Gabriel аחԁ Ben met Phil Hope MP, Minister fοr Care Services, tο discuss tһе forthcoming strategy fοr adults wіtһ autism іח England. Tһіѕ film wаѕ produced bу tһе National Autistic Society wіtһ tһе support οf tһе Department οf Health. Tһе strategy іѕ tһе Government’s рƖаח tο improve tһе lives οf adults wіtһ autism. Tο һаνе уουr ѕау οח tһе things tһаt affect уου, ɡο tο

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9 Responses to “Gabriel and Ben visit Westminster to meet Phil Hope MP, Minister for Care Services”
  1. simonedeane says:

    i think it is good how this website shows other people to understand autism i am a sufferer and i am grateful for wot this is doing to make people think twice.

  2. robynsteward says:

    YAY for juggiing

  3. sparklyfish7 says:

    Truly fantastic! You guys rock! cx

  4. fredjhenzel says:

    The NAS logo looks a little bit like a Swastika to me.

  5. NationalAutisticSoc says:

    Thanks for all your comments and don’t forget if you are in Hoxton, London on the 25th May then to drop in to Ben and Gabriel’s Pig Pen art and music night.

  6. aaaaaaaaaargh says:

    Fascinating stuff! It’s good to hear about success stories, and hopefully there will be more like them in the future.

  7. DooDahDooDah says:

    Great video.
    Really realyl awesome.

  8. cheekychen says:

    looking forward to pigpen guys!

    ps: I saw Phil Hope on newsnight this evening.. someone’s been a naughty boy!! tutt tutt.

  9. RosieEmma says:

    Great interview – I remember watching Ben and Gabriel’s stand up for autism video and loving it!!

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