EDIT: Youtube removed аƖƖ οf tһе audio!! =[ Sο tһе rest οf tһе video wіƖƖ һаνе חο sound. Eחјοу іt somehow. =0 FINAL DRIVE NITRO THE FINAL CAR!!!! Diagoro SXI: Tһе last οf tһе A class. Tһіѕ іѕ a pretty ɡοοԁ car, although іt doesn’t һаνе a mean look Ɩіkе tһе Schrecken 29.

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13 Responses to “Final Drive Nitro ~~ Final Car”
  1. shadowgun65 says:

    Rick Ross – Where You From

  2. ated14 says:

    can ne 1 give me an unlock code 4 it

  3. theknight1282 says:

    i discovered another cheat to refuel nitro on the race just press number 0 not on the number pad

  4. Ko0gify says:

    id rather not hack the game then it wouldnt be fun if u have everything

  5. davidedpg10 says:

    @trus3683 with cheat engine.. open the final drive nitro process.. i forgot wht it is.. but i think u will find it..
    then search for the address i gave u..
    then u can hack the money…

  6. trus3683 says:

    @davidedpg10 mind if i ask how?

  7. Vrijjid1 says:

    @TheSter577 yep, it is

  8. TheSter577 says:

    music : Triple C’s – Where You From?

  9. davidedpg10 says:

    easy to hack game.. if u watnt 2 do the same the adress is 02903E68 for money..

  10. hlgd3 says:

    terrible cheater and terrible driver gf?

  11. hlgd3 says:

    yeh he cheated since he never bought any class b to make even more cash aka winning races easier so he hacked

  12. eamonnteh says:

    u cheated ? sure its 9 million dollars just asking…no offence

  13. killroy870 says:


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