Tһіѕ іѕ a short film аbουt mу son wһο іѕ recovering frοm bowel disease аחԁ autism through respectful biomedical intervention.

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25 Responses to “Edwards Autism Journey, recovery asd”
  1. LOLLYGAGGER680 says:

    So happy for you. My son is 5. We are working towards recovery. Thank you for showing your story and giving so many hope.

  2. dracox87 says:

    Read Children With Starving Brains by Jaquelyn McCandless. It’s a fantastic book; it outlines the basic biomedical treatments available for ASD (it also has some GREAT resources). I’ve heard many doctors and therapists preach that behavioral therapy is the ONLY treatment for Autism, I disagree completely.

  3. MrTantan77 says:

    Hi thank you for the video, my daughter is autistic and I tried the No gluten diet but there was no improvement? what shall I do! we dont live in the US and I dont have enough resources here.

  4. duckkirsty says:

    Fab Lara, great video!! That song gets me every time. Have not been able to listen to it since Sam was young!!

  5. gahana108 says:

    Beautiful!! Listen to your heart, not others. And. Love is the Answer, Love is the way. Thanks and God Bless. Your son looks great!

  6. sinclair75 says:


  7. 1britishwoman says:

    Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful. :)

  8. agtvphotog says:

    I did a story last year about boy who had a Autism, there is a hope….I did a video response, please watch it there is hope…your son story brought tear to my eyes..don’t give up! there is hope

  9. EppcoFan51 says:


  10. applemarky says:

    thanks ,, the son is Fix You by coldplay

  11. jhaslam17 says:

    Beautiful story with a beautiful soundtrack, does anyone know what song it is?

  12. lolly2222aa says:

    Amazing. Good job. Courage, persistance and staying strong in the face of those that don’t get it. Wishing you well.

  13. bornlivelife1 says:

    Thanks so much for this

    Congratulations on what you have achieved

    We are using Jean now for our daughter and already improvements

    These interventions really work

  14. mrsmomma04 says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful journey. We are at the very beginning of our journey, but have already seen great results. take care!

  15. MarciTerry says:

    Last night I gave an educational presentation about dietary interventions for spectrum kids to 50 daycare teachers from 2 local preschools. The title of my presentation was “Autism in Preschool; Teachers on the Front Lines.” I emphasized the importance of understands the meaning behind “behavior,” hoping to enlist their assistance for kids on special diets. I ended the presentation with your video clip. Thank-you on behalf of Indiana’s children! Your son is helping our kids already. BlessU!

  16. applemarky says:

    thanks for stopping by

  17. applemarky says:

    We saw such dramatic changes in 3 days that we continued, accidental reintroduction of soya made him regress .
    its very important doing any sort of intervention that you record progress daily, and note specifics such as eye contact, aggression, toe walkiing, self harming and medical factors such as bowel movements and skin problems. add to this a food log so that you can see if diet works for your child.
    hope this helps

  18. jogobeef says:

    So thrilled for your son and your family. My child has no bowel problems, I have had him on the diet for a 3.5 weeks – everyone else’s child seems to have loose stool and upset tummy’s. Do you think there’s much point in continuing the diet? He has,however, slept through the night (previously unheard of) since the 1st day we instigated the diet?

  19. MarciTerry says:

    What a beautiful little boy! Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing your story.

    I am a Defeat Autism Now! provider in Indiana and am working to educate our community about the fact that Autism is Treatable. Your son’s story will be part of my arsenal from today forward.

    Thanks so much to you and all other parents who refuse to accept that there is nothing you can do. Our numbers are growing everyday and we WILL DEFEAT AUTISM – SOON!
    Marcella Piper-Terry
    Newburgh, Indiana

  20. thrillcats says:

    I’m crying too- great video.

    Our sons ARE similar on their roads to recovery.

    Good luck and thanks for posting.

  21. jeannecant says:

    Beautiful. Your son’s journey is my son’s journey as well. Thank you for posting this beautiful video! I’m going to put it up on my son’s site for all to see (charlieinwonderland.com).

  22. PhilCommander2 says:

    i suspect you are doing that more than you could imagine…

  23. AcceptanceNpeace says:

    Oh honey, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel…continue to shine through! You have it made, an AWESOME daddy,mommy & brother. I will pray for you!

  24. funkmonkeee says:

    the song is coldplay – fix you

    great video!

  25. helpingautism says:

    This is amazing..mades me cry.. I am the Director of a Bio Med clinic for autism in Pleasanton, CA and I can relate to your childs journey.. I am so happy to see your son’s progress.. I wish you and your family the best and I will say a prayer for you.

    P.S. can I know the name and artist of the song in which is playing in your video? I love it..Thank you again for sharing your childs journey..

    Ginger Sayre’
    Developmental Spectrums

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