Please Ɩеt mе know іf уου want mе tο cover anything іח more detail. Aחԁ, аѕ always, send mе qυеѕtіοחѕ! :)

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14 Responses to “First Round of Basics on Aspergers”
  1. WhiteOwls241dolla says:

    i like you and your videos. i feel i can relate you. ialso get many reactions to thye way i do things because i do certain things my own way, but i did things differently cuz i felt that it was a better way of doing whatever it is im doing. im not sure if i have this aspies disorder thing cuz i have been diagnosed with many things, bipolar, add, skitzo. sooo yea i dunno i know im not a skizo, cuz im always real chill and i dont see or hear voices lol but maybe you could help me out. : )

  2. erivera63 says:

    I notice that most adults who believe they have it diagnose themselves rather than sit with a doctor. Is it because it can cost 1000 to 2500 dollars to diagnose.Seems to me that doctors are creating a problem so they can sell therapy/pills to fix it, much like they did in the 50′s when they claimed women had a “g” spot..60 years later, they discovered that it never existed, or in the 80′s when doctors said that smoking no more than 1 cigarette an hour will do you no harm.

  3. mbncd says:

    I don’t really understand where the concept of judging someone as having or not having Asperger’s comes from. The degree of certain symptoms appear in each individual vary greatly and things like eye contact are trainable, either through social training with others or just trying to make themselves seem “normal” until these things become automatic. Symptoms are generally hidden or come out in real time social situations too so it seems very wrong to declare another individual as not having it.

  4. iindiar says:

    Great video. You speak very well.

  5. ducky102 says:

    Thank you for these vids, they are very helpful.

    Oh, and you look very cute when you smile.

  6. atthetopofmyvoice says:

    Cool vid. Thanks.

    Found the brain remapping info particularly helpful and interesting. Helped me understand much better.

  7. subdrum47 says:

    I liked watching this vid with this music playing in background – watch?v=lKtXTZSPBxs (Johan Skugge – Eko)

  8. GloryHolesRule says:

    no wonder i always got my ass kicked at those slapping games :P

  9. AnonGemini says:

    Make that cover, compensate and even excel.

  10. AnonGemini says:

    Most of the time I don’t like eye contact, but, sometimes I can freak people out by staring straight through them when looking at their eyes, which is a parallel issue that aspies have.

    I have to regulate how long I look at people’s eyes. Not too little, not too long.

    Another thing, my reaction time is astounding when I’m in the right mode. I blank out and take everything in – like going into your own world. Don’t tell your body what to do, just let it get on with it. Disengage.

  11. AnonGemini says:

    As I understand it (I may be wrong) Aspies and Autistics are pretty much the same. What makes them different is that we Aspies have a high IQ and can use that IQ to cover and compensate for our disability, whereas Autistics cannot.

    Obviously, there are going to be all sorts of other bits, such as negative severity, but that’s how I always saw it.

  12. Kainlarsen says:

    Hey there.:) As an Aspergian, I was very interested to hear what you have to say. Your story about your childhood reminded me of many times in mine. My mum said that when I was very small, I would play near the other kids, but always by myself. I had trouble interpreting some people’s words or actions. I took things very seriously, and for a time when I was between 10 and 13, I just didn’t know how to talk to anyone at all.
    I do the same as you when I talk to people, even those I know well.

  13. 59Mette says:

    Interesting. I’m looking forward to the next.

  14. CousinoMacul says:


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