A חеw study links symptoms οf ADHD tο food coloring аחԁ tһе preservative sodium benzoate.

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25 Responses to “Food Additives and ADHD – New Study”
  1. yuri35434 says:

    Have to tried chelating treatment for your son? They can help removed mercury and lead from the body, not the prescription chelating agents as they are dangerous but ALA and modified citrus pectin are good. Also try the supplement piracetam.

  2. endgiver says:

    This was an excellent video, great breakdown of the study! I’m currently writing a critical essay on ADD diagnosis, and incorporating physiological factors, this was very good.

  3. kitkatreema says:

    corn syrup is… but there’s a difference between corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup which is not good for u… look it up on wikipedia…

  4. 3642130 says:

    that was the gov’t's latest attempt to ban organic gardening. doesn’t matter anyway codex alimentarius WTO(world gov’t) reclassifies ALL nutrients as toxins on 12/31/09 so the world gov’t can ban anything @ anytime, especially healing foods that take $ from medical industry

  5. buasklove says:

    sorry what do you mean about ” agri-giants have hr875, organic will be dead and gardens will be illegal”?

  6. legionnaire100 says:

    corn syrup is basically sugar that comes from corn….
    the only reason its in a syrup form is because it contains water
    i would only avoid it if i where allergic to corn

  7. legionnaire100 says:


  8. rinaweb says:

    search youtube for msg – there are plenty of vids on that additive
    ive heard natrium glutamate affects kids behavior making them hyperactive
    my bottom line, after all ive read and seen – avoid all additives, as much as u can, they were never meant to appear in your body.
    learn to cook and enjoy the natural taste of products.

  9. tentcitygeorge says:

    I have tried to avoid corn syrup, but like additives, there is no escape from it. a shrink would rather pill you up than have you take preventive measures. now that the agri-giants have hr875, organics will be dead and gardens will be illegeal.

  10. MCdmac says:

    Its a Deliberate Dumbing Down of Society, its called the New World Order, Dumb People are easier to Lead then those thatare alert and Smart, HENCE the CORRUPT FDA< AND EPA..

  11. russhurley says:

    great, but why are you hiding in a cupboard?

  12. ooookokok says:

    Great video, Tony. I look forward to seeing more like this from you in the future.

    Wheat allergies are also suspect with ADD symptoms in children.

  13. freeyourmindusa says:

    one more thing look at my vid at the end of it i have something for you.

  14. freeyourmindusa says:

    if you go to walmart you will not find any good heathy food their but if you go to a health food store you can buy great food and for a one time fee you get every thing half price . i think its like $200 but it last a year or 2. thank you and good luck

  15. inforevolution says:

    When you read the label on a chocolate bar or chocolate syrup, the ingredient listed as ‘flavor’ NOT ‘natural flavor’, but ‘flavor’ or ‘artificial flavor’ actually suppresses thyroid function. Look it up on Wikipedia – the truth is out there – you just have to look for it.

  16. Kenzofeis says:

    It is possible to make your own candy and whatnot.. you don’t need to get it from a chemical plant..

  17. Kenzofeis says:

    In a few weeks, and even better in a few months, you will not miss it much..

    The basis of how food and drink can be “addictive” is thru brain chemical processes, the brain is easily spoiled and wants more, it’s like a person inside you that nags you thru some internal channel..

  18. samiraiken says:

    Exactly! Any corporate or commercial chemical which is added to boost “flavor” should really be a red flag. Whats wrong with the natural? It’s cheating to simulate the real thing, regardless of the drawbacks…

    Our meek growing children VS Corporate approved excitotoxins.. no contest

  19. happyrichie says:

    thanks alot for this vid,its very informative,i have recently cut ASPARTAME out of my diet and im going to cut out MSG.this is hard cause im like the super size me guy but my emotional and physical position is much more important than a quick GLUTAMATE or HYDROLYZED PROTEINfix.i sometimes feel emotionaly unstable and i didn’t know why, everyone seems to think its cannabis but i think its my diet and msg addiction(i also eat alot of calcium)and i am looking 4ward to being free of these additives

  20. elcoffee says:

    Hi Tony!!! it is a great video, and the thig that U are doing is unvaluable for some people like me that are studyng Special Ed. here in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. I let know some friends about Ur videos in this page.

  21. ZenOfTheStorm says:

    Great video. Please make more.

  22. messiahmimi says:

    If you have questions please email me. My son is on a colorant and preservative free diet and it makes a HUGE difference behaviorially. Like night and day or the difference between sleeping the night or not. Oh that and increased awareness and speech, no longer a safety risk or a bolter. I can get you info and real studies and even hook you up with a parent geoup in your area mimi

  23. KriyaArts says:

    Everything everything has corn syrup in it, and many many foods that we do not think of as “processed” have additives. So many times I read or hear that people “can’t afford” to buy organic food but I would rather consider that an investment in my children to give them what is healthy and if possible locally grown! It DOES matter! Thanks for posting!

  24. GingerAutie says:

    Was there a “controllgroup” with NTs?

  25. LoricaLady says:

    It was kind of you to take the time to share this info. Thanks.

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