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25 Responses to “Every Sonichu is Different – The Kid’s Book”
  1. Duosss says:

    semen mixed with orange fanta

  2. CrimeComunismFagotry says:

    You know the worst part? You’ve reduced the chronicle of Chris-Chan’s fail at life & art to the level of a book for Young children and he Still Wont Get It >.>

  3. SuperEmoBros says:

    Some Sonichus are Hyper and have only 1 video.

  4. galaxyguy159 says:

    Strong Bad: THAT WAS AMAZING!! I mean you like…and…I’m buying you a Pizza!

  5. Setates says:

    I Lol’d HyperSonichu….you are FTW!
    I knew someone named Big steve….That made me lol loud


  6. AverageLurker says:

    The underage one cracked me up so bad!

  7. Dbkit says:

    lol Strong Bad voice

  8. YaoiHuntressEarth says:

    That was awesome.

  9. Jetblast01 says:

    @TubularMonkey One big gay rainbow at that~

  10. Famardy says:

    Holy shit that hilarious! XD

  11. thecardboardbox13 says:

    Some Sonichus are naive and fat

  12. TubularMonkey says:

    Every Sonichu is as unique and precious as each color in a big, beautiful rainbow.

  13. SuperPunk4life says:

    would love to have a download link to the book to read over and over again!

  14. tnpan says:

    I see what you did there. The Strong Bad children’s books.

    I had to go back and watch the Leonard Sportsinterviews children’s book videos again. I fucking nostalgia’d.

  15. Nishii55 says:

    Great job :D

  16. Ashkihyena says:

    Ah, that explains that then. Thanks for the info!

  17. LordDestin says:

    Lol, no. Strong Bad did a kid’s book just like this WAY before “Every Class Is Different”. This is an obvious nod at it.

  18. Ashkihyena says:

    Okay, just a note, you might want to reply to the actual comment next time then.

  19. BexRanner says:

    Who was talking to you? My comment wasn’t a reply to yours, maybe check the guy with the 6 thumbsdown before jumping to defend yourself, yaw?

    Also did you just sit around waiting for someone else to comment on this or something?

  20. Ashkihyena says:

    I wasn’t bitching, I was just pointing out that he sounds like Strong Bad.

  21. BexRanner says:

    He’s doing the Team Fortress 2 video “Every Class Is Different”. Not Strong Bad. Quit yer bitchin’.

  22. Ashkihyena says:

    Did Strong Bad read this, it sounds like Strong Bad is reading this.

  23. allhailkingarthur says:

    kind of ironic that you mock a blatant ripoff of sonic with a blatant ripoff of strong bad. Both are done poorly.

  24. WafflerProductions says:

    Lmao, nice work man!

    “P.S. Chris is still a homo.”

    You have earned yourself a subscriber!

  25. usiemcuserton says:


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