BеаυtіfυƖ Behavioural Mutations іѕ one οf tһе songs іח tһе rock musical, Footsteps οf a Nobody bу Donna Williams ( www.myspace.com ) аחԁ performed wіtһ Tһе Aspinauts (уου саח see a clip frοm tһе ѕһοw here : www.youtube.com ) Tһе Frοm Autism tο Artism slideshow captures tһе transition οf autistic author, artist, singer-songwriter Donna Williams frοm infancy tο adulthood wіtһ a parallel journey tοƖԁ through һеr artworks. Further info аt: www.donnawilliams.net http

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25 Responses to “From Autism to Artism by Donna Williams”
  1. giarcreklaw says:

    @1210donna She’s 11. Thank you for the suggestion. She actually likes to cook too. I’ll look into that ASAP :-)

  2. 1210donna says:

    how old is she? you could make an autie friendly dinner club or autie friendly play club for her.

  3. giarcreklaw says:

    I’ve listened to this 5 times now and I’m still mesmerized by it. It’s a wonderful song Donna. I have a daughter who is on the spectrum and she loves music. I can’t wait to share it with her. She’s so sweet and it’s sad that she struggles so with not being accepted by others. I’m hoping to help her find her way by finding inspiration from others like you. Many Blessings to you, Craig

  4. KimIsMissing says:

    I dont know how DID you do that? :D Interesting, many gifts you have, Donna!

  5. 1210donna says:

    Hi Kim, how’s that, I was in your text book and still here being 3D at the same time :-)

  6. KimIsMissing says:

    I think people with autism have a gift. I do not see it as a disability, they just think differently
    Is this Donna? If it is, we studied you in psychology- you were in our text book~

  7. sophiesgem says:

    Hi Donna saw you in wrexham, north wales, you have left me with a greater understanding of Autism, thank you..

  8. TeamLibertyExpress says:

    I heard your interview with Peter Zosky on CBC radio a few months ago, really amazing.
    My sister studies autism, so I know a little about it, now I know alot more.

  9. 1210donna says:

    but do also remember to leave silent space which is where people get a chance to dare speak in their own space, allowing others to listen. When others spoke I’d go into all other, no self, so it was very hard to listen to others and experience my own thoughts… silent space is just as important so one can find self even if it means going offline re other. multitracking with self AND other takes years but is sometimes possible.

  10. irmgarddraht says:

    I love your art . It is so stunning.
    You are so talented. Your art is simply amazing!I have read your book and and it was very interesting . You are a huge encouragement to us who have children with autism. I now always treat him like he understands every word I say. And I am always talking,talking ,talking.

  11. bodom472 says:

    oh well it is wonderful. and i am currently reading your autobiography. thank you for writing it :)

  12. 1210donna says:

    there ar emany reasons people with various autismS don’t have functional speech. Some include speech aphasia, oral dyspraxia, selective mutism, semantic pragmatic language disorder and verbal agnosia. Certainly the more artistic one is, the more likely it may be one thinks in things like music and movement and touch more than words. any weaknes carries an inherent strength and vice versa. And the two could co-exist without over demonising or glorifying either.

  13. 1210donna says:

    hi bodom472. yes, the song is by me. warmly, Donna *)

  14. bodom472 says:

    is this a song by her?

  15. danadejavu says:

    Thank you for everything you are, for amazing oppinion see you way.

  16. Ulookingatmeuh says:

    IN MY opinion autism is not a disease its mispelled its really Artism i mean think about it its another way of communicating maybe A”u”RTISTIC people dont want to communicate in languages that r manipulated to mean wathever u want it to mean maybe thats why A”u”RTISIC people find other ways to communicate, have different views i mean isnt that what makes art art jesues its not a disease everything is a disease maybe if people would stop and think for a min and use both sides of ur brain

  17. 1210donna says:

    this song will be performed in The Aspinauts first musical, Footsteps Of A Nobody, at The Carlton Courthouse (run by La Mama Theatre). The musical is on for one night only, Mon 20th July 8pm-9pm.

  18. castaway says:

    Hello. I think your video is brilliant. Is this you singing? I really enjoyed this song.

  19. TexLonghorn72 says:

    My son was like that, he is 23 now, he enjoyed the phone answering maching, repeatedlylistening to the outgoing message and laughing, also voice activated tape recorders,
    Sesame street cassette, still doesn’t care 2 much for art, but in video games, even then the narrative calls to him more than the art, he likes the drma I interpret. . . good luck to ya

  20. falujaly says:

    Rainman gave autism a very bad unclear image!! I agree with you about Donna!! People like her give me hope and confidence that my son will have a happy autistic life

  21. divinalatina4u says:

    Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom.
    I choose to live my life like a flowing pond.
    Calmly overcoming every obstacle along the way,
    speaking the truth boldly, and never acting

  22. 1210donna says:

    I’m glad.
    in life we can choose to be a stagnant pond or a flowing one.
    in the stagnant one it will become overrun, everything in it struggling for scarce oxygen.
    in the flowing on, there is change, but the water is clear, there is oxygen, the pond supports life.

    When I’m not climbing mountains I remember that in life we have only the choice examples of those two ponds regardless of what we think we ‘want’.

    that’s why I always fight for the integrity of personhood and seeing the person beyond,

  23. divinalatina4u says:

    I love your spirit of…Come what may, I will survive! I will climb another mountain! The more I climb, the more I can enjoy my life… You have always been an inspiration to me. When my son was diagnosed with Autism I was told to watch the movie Rainman instead I turned to your books and found great comfort and it gave me hope. Thank you for being a fighter and teaching me to fight for my son.

  24. 1210donna says:

    Yes, its quite a journey for most readers and gives many a much needed sense of belonging, confirmation, empowerment.

    There’s four in the autiebiographical series. The next is Somebody Somewhere, then Like Colour To The Blind, then Everyday Heaven – all published by Jessica Kingsley Books and all totally different from each other.

  25. sarahlomax93 says:

    just finished “nobody nowhere”. 4 days spent reading it. in those 4 days i both laughed and cried. just finished it today. makes me realise i’m not alone. theres more autistic kids out there. xx

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