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25 Responses to “Forced Vaccination Causes Autism to Little Girl”
  1. silkcat51 says:

    A stunning new report reveals that top scientists who convinced the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare H1N1 a global pandemic held close financial ties to the drug companies that profited from the sale of those vaccines. This report, published in the British Medical Journal, exposes the hidden ties that drove WHO to declare a pandemic, resulting in billions of dollars in profits for vaccine manufacturers:
    naturalnews . com / 028936_WHO_vaccines . h t m l

  2. thegstar15 says:

    @dollar4silver no, cause you’re an idiot and it needs to be revealed

  3. dollar4silver says:

    @thegstar15 That was 6 months ago motherfucker. Who are you? BigPharma? Why do you care what I think or say. Nervous much?

  4. thegstar15 says:

    @paul8kangas hahaha, you can name 9 studies that support a link that mmr causes autism. wow, you’re really off your rocker. You should do well to cite them then shouldn’t you?

  5. thegstar15 says:

    @catharine1967 do you have any evidence to support that the shots were responsible, or a biological mechanism to account for the alleged shot induced autism? Don’t fall into the post hoc fallacy

  6. thegstar15 says:

    @paul8kangas where’s your proof that it never happens?

  7. thegstar15 says:

    @dollar4silver why did you say no? because there’s no evidence that the mmr or thimerosal causes autism? Or you just believe what people who prey on the desperate tell you?

  8. slatchem2016 says:

    right, just like fluoride in the water is good for you. If the vaccines are so bad for you, and the other things that the “government” is doing to kill people, where are the fucking bodies? The NWO conspiracy people are idiots.

  9. rainnylovealien17 says:

    Don’t take the stupid vaccine. The company should go bust,

  10. dollar4silver says:

    BTW, my daughter’s Pediatrician tried to give her all the vaccines and I said NO. Period. Not going to happen. If they pushed, then they are fired. I hired them and I can fire them. You push me on vaccines and I’ll push back. She’s doing GREAT!

  11. dollar4silver says:

    That’s strange, they call it perservatives and ingridients and we call it Mercury and Thimerisal which are neurotoxinsl. Crazy.

  12. Black7Cloud says:

    Wow, this is quite fucking stupid.
    You’re either born with autism or not. Even though the condition might look similar, there’s no way you could get it trough taking medicine or vaccins.

  13. juliecsp says:

    Let’s stop vaccinating children under 2 and see how many less cases of autism there would be… I bet a lot!

  14. thelumberjackjohn says:

    lets just all eat lead

  15. burns725 says:

    Who funded those studies?

  16. paul8kangas says:

    Funny, kids who don’t get Vaccinated, never get Autism.

    As in never.

  17. paul8kangas says:

    Do not take the Vaccine.

  18. paul8kangas says:

    Name one such study, & I can name you 9 studies proving MMR causes Autism, for every one you can name.

    How much stock do you own in Big Pharma?

  19. paul8kangas says:

    There are over 2,000 studies directly linking the cause of AUTISM in children under 13 to MMR.

  20. MidnightDC696969 says:

    just another way to keep you held in fear

  21. trueMikull says:

    Twelve epidemiological studies have found no data that links the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) vaccine to autism; six studies have found no trace of an association between thimerosal (a preservative containing ethylmercury that has largely been removed from vaccines since 2001) and autism, and three other studies have found no indication that thimerosal causes even subtle neurological problems.

  22. trueMikull says:

    There is no credible evidence to indicate that any of this is true.

  23. twicon says:

    f*ck.. we live in a sci-fi propaganda movie.. f*ck the all seing eye

  24. soniatang403 says:

    this is so true, my baby is now 7 months and unvaccinated. When I got home from hospital, I was on my deathbed so sick, netherless, I continued to breast feed my baby who NEVER ever got sick, not once. She is healthy, alert, no allergies, no rashes, ecszema, nothing!!! Please do your research before vaccinating your babies.

  25. 2besavedcom says:

    Over many years we have all been lied to by our Governments, but not just our Governments but many religous leaders. Many things we have been taught are not even in Scripture and millions have swallowed so many lies by these false prophets. If you are a truth seeker please visit the web site which is displayed in our user name, and take the time to read some of the articles, you will be shocked.
    Blessings as you seek truth

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