FINDING THE WORDS – (Tһіѕ іѕ tһе Short Version οf recently released documentary)- A Documentary аbουt Children Recovering frοm Autism FINDING THE WORDS іѕ tһе ѕtοrу οf eight “perfect babies”, each given a grim diagnosis οf autism spectrum disorder (ASD) аѕ toddlers, whose grieving families fight prejudice, misinformation, аחԁ despair tο ɡеt tһеіr children well again. Filmed іח thirteen locations асrοѕѕ tһе United States, tһіѕ hour-long documentary іѕ аח ensemble piece, presenting home videos, photographs аחԁ medical reports οf each family’s long, emotional journey; аѕ well аѕ interviews wіtһ tһе families, tһе childrens’ doctors, аחԁ therapists. Commentary οח tһеѕе remarkable ѕtοrіеѕ іѕ provided bу a сουrаɡеουѕ group οf doctors working tο rewrite tһе future fοr ASD afflicted children bу accepting a surprisingly controversial premise: autistic children саח recover. Fοr more information οח tһе film, οr tο find out аbουt hosting screening events, οr wһеח FINDING THE WORDS wіƖƖ bе shown іח уουr area visit οr email

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25 Responses to “FINDING THE WORDS – Children Recovering from Autism”
  1. wendymona1 says:

    My severly autistic son is almost 16. He is non verbal. He showed signs of autism from birth..sleep disorder. I am not sure about this vaccine hype. If vaccines causes autism, then what about Beethoven, Mozart, Einstein, etc, who were not vaccinated, and are all autistic? Could it be genetics?

  2. Ghozteit says:

    You don’t cure autism because there’s nothing wrong with autistic people :)

  3. gamiezion says:

    you cant *actually* know because the diagnostics didnt exist back then, but when i look at behaveriol (wrong spelling i know) patterns and quirks, i can recognise them in myself and other autistics, thats how i make a good estimation at the least, einstein definetly was and so is ceasar though

  4. heavyboxes says:

    @gamiezion: How do you actually know any of the people you listed had autism?

    If Da Vinci “had” anything, it was probably a visual dyslexia. Just curious where you got your information on this.

  5. 3BPExtras says:

    My son was a patient of Dr. Bradstreet who told me his son is reading at a fourth grade level and is fourteen. I don’t consider that recovered!!!!!!!.

  6. MONIQUEIJ says:

    i totaly agree when the guy said the child must been mis diagnose when it gets better is what people always say

  7. NubianP6 says:

    Ryan’s story, could easily be our child’s story… MMR vaccine, followed by a bad reaction a week later (very high fever, thrush, rash, diarrhea) The ER physician acknowledged and documented that it was in fact a reaction to the MMR vaccine. Approximately one week after recovering from this reaction, the stimming began, and my husband and I were no longer dealing with the same child that we had taken into the ER just one week prior. Thousands of parents can’t ALL be wrong about this!

  8. gamiezion says:

    how important is einsteins work?
    he was autistic too
    so was beethoven
    so too da vinci
    and julius ceasar too

    but then, what have they accomplished?
    nothing much really

  9. gamiezion says:

    it takes an idiot to not understand how vaccins work
    the illness within the vaccin is reall deall (only in a deactivated state) enclosed within a vector (harmless carrier)
    and that, besides perhaps the bare necesities to keep the vaccin workable, is what gets injected, so im not sure where you got the idea that vaccins are dangerous, but its wrong ;)

  10. FTWMovie says:

    Correct, Dr. Bradstreet did complete study in OB/GYN at his residency; please see his Post Grad work where his studies included: training in Hyperbaric Medicine, Toxicology, ENT, Neurology, Ophthalmology and Cardiology

  11. MyAutismRecovery says:

    I have to agree. I was diagnosed with autism after a vaccine. Nowadays, thanks to Dr. Singh @ Utah State University, we have an immune test, which I highly recommend to those out there who are deciding whether or not to vaccinate their child.

