A group οf concerned people came together outside tһе American Embassy іח London, tο highlight tһе plight οf Gary mckinnon, having recently bееח confirmed аѕ having Aspergers Syndrome, a form οf Autism. mckinnon faces extradition tο tһе USA fοr alleged ԁаmаɡе tο various computer systems operated bу tһе US military. Tһе demonstration wаѕ organised bу tһе London Autistic Rights Movement, tο highlight tһаt Aspergers Syndrome іѕ considered a disability, аחԁ аѕ such חο extradition ѕһουƖԁ even bе considered. Tһіѕ іѕ a recut version οf аח earlier upload, now wіtһ better sound.

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25 Responses to “Gary mckinnon : An Aspergers Man – Rights and Support of Autistic People”
  1. MrAmericanAce says:

    so being passionate about something turns into OCD, then into a form of autism?

  2. samscontact says:

    Felony murder? You equate that to littering?

  3. makeupmarni says:

    just because someone has aspergers doesnt mean they cant be pretty or interlectual, this makes me so angry seeing people write ‘omg shes well pretty cant believe it’ why cant they be? my 15 year old brother has the syndrome and he is a gorgeous funny kind interesting and cleaver teenager, you people are so stupid minded!

  4. 000XxXMaisyXxX000 says:

    she seems really pretty and sociable i cant believe she has aspergers

  5. lordhighexecutioner says:

    Any country that has felony murder on the books (the U.S.) hasn’t evolved much beyond witch burnings as far as I’m concerned on the criminal justice front.

  6. MrNePiS says:

    I doubt it, he’s probably going straight to SuperMax.

  7. MrNePiS says:

    The truth of the matter is one paranoid bunch of crooks (US GOV) wants to ensure that the other bunch (UK GOV) doesnt lock him away for a few years and then afterwards leave him to sell his skills to other countries in order to infiltrate what other nefarious shenanigans the White house or Parliament are involved in — in our name. 70 years in a hard cell should solve that one!

  8. 000XxXMaisyXxX000 says:

    if he goes to jail he will get raped!

  9. ihartsome1 says:

    autism is simply a “label”. It’s like judging a person with glasses and braces supposively being a “geek” or “nerd”, or a smoker wearing black gothic clothing a “druggy”. I think these people were simply “raised” to be the way they are because everything around you (the environment) people, and things, tend to “influence” these people. people in the world of different ethnics, colors, race, and cultures can EASILY be compared to someone being “weird” to one another. It’s just how they are…

  10. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    “more control through fear sounds about right eh?”

    Sorry about the typo – yes, Osama!

    And yes, rhey needed an excuse to mobilise public opinion in support of attacking Iraq and Afghanistan, and also to introduce the draconian Homeland Security Act, which gives the psychopaths in charge total control over the US public , under the pretext of fighting “terrorism”.

    About 3000 innocent civilians died in 9/11, well over a million in Iraq. So who are the real terrorists?

  11. CircleofShit says:

    You mean Osama lol? Yeh, True, true.

    I dont understand what the government got out of it tho….more control through fear sounds about right eh?

  12. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    “Do you think they orchestrated 9/11?”

    Of course they did. I am not going to fall for a wild conspiracy theory about Arabs going on a kamikaze mission for this Obama.guy supposedly holed up in a cave in Afghanistan, when it was obviously a homebaked effort, with “Made in the USA’” stamped all over it.

  13. CircleofShit says:

    Lol yeh it is. Do you think they orchestrated 9/11?

  14. vaccineshurtbabies says:

    “their government really do think they can do what they like”

    The USA is run by a crime syndicate.

  15. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    Gary must be saved! for the sake of our British citizens and for the sake of our autistic children because it could be any one of us next.

  16. CircleofShit says:

    Definately. Excellent comment.

  17. CircleofShit says:

    It sounds like the Americans will just interorgate the shit out of him, use him to find out how he hacked them to their advantage and discard him. No offense to America, but their government really do think they can do what they like.

  18. millionapeaceparty says:

    The sound is better on this version of the interview.

    Good to highlight the Aspergers aspect.

    Free Gary

  19. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    we are not arguing not to prosecute. We are arguing that going to a trial where his Asperger’s diagnosis is totally ignored will affect the trial outcome that if Gary goes to jail he HAS TO BE protected from bullying and male rape – that’s what it’s about! Because it’s a fact: Autistic people get bullied MORE than the non-autistic. We are arguing that Gary is NOT a terrorist, he did not have malicious intent therefore sending him to jail for up to 70 years is a great miscarriage of justice.

  20. BumsenDK says:

    I absolutely agree that he should be cared for by someone who recognizes his position, but i dont not feel that having aspergers makes you immune to prosecution?

    or did i misunderstand the purpose?

  21. leoleponge says:

    Roza, I agree with you.

  22. leoleponge says:

    I totally agree with you liamjakesmum!

  23. NadezhdaRozagy1 says:

    I agree. He should be tried in UK and rehabilitated here, given appropriate support and allowed to put this horro behind him. He should also be supported back into employment to utilise his obvious skills and talents and contribute to society in a positive way.

  24. liamjakesmum says:

    I agree that he shouldnt be exradited over it but i think he should probably face trial in his own country. He is more likely to get the help he needs.

  25. liamjakesmum says:

    Thanks for sharing Roza, you speak very well.
    This is the first ive heard of this case and the sentence seems extreme to say the very least. Of course i believe that disabilities need to be taken into account but i also believe that anyone who is sane should be held responsible for their actions.

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