex

  12. zjett1923 says:

    @Pent5HT yeah he sure does

  13. FTWCM says:

    My first switchblade was a Microtech LUDT back in 2001.

  14. Koolkid736 says:

    @555krazy wow retard! switchblades are automatic knives. and both of those were auto! retard!!!!!

  15. thenextarcher says:

    @555krazy by the standard of us customs and border agency… (which most courts use their definition) a switch blade is a type of knife with a folding or sliding blade contained in the handle which is opened by a spring when a button or lever on the grip is pressed…. so by law they are switchblades… OTF blades and stilettos are considered switchblades by definition… while spring assisted knifes are not.

  16. 555krazy says:

    I like how neither one of the knives were switchblades lol. The first knife was an OTF(out the front) and the seccond was a stiletto. But most people mix these two knives with a switblade. yeah that guy obviously hadn’t handled a knife before.

  17. duenyen says:

    @Pent5HT Oooh! Maybe I can become a voice actor for the next Star Wars flick? LOL

  18. Pent5HT says:

    dude u sound like jar jar binks from star wars!

  19. Ale7674 says:

    Duenyen…my father’s military knife is faster…it’s just a while and here is the blade… like yours.

  20. ITFBlaze666 says:

    @longboardskater7 EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKIN! lol

  21. willjohngibbs says:

    stupid gooks dont play with knifes. go back to japan


    PANSY! lol I was using switchblades and butterfly knives when i was 9 years old and i wasn’t scared at ALLL

  23. Subhuman80 says:

    You sound like an idiot

  24. Nukedeuce says:

    wow thry are getting way to exited lol

  25. SwitchBladesgirls says:

    Switchblades are hot

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