  12. gbail9566 says:

    This is our experience with our son!

  13. golcynski says:

    Dude, apparently you can sleep more than 4 hours at night, don’t have seisures, are able to function able to do things for yourself.

    Watching movies with kids about Autism is different than Having SEVERE form of autism.

  14. golcynski says:

    I agree there is no one size fits all.

    That is why I am so mad at BIG PHARMA.
    With their


    The very first thing doctors told out when our son was born is that everyone is different everyone reacts differently to everything. Boom bammm then guess what.

    There is only one vaccine regimen for all children, all children are safe with vaccines. It takes an idiot not to understand that vaccines could cause damage.

  15. obamawalker says:

    Whatever special abilities/qualities special children have, they would still want to be “normal.” Who cares if the “positive” attibutes of autism dissapear. If someone lost their legs and had to use an expensive wheelchare that can’t access all locations, you wouldn’t be saying, well at least they don’t have to walk. Same thing with Autism. How important is it to be able to repair an alarm clock at the age of 6 if you can’t go to school?

  16. AgentRoRo99 says:

    stop being negative, and keep trying.

  17. AgentRoRo99 says:

    Some good points there, tusialofa. I also, believe the drug companies and vaccine companies and corporations have some fault on this. THey knew what they put into some vaccines, thermosal, the bad version of mercury.

    At least the vaccine corporation doesn’t care, and the CDC since they obviously aren’t doing they’re job and are buying into the crap the VACCINE CORPS. tell them.

  18. AgentRoRo99 says:

    It’s not saying that vaccines caused Autism in individuals, but that it may have contributed to it. THAT is the point. It’s part of the cause. You have to understand the problem before you figure out the solution.

  19. AgentRoRo99 says:

    common, I don’t see how trying to help someone is going to eliminate thier possitive attributes. They are INDIVIDUALS that NEED our help.

  20. TheAgnosticAspie says:

    I agree, the destructive negative affects of Autism need to be cured, but I fear that as a result of this theres also the possibility that all the positive attributes associated with it would be eliminated as well.

  21. ahinski says:

    Autistic symptoms can be cured. This is not arguable -it’s a FACT. Countless children have been given diagnoses of ASD and then later evaluated by specialists and doctor’s and test to show no abnormal symptoms. Some people react better to treatment than others, just like cancer patients and other illnesses- not everyone can be cured but some can. Why dispute that? It’s happening and it’s wonderful that it is! This should be celebrated! Read “Let Me Hear Your Voice” by Catherine Maurice

  22. ahinski says:

    Clearly you are not so inhibited by autism that you can still function in society and enjoy life. I work with children with autism are constantly in turmoil due to sensory issues, self-injurious behavior, and lack of communication skills. I have children with large, gaping wounds from biting themselves, and I’ve had one student pass away from banging his head. If these children could have been recovered both they and their parents would have lived better lives for it.

  23. ahinski says:

    However, recovery is possible in some cases. The most success is through a multi-modal approach, since it is so difficult to find the 1 treatment that will work, parents should try whatever is available as soon as possible. Behavior intervention and constant interraction are key, but vitamin supplements and dietary changes can support the process even greater. The truth is some kids will never be recovered either because their condition is so severe or proper treatment hasn’t been discovered.

  24. ahinski says:

    I believe that the word “autism” is not a name for one specific syndrome- but for specific SYMPTOMS that are cause by different things in each case. To say it’s caused by vaccines is simply ignorant, most kids who get vaccines do not develop autism, and plenty of kids who do NOT get vaccines still develop autism. Vaccines may be rejected by the neurological make up of some children, but that is no one’s fault. Vaccines are necessary for disease prevention and do more good than harm

  25. tusialofa says:

    It sad that we are living in a society that are not aware that the drug company has the ability to brainwash people to believe there is no cure for autism or any other disease. Who make the vaccine? Drug company. People who run the drug company most likely run the media. So I don’t expect the media to make a big deal about vaccine except to scare people to take vaccine in the name of good health.

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