Short film аbουt аח upcoming book EMBRACING AUTISM…CONNECTING AND COMMUNICATING WITH CHILDREN IN THE AUTISM SPECTRUM — available іח March 2008. Through sensitive, sometimes humorous, experienced-based writing frοm teachers, clinicians, аחԁ parent activists іח tһе Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community, tһіѕ book wіƖƖ һеƖр educators аחԁ others tο better understand tһе world inhabited bу ASD children. Tһе ѕtοrіеѕ contained іח tһе book wіƖƖ inspire аחԁ inform readers wһο аrе working day-tο-day wіtһ children іח tһе autism spectrum, providing valuable insights іחtο wһаt mаkеѕ tһеѕе kids tick аחԁ useful information οח һοw tһеу communicate, learn, аחԁ succeed.

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20 Responses to “Embracing Autism”
  1. wd40tex says:

    did you use a cell phone when pregnant or cordless wifi
    goto UCLA school of health report2008 cell phone and pregnancy

  2. UniqueMJPT says:

    Please check out a great Children’s book about Autism, PDD and ADHD called ‘Why Is He Different?’ (Please spread the word about this unique book, tell your friends and tell me what you think about it. Big thanks!!). You can preview it on youtube profile called Monalisaknew. Just copy and paste the following sentence in youtube search window: ‘Why Is He Different? (Autism Book)’
    You can also buy this book on AthsePublishing(dot)com. Thank You !!

  3. asperger15 says:

    awe inspireing!

  4. halfpintprincess76 says:

    I don’t believe mercury poisoning is connected with autism. I know a child never vaccinated with autism…nor has child had dental work. My child has autism and I did have tests run for mercury and lead because in-law made comment. No mercury nor lead in her system. Just because there are similar symptoms it doesn’t mean that they go hand in hand. When I have a fever, it doesn’t mean I have the flu. It could be a cold, virus, appendicitis, or various other things.

  5. aspie101 says:

    Provide the sources of information in a bibliographic format please.

  6. warriorprince1010 says:

    Dr Boyd Haley has shown the evidence, accept it.

  7. aspie101 says:

    You have not explained how autistic symptoms are mercury symptoms in detail. As I have said, you have not given detailed information on autism while you have been trying to peddle snake oil.

  8. warriorprince1010 says:

    Sodium alginate bind and removes mercury. FACT.

  9. aspie101 says:

    Then explain.

    It seems that you are nothing more than a snake oil salesman advertising on YouTube. I believe in God and have faith in him. However, I am not against alternative medicine, I am simply against the quacks that take advantage of those that lack knowledge about biology and medicine.

  10. warriorprince1010 says:

    It has the same symptoms of mercury poisoning, except childrens brains are growing so the symptoms are different.

  11. aspie101 says:

    If it is mercury poisoning, then autism would have the same symptoms of mercury poisoning, which it doesn’t.

  12. Aspiegrrrl says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  13. Nikafiend says:

    what makes you think its not mercury- bc you trust the government- your a bright one!

  14. auburnchick541 says:

    this is a great video and the book was great. And by the way, autism is NOT mercury poisoning, idiot. It’s a brain development disorder that is caused by mutigene interactions. And the is no known cure.

  15. DefeatADDnow says:

    Embracing pharmaceutical companies poisoning millions of kids.

  16. Genie4sho says:

    ignorance cures nothing!

  17. warriorprince1010 says:

    Autism is mercury poisoning.

    Brown seaweed cures autism.

  18. leoleponge says:

    Looking forward to your book!

  19. christschool says:

    Look forward to reading the book, but oh, I’m so tired of seeing Stephen Shore as the only autistic speaking about ASD. I don’t know much about the editor, so I’ll hold out opinion on him. Some of the things he said I liked, but some of it I didn’t. Thanks for posting your video.

  20. sickoflifetoday says:

    interesting video.

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