Short film wһісһ looks аt tһе evidence fοr Albert Einstein being οח tһе autism spectrum. Tһіѕ possibility аƖѕο highlights tһе strong positives tһаt many people wіtһ autism саח һаνе. Tοο many films focus οח tһе negative aspects, bυt tһеrе аrе positives tοο fοr mοѕt!

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25 Responses to “Einstein: The Autism Connection”
  1. BluCosmos says:

    The last picture totally proves it.

  2. AussieAspie says:

    @jm2trash His language delay means, if he were alive today, he could not receive a diagnosis of Asperger’s, by its current criteria. If he fitted the other autistic criteria he could only be diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism. Personally, as an Asperger myself, I think it does no end of harm to our standing, and hope for understanding, within the community, to propose someone may have been autistic (the ADD/ADHD community makes similar claims) when we have absolutely no way of proving it.

  3. AussieAspie says:

    @Jenchens Not exactly true. When the new classification manual (DSM – V) comes out in 2012/3 there has been discussion that Asperger’s MAY be labelled as Mild Autism. But since recent research suggests Asperger’s may actually be a stand-alone condition, similar to but separate from Autism, this is unlikely to happen. Until more definitive research is done to better understand the Asperger’s/Autism connection the name is likely to stay as is.

  4. 10menonachest says:

    i have problems talking to others too. it’s just red tape. fuck these accusations. that’s like saying a guy with a broken leg has polio.

  5. Jenchens says:

    Scientists are dropping the aspergers label for autism according to an article in the NYTimes a few months ago.

  6. nicocoer says:

    I had not realized he had a speech delay to age 4!

    (to those going “more Aspergers“, the speech delay is significant enough that he would get an HFA rather than Aspergers Dx)

  7. zavatone says:

    Might it be Aspberger’s instead?

  8. zavatone says:

    Might it be Aspberger’s instead?

  9. florencelovme says:

    @davetoporek Thats right – But dont go too far…in the 80s if you behaved differently they would just call you an eccentric and noone would be bothered by you. These days, if you are different they label you as wierdo, psycho and a public threat. How times have changed. This modern pill society makes aspies want to go and hide away from any social environment.

  10. davetoporek says:

    If jesus were around today they would lock him up for shizophrenia

  11. fleurdesneiges99 says:

    Obviously people who talks stupid about this don’t have autistic kids. Whatever…

  12. BobbyMercy1 says:

    desantriciscism beyond my bias cerelbeliamosisism of lisergionasic loebanohan desimentreiobolesc noeldesmoas

  13. DSD1v57BG32 says:

    He was absent minded.

  14. tatteredreverie says:

    OH WAIT, GUYS, HE ALSO HAD A LEARNING DISABILITY AND EPILEPSY. AND HE WAS PROBABLY SCHIZOPHRENIC BECAUSE HIS SON WAS TOO. Why are people so intent on labeling the guy? He was probably one of the most intelligent people to ever walk the face of the Earth, it only makes sense that others would perceive him as a little eccentric, jeez.

  15. tatteredreverie says:

    According to researchers Einstein had ADHD, Dyslexia AND ASD. Riiiiiight. I don’t think Einstein “fits” as he seemed to have a better understanding of humanity than the average person, whereas those with ASD have difficulty recognising others as intentional agents and appear to lack Theory of Mind. NO ONE can know for sure, but it seems there’s a trend for prominent figures in history to be dx’d after death with x, y or z. You can be BOTH intelligent AND socially inept WITHOUT having a disorder.

  16. ASDspecialist says:

    Very nicely done. I often tell my young autistic clients about the Einstein connection to help them see their strengths. Now I can share this nice video with them to help make the point.

  17. Wintblash says:

    google Doe’s Account, its mindblowing.

  18. poweressen says:

    Autism or not these kind of people need to know the truth then reading, learning, talking about science, philosophy and humour is the greatest way to keep the feets on the ground and grow up using that way of thinking also provide a positive “shield” againts jaleousy and kind of emotion like that. This is just my opinion, sry for the synthax.

  19. zadeh79 says:

    The underlying assumption to many arguments, is that there are not alternative (perhaps largely biological) causes to intellectual giftedness. It is becoming more and more apparent that it is necessary to seperate the concept of fluid intelligence from crystallized intelligence. In general, IQ and fluid intelligence are vaguely related, and there could be individuals whom may lack IQ, have extremely high levels of fluid intelligence.

  20. GetSmart008 says:

    The traits of Asp:
    1) smart
    2) focused thinkers
    3) sensitive to bright lights,aka not blind
    4) they speak out and question
    5) they are not grinning subserviant idiots
    So why did the Nazis(National SOCIALISTS of Germany) want to identify these traits as a SOCIAL disease?Could it be the nail that sticks out gets HAMMERED down?
    Would WinChurchill be asp? Would Neville Chamberlain?
    Hans Asperger claimed that genius needs a touch of autism.The DSM man might remove Asp – about time!!!!!!!!

  21. GetSmart008 says:

    Could you imagine what would have become of Einstein if he was assigned to the special ed teacher???? E = duh???? Does anyone who thinks that the Vygotsky teaching methods of social constructivism is a disaster have a social disease known as Asp???
    Lets not forget that Vygotsky was a member of the Red Oct revolution and taught what it meant to be a good citizen in Soviet society, and claimed that the only science in psychology is that which adheres to the ideologies of Carl Marx..

  22. TheJomogogo says:

    @Waranoa I was responding to some asshole’s claim that he was sociable and therefore didn’t fit in the category of asperger’s which is true. I never said anything about autism, but if I had, aperger’s is indeed considered a high functioning form of autism.

  23. Waranoa says:

    @TheJomogogo Asperger is not autism.

  24. TheJomogogo says:

    @Waranoa Indeed, being sociable absolutely disqualifies the notion that Einstein suffered from Aspergers, etc.

  25. GetSmart008 says:

    A cigar is a cigar or not? x is in a set or x is not in a set is always true. Hows that for set theory. Freud was an arse with his thumb in his arse and bet on all the horses at the race track & claimed that he always won but never showed his losing tickets.
    As for ethno-cultural phychobable, I call it racism. Maybe you would like to discuss Vygotsky and his pig dung-cow dung experiment and his conclusions from which he determined that ethnicity/race/culture predetermine learning?

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