At 19 mos, уου саח see tһаt Jade ԁοеѕ חοt respond tο mе calling һеr name, bυt fοr a second. Wе used tο tһіחk tһаt ѕһе wаѕ tired аƖƖ tһе time. Sorry аbουt tһе poor quality!

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25 Responses to “Early sign of autism- not responding to name”
  1. cinderella6251 says:

    Did your child have a formal hearing test? That would be the first step in determining whether your child is autistic or perhaps hearing impaired. Pay no attention to the other well-meaning advisors who have have posted misinformation regarding immunizations and chelation therapy. FIRST STEP: see your pediatrician and ask for a formal hearing evaluation. You Tube should NOT be your doctor!—Sincerely, a pediatric nurse practitioner who cares about children.

  2. promiseIsaih60 says:

    How is she now? Any updates? Have you tried Chelation Therapy?

  3. RUSSKAYAG says:

    Children under 2 years old are very sensitive to their mother’s/parents subconscious state. They pick up any stress, material desire, pride, fear and etc. from their mom. What are the consequences? Autism, depression, violence and etc later on. Change within, your inner impression of the world, accept self forgiveness, love and your children will get better. And stop vaccines before they are 2 years old. the immune system is still developing-let it take its natural course…!

  4. petchharrison says:

    @aware4autism looks like he is haveing a stare out inother words a shutdown i get those to if there is a lot of noise types i am an aspie.jeff

  5. papercandles says:

    @aware4autism: Which vaccines are live viruses?

  6. cowgirly21 says:

    Jade mom…. PLEASE email me. I would love to have another mom to talk to about young girls on the spectrum. She seems very much like my daughter was at her age.

  7. DontHaveUsername1997 says:

    im autistic. ps this vid was posted on my birthday :)

  8. PreciousWords88 says:

    watching the fan too is a sign, autistic persons like to watch things that spin.

  9. baqaqi says:

    My little dude doesn’t respond to his name either, and for a very long time he didn’t make eye contact either. I used to jokingly refer to him as my autistic baby. Ha ha only with a little worry in there. He’s 26 months old now and is much more interactive than he was before, very verbal and knows his name and uses it to refer to himself, but still doesn’t even turn his head when I call.

  10. aware4autism says:

    I don’t think AS is caused by vaccines at all. “Classic” “full syndrome” or “profound” autism can have a number of causes, including an aggressive immune response to vaccines, and viruses- which raise cytokine counts, causing inflammation.

    For Jade, it was the excessive immune response she had to the live virus vaccines, and the excessive immune response to everyday illnesses, resulting in neuroinflammation.

    That’s the belief of her doctors, and many others who have published on PUBMED.

  11. aware4autism says:

    AS is most definitely genetic! However, kids born with Asperger’s don’t just regress into severe autism without a cause.

    Many of the 200 immunodeficiencies are X linked, are contraindicated conditions to live virus vaccines, and have been genetically linked to autism.

  12. Tumbleweedgirl says:

    You may be predisposition to it, and when you get immunizations, they may trigger to autism.

  13. Falconhawk123 says:

    I don’t think it is cause by shots. Note: THIS IS MY BELIEVE, DO NOT RIDICULE PLEASE! I think it is genetic. I have Asp. Syn., my dad has it, and my grandma has it. Plus there are a couple kids, like mine, that had it obviously since birth. I have also seen parents through my work that were just like their asp. syn. kids. It also explains why it happens more in boys since they only need one X rather than 2. AGAIN! This is my beleif and is based off of true things.

  14. mike2223312 says:

    you still have it.

  15. TexasHippopotamus says:

    As a mom with 3 kids it can be terrifying to go to the doctors office to get your child vaccinated only to hope nothing will happen to them.There ARE kids that are vaccine injured, and the stories that I have heard from parents saying that their child was fine prior to the shots scares me to death. I do not walk this path ignorantly, after my son got his 4m shot he began arching his back which was something my doctor told me could happen.I know vaccines are here to help, but they’re not perfect.

  16. proceo12 says:

    i had aspergers syndrome and i didnt respond cause i didnt know what my name ment till about 2… its very odd how i remember these things O_O

  17. TeeLuvsEire says:

    My youngest boy is doing absolutely everything your little girl is. He is being assessed tommorow with “Spectrum” and from then on for a diagnosis. From the stacking blocks to not responding to his name..flapping of the hands…grinding the teeth…(he has stopped grinding his teeth tho)..I was shocked at the simularities. He gets upset when the blocks fall also…

  18. SimplePlanfan14 says:

    A glutten free diet may work for some autistics may not work for all. Some autistics have great results when removing glutten and starch from their diet, others dont benefit. The point im making is some things work better for some children and the same thing might not work as well with another child

  19. SimplePlanfan14 says:

    Listen I myself am autistic though I have Aspergers, not vaccinating you kids is not a very smart idea at all, I got vaccinated as a baby and didnt get autism. I had autism since birth, the vaccines didnt cause anything autistic related. Vaccines are here to help your children not harm them. So get your facts straight before preaching like you know everying about Autism

  20. Vibegem76 says:

    Remove all white sugar and starch from his diet. It will help his immune system fight internal/external attacks and aid internal removals of toxins.

  21. MARIONETAdmc says:

    hi, i’ve seen all jaden’s videos, and i have to say that yout girl is incredibly BEAUTIFUL!!!! she looks like a doll!! congratulations!!!
    by other way, iv’e noticed that in all (or in most of) your videos you were thinking a lot of reasons for the jade’s behavor, but never thougth in autism
    so, when or why do you start to think that something was “wrong” with your daugther?

  22. aware4autism says:

    I don’t blame you. You can always vaccinate at an older age, after the brain has developed, or if an outbreak emerges, however, you can never “unvaccinate”, nor completely reverse much of the neurological damage vaccines can do to certain children.

    Good to know your lil guy is doing good. :)

  23. sonia989 says:

    I just want to update to let you know my son seems ok. He still doesn’t answer much to his name but seems otherwise fine. No more shots for him, though!

  24. kathyseim35 says:

    Stop vaccinating.! Search, Baby paul autism on youtube.

  25. latinagrl2008 says:

    how is jade doing now is she doing better?????what r u working on now with her??

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