Here іѕ Jade stacking blocks аt 20 mos, 3 weeks before wе discover ѕһе іѕ autistic. Note tһе absence οf eye contact, аחԁ lack οf sharing һеr achievement wіtһ mе, although I аm very vocal, аחԁ seated rіɡһt next tο Jade. Tһеѕе аrе critical early signs οf autism. Jade never lined things up, аѕ ѕοmе children wіtһ autism ԁο, ѕһе enjoys stacking objects. Notice һοw Jade mυѕt continue tο build, even wһіƖе upset tһаt һеr tower falls. At tһе еחԁ, ѕһе plays a song οח a toy, tһе same song ѕһе wουƖԁ play each time ѕһе һаԁ successfully completed һеr tower. Each time, ѕһе wουƖԁ stand back, аחԁ ѕtаrе аt іt, wһіƖе tһе song played, (tһіѕ іѕ adherence tο specific, nonfunctional routines οr rituals, another early sign οf autism) bυt חοt once, ԁіԁ Jade еνеr “ѕһοw” mе һеr tower. At tһе time, I һаԁ tһουɡһt ѕһе simply inherited һеr daddy’s superior engineering skills (wһісһ ѕһе һаѕ). IחtеrеѕtіחɡƖу, іח many studies bу Simon Baron Cohen, researcher аt Cambridge University, іѕ wаѕ found tһаt both fathers аחԁ grand-fathers οf children wіtһ autism wеrе found more tһаח twice аѕ οftеח іח tһе field οf engineering, compared wіtһ fathers аחԁ grandfathers οf οtһеr children. Tһіѕ link between autism аחԁ engineering mау throw light חοt οחƖу οח autism itself, bυt ultimately οח tһе genetic basis οf two essential human abilities: folk psychology аחԁ folk physics.

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27 Responses to “Early Signs of autism- stacking blocks, no eye contact”
  1. CodexAlimentarius1 says:

    Its called mercury poisoning, if autism was all genetics then why didn’t it exist until 1930? These kids are victims. Damaged GI tracts cannot properly absorb vitamins of nutrients, zeolite repairs the gut. Don’t take your hate out on me, im ‘autistic’ too and went through hell to find this out.

  2. aware4autism says:

    @andreaswalle could you cite these studies? Because the studies I have found, implicate that children with autism have genetic immune dysfunction/ deficiency- a contraindicated condition for all live virus vaccines.

  3. andreaswalle says:

    recent studies states that vacinations most likely has nothning to do with autism! i work with autistic chilren and grownups daily! in norway we believe that its simply random who becomes autistic(sorry if i sound inappropriate,my vocabialory isnt so good!) thank you for sharing this video.i study special education and everything i can learn is very valuable! im sure there are a lot of educated resources in america that can help you figure out the best way to educate and take care of your child!

  4. NoodLes0077 says:

    That is crazy that a religious exemption can be made, but a simple request doesn’t cut it.

  5. aware4autism says:

    Who stated that Jade has any less rights than anyone else? What Jade can do is amazing. Her not being able to communicate her needs, her pains, the bruises she used to come home from school with, to me is equally devastating.- but in no way detracts from her incredible intelligence

    btw, you are very correct-all children should be able to lead productive lives, whether or not they ever use language.

  6. aware4autism says:

    Most states offer religious exemptions, which can be obtained through your county heath department. We aren’t “forced” to vaccinate, however, its unlikely that your pediatrician or the school will tell you how to get an exemption…

  7. aware4autism says:

    While our children’s cases are frightening, forgoing all vaccinations is too. I am pro-vaccination, just not in favor of the schedule in which they are given, nor the lack of information given to parents.

    Most importantly, I am pro-research. I failed Jade. Had I read the package inserts to certain vaccines, I would have known that she had a contraindicated condition.

    Jade now has a permanent medical exemption to vaccines.

    A religious exemption can be obtained at your county health department.

  8. NoodLes0077 says:

    That’s one thing that I think sucks about the public school system. The being forced to vaccinate not knowing how safe it is. There is so much I could write on this subject, but it would probably just turn into a rant.

    My cousin home schools, so I don’t think she has to follow so strictly the vaccination schedule. I need to ask her about that.

  9. msbuyi says:

    wow she’s playing her song to celebrate,i’m so touched

  10. 123JUJUBE says:

    I just don’t understand why the medical world will not consider the side effects of vaccs, SO far every video that I have watch I have ask the same qustion, every parent said so far that vacc was the cause or played a huge part. What r they doing to are kids… I am a mom of a six month old son and I know today I can protect him from the vacc, but I also know there will be a time when I will be force to give it to him I am scared to death…

  11. aware4autism says:

    @123JUJUBE yes, but only in relation to the severity of Jade’s symptoms. Had she not suffered a severe adverse reaction to live virus vaccines, I believe she would only have asperger’s. Jade has PID- primary immunodefiency, and should have never received live virus vaccines. It was this reaction that led to her diagnosis of PID. She now receives IVIG to treat her PID and has improved tremendously.

