Tһеѕе mаkе ɡrеаt Halloween treats fοr уουr youngins…OחƖу I didn’t realize һοw much danger I wаѕ іח wһіƖе baking tһеm! Hарру Halloween everyone! ;)

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25 Responses to “GFCF Halloween Sugar Cookies”
  1. ladyJello1978 says:

    loved the video was funny and scary cookies looked yummy.

  2. srgmum2six says:

    very cute video. Thanks for posting it :)

  3. MAhMAS45 says:

    whats with the person in the back lol thats funny!!!

  4. az9656 says:


  5. coolwhip66 says:

    woo r u serious?

  6. davidaud777 says:

    gfcf lmao ….

  7. goddessbluebaby says:

    no she didnt………………

  8. gknovac says:

    this lady in the video was killed in a car acident from what i heard. how sad rip kimmy

  9. stepaniakim says:

    that is great ! thanks hoho

  10. sam726har says:

    Thanks for the video. I love watching them. Please keep up the good work because I am just now starting the diet for my son and your videos really help! Thanks again.

  11. katherine415 says:

    I don’t have that problem. The video was pretty cute

  12. carriemia12 says:

    great job

  13. lawsec says:

    Very nicely done. Thanks.

  14. christschool says:

    That Earth Balance Butter is actually pretty good and I’m a huge butter lover. Stevia is an excellent substitute for sugar. It’s actually better tasting to me and will not promote cavities and its natural. The sugar substitute industry was so scared of Stevia, they lobbied Congress to pass a law not allowing it to be used as a substitute in processes food.

  15. KimmyKrocker says:

    Gluten Free, Casein Free…it’s a special diet that can benefit children with autism…for an in dept explanation check out the channel philcommander2…he has a great video explaining the dynamics of it…thanks for watching!

  16. watermelon165 says:

    I’m sorry, but what does GFCF mean?

  17. madelinesophie says:

    Halloween yeah,who needs chocolates in wrappers?
    Good recipe Kimmy,will try it for afternoon tea sometime.
    Kiwi Mom.

  18. coopers3scc says:

    UGH!!! I don’t know why but some of your videos “freeze up” ever 2 seconds and this is one of them! I don’t know why?? The others worked fine! otherwise still a great entertaining video! Can’t wait to hear what your having!

  19. wiscsuzski says:

    mwahahahahaha spookilicious!

  20. KimmyKrocker says:


  21. texarkanaboyz says:

    The cookies were delicious, btw!! Thanks for having us over to test them out! Sorry about Kenny- first the peeper and now the reaper?! He needs to get a life… of his own!!!

  22. KimmyKrocker says:

    I love you too cousin Betty…when are we getting together for toast???

  23. KimmyKrocker says:

    thanks joolook! I love you too!

  24. KimmyKrocker says:

    thanks PC…personally, i’m glad his aim’s not so great ;)

  25. KimmyKrocker says:

    thank you donna…yes, kennykrocker is one creepy, uh, dude??

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