Ethan’s Recovery frοm Autism

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25 Responses to “Ethan’s Recovery from Autism”
  1. TheEloquentAndrew says:

    So was it for sure autism to begin with or something different? Very interesting video.

  2. TheRajashree says:

    hi can ylou tell me about the deit thing and how it really works ,i have a autistic child who speaks very little ,hyperactive, and also doesnt respond much to us..

  3. keed48 says:

    Is it just me or do these autistic kids seem to be much better looking than children as a whole?

  4. warriorprince1010 says:

    Buy a juicer.

    Virtually ALL diseases are curable by juicing your own foods and grinding seeds.

    Put your faith in God and natural medicine.


    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is now available at a private clinic in Mississauga, Ontario which is a private clinic just west of Toronto at Under Pressure Inc. The Hyperbaric Healing Centre. They happily treat two autistic children at the same time so families can save on treatment costs. 905-274-2032

  6. dugmaze says:

    God bless Ethan and you guys for doing such a great job.

    True Parent Warriors!

  7. debisamomof3 says:

    What a great recovery video, it gives parents like me hope that my son will recover, we’re in the beginning of our biomedical journey and we hope that David has as good of an outcome as Ethan did. One question that I had was did Ethan always have speech or did that come later with the treatments? I’m asking because David has no speech and I’m waiting so desperately for him to say any word. Thanks for this video like I said it gives me a lot of hope!

  8. silversnowy1994 says:

    Wow is this real? It’s pretty awesome

  9. riverjoy1 says:

    so moving, thank you!

  10. chardnj says:

    God bless Daddy and Ethans…thank you for sharing.

  11. starsweet4 says:

    did you try GF/CF diet?

  12. MienkeDeWilde says:

    Incredible! I don’t really believe in ‘recovering’ from autism, but in learning to deal with it by changing your habits. But seems like you have done a wonderfull job at that! What a lovely child (with or without his autism-problems! I hope Ethan enjoys his ‘new life’ as much as his parents do!

  13. rosey31997 says:

    Wow! I read Jenny McCarthy’s book Mother Warriors and this is Stan the Man. Anyone with Autistic children should read that book he goes into more detail of his story. The struggles with his son Ethan and things you can to to heal your kids. Very touching book! Love this video it gives hope :0)

  14. diztar says:

    Great movie! And congratulations! You sound like a wonderful father.

  15. Nehemius says:

    This is remarkable. This is a breath of fresh air to see such wonderful results.

  16. aspie101 says:

    Well many autistics say their first words at around the same age as he said his. The
    gluten-free diet that she prescribes works for those with wheat allergy or coeliac disease. Besides the best way to “recover” is simply social interaction and teaching your child what’s right or wrong.

  17. Mom2FourPrinting says:

    My son has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I designed Awareness Cards to hand out to others whether in public or to classmates. They have been invaluable!

    Our son’s Speech and Language Therapy is no longer covered under our Medical Insurance so the money that I make from my sales goes to paying for his Therapy.

    Search Mom 2 Four Printing and Gifts.

    Best wishes to all the families that love someone with Autism!!

  18. izuniaa88 says:

    Wow… I’m speachless. Congratulations! That’s really rare to recover from disease like that but you truly did. I’m so happy for you! Greets to Ethan, he’s really handsome and cute little boy.

  19. julierocket says:

    Okay, I started crying at the dancing part. What an adorable little boy you have.

  20. purplemutantas says:

    There is also the opposite idea that people diagnosed with Asperger’s have no difficulties with verbal speech. Which is a load of BS. I was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s, but I have some difficulties with verbal speech. Most of the time my speech works fine, but sometimes it doesn’t. Also, the ability to produce ineligible sentences does not mean you can effectively communicate what you want to communicate. It’s called the autism spectrum for a reason. Things aren’t black and white.

  21. markkremser says:

    Thanks for posting. You son’s story gives me hope for my son Connor. He turns 4 this May and is low functioning, non-verbal ASD. Tried the GF/CF diet for 6 months w/o improvement. We’re now on a waiting list to see a DAN doctor. Hope to share your success and joy.

  22. batdo008 says:


  23. mari777here says:

    AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME…I love this story. I can’t wait for hubby to get home so that I can show him. Our son has Asperger’s Syndrome and is high functioning but often falls into his autistic symptoms and I as any other parent want to give him the best chance at recovery. God bless you and sweet Ethan.

  24. shorea69 says:

    congratualations on his recovery he’s cute!!

  25. KeriCarter says:

    So happy for Ethan and your family.

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