  12. 123JUJUBE says:

    ??do u think that childdhood vaccinations hadd something to do with it??

  13. aware4autism says:

    @HaloofCurls thank you. Sometimes, I am so very tempted to remove the videos, tiring of negative comments. Its only because of the many emails I have received from parents, telling me that Jade’s videos have helped them not seem so alone, and have helped their children get diagnosed early and receive critical early intervention.

    Jade has so many gifts, musically, artistically, etc. She is an extremely gifted child, and I am lucky to be her mom :o )

  14. justbeforeeternity says:

    She is so cute… but this is so heartbreaking.

  15. HaloofCurls says:

    Jade is a real cutie pie and I’m sure many people can appreciate you giving us this glimpse into her interesting behavior! She certainly does have a talent for architecture.

  16. HaloofCurls says:

    @LosetheStone16 – While I personally don’t believe all kids who are diagnosed with Aspergers have anything wrong with them, just like I don’t believe all kids with “ADHD” have anything wrong with them, Jade’s behavior is clearly atypical. “Childhood Autism” was introduced in 1943 wheras a diagnosis of Asperger’s was not introduced until the 1980′s.

    Also, AS is usually diagnosed in children 4-11, Jade’s a baby.

    I suggest you educate yourself on the topic before trying to talk smack about it.

  17. HaloofCurls says:

    @LosetheStone16 – Obviously you’ve never had children and have never worked with children or else you would know that most young children, when they start to cry in frustration over something like their tower falling down, will turn to the nearby parent for comfort. Also, most children, after completing such a daunting task, will turn and grin at the parent with a “Look what I did!” face. Jade did neither of those things.

    Also her mother said she was diagnosed with Autism, not Asperger’s.

  18. aware4autism says:

    @LosetheStone16- also ,you say autism like its a bad thing. What’s up with that?

  19. aware4autism says:

    Whew, I’m SO relieved that a stranger can undiagnose Jade after watching a few minutes of her life on youtube! What are your credentials? Will you attend the next IEP meeting with me? Maybe you can get Jade mainstreamed!

  20. LosetheStone16 says:

    Jade’s mother encourages persistence and teaches persistence to Jade in addition to persistence being apparently a natural quality or aptitude in this child. Grown adults are allowed to collect as many objects as they like and call that a hobby, and do things over and over again to break world records, but when a baby demonstrates persistence engaged in a constructive work/play activity, her rights are less? This child should be able to lead a productive life whether she ever uses language.

  21. LosetheStone16 says:

    Wow, at 2:45 also she makes eye contact. Three times eye contact:
    At 2:33 and at 2:45 and at 2:54.
    I’m not agreeing to an autism diagnosis.
    On what basis autism? The one final long look at the tower that doesn’t include her mother?

  22. LosetheStone16 says:

    Actually 2:33 and 2:54 are points of eye contact. Sorry the 3:33 was my mistake.

  23. LosetheStone16 says:

    The timing and method of mother’s intervention are PERFECT and the baby actually does appear to make eye contact with mother around 3:33 in appreciation for the mother’s intelligent and kind efforts that really do facilitate the child’s own work of building the tower. The mother acts as an assistant without interfering. It was fun to notice eye contact after being told to “note the absence of eye contact” and even in the end I wasn’t devastated child looked to call the accomplishment her own.

  24. LosetheStone16 says:

    The reward she chooses, to play music, seems as normal as the task of stacking blocks she chooses, also self-sufficient of her that she doesn’t need eye contact to derive gratification from either the task or reward. The Asperger’s I see in kids seems like above average intelligence with perfectly normal entitlement to introspection. I find it upsetting when clinicians grill Asperger’s kids and tease them to be more extroverted when kids are happy with strong independent egos as introverts.

  25. LosetheStone16 says:

    I’d like to see her do the pink tower.

  26. MJ says:

    my child does this stacking too – it can be of anything…even things which are not meant to be stacked…he is 2 years 2 months and speaks only single words. I am worried about him and have wondered if autism is a possibility but keep thinking he will be okay once he starts talking sentences…should i be overly worried? He does like to be cuddled and is very affectionate so did not think much about autism. He used to be scared of hair driers and hoovers…and does like the washing machine when thats on..he is scared of showers….he is my first child – is this autism or am i being over the top worried for nothing.

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