Women οח tһе spectrum ԁο exist! I аm a girl wіtһ Asperger’s Syndrome, аחԁ here I wіƖƖ share mу experiences.

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25 Responses to “Girl With Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. myshihtzudontstink says:

    i’m trying to meet people with asperger’s since my wife just told me she never got to be “21″ (she’s still only 23) and is off partying every weekend. I completely don’t mesh with her friends, I don’t drink at all, and I don’t have stories that start out with “i was soo messed up that day”. Right now everything in my life is soo out of whack I’m barely eating now. I don’t know how you can do this on camera, I would never be able to do it.


    @motleyprism ohhhh I just creamed… thats something to delete madam. Tell you what I actually have a reason unlike you for your close mindedness and that is that you can’t take a disagreement or anyone with a slightly different perspective. Thanks for you know.

  3. 3oclockfairy says:

    Hi! I have Asperger syndrome! I am good at History but I never liked fireworks! I have a group on Facebook called People against Fireworks! If you would like to you can join the group!

  4. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 sorry neemer my mistake was last night

  5. motleyprism says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 I haven’t deleted anything on here. If it had been deleted it would show a space that says “comment removed.” Also, if I were going to delete something it would be Christmasbastards, but you see that is still up. Don’t assume shit about me.

  6. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Motleyprism I did reply to your vid but I guess you just deleted my comment well done

  7. htothemtotheh says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 it doesnt make you paranoid at all are you crazy. maybe when you try to hide it from your parents or something. but all you need are eye drops for the red eyes hah.


    @motleyprism Tell you what if you give me a good reason as to why I am being narrow minded then I will actually consider what you for the better of me and yourself in this conversation and in future but otherwise I am going to have to be fairly ignorant. sorry


    @motleyprism How am I narrow minded when you don’t have any reason to say that? Yes we are all different. Why are you just assuming that I think otherwise? I am just saying that I am sick of people using it. Its a fact that I don’t like because its not healthy for the awareness that I am also for. To what degree do you measure narrow mindedness when everyone is as you say and as I say different? You know if I am angry about something that doesn’t mean that I should just do more research.

  10. motleyprism says:

    @CHRISTMASBASTARD You’re being narrow minded about these things. Remember, it’s a spectrum. We’re all different. I’m in a wonderful group for people on the spectrum, and we have good friendships! Not everyone treats it like a “style”, and I know it’s not “cute.” One of the purposes of creating this is for awareness, to give an understanding to those who have no clue. SPD and AS are results of two different neurological misfunctions. They may seem alike in some ways, but they are not the same.

  11. BernakinSkywalker says:

    Hello, I am an Aspie too. I guess you have very very different things to say about AS. So do I. I encourage you to continue making videos and explaining your feeling, because I know that sometimes it’s really difficult to overcome. Courage!
    Take care.

  12. myshihtzudontstink says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 that connection with her is important though. I only look 3 people in the world in the eye. her and my 2 kids. I told her if it doesn’t work out then I’m going to find a girl with asperger’s so won’t expect the impossible from me and won’t have confusing emotions or a face that says one thing and her mind thinking another.

  13. myshihtzudontstink says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 well i told her the way she is being maybe I might lose that connection with her and next thing i know she apologized and ran to me and gave me a hug. she is still working on her meds. before she was on them she always said she loved me, always gave me a good nite kiss, and was always the first person she called when she got home from work and the last person she calls when she goes to sleep. she doesnt check my text messages I don’t text anyone else besides our mutal friend.

  14. myshihtzudontstink says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 my wife is pretty understanding. she has some anxiety problems along with some other stuff so she was on meds that didn’t agree with her. she loves me to death and I know that but she was acting really funny to where I, suprisingly called her thaeropist and let her know the best i could what was going on. now she is off the meds and she is better but still on another med that makes her still kinda distant. for the past week she has been trying to decide if she wants me or not.


    @motleyprism This is my last message to you, please don’t think that I am attacking you yeah? But when I see someone with Aspergers syndrome or any form of Autism they are not there with you… they act like you wouldn’t be able to get on with them… they just have that persona which makes them what they are and few of them are lucky enough to get good at socialising… a lot of people who make these videos look like they could be your friend… the reality is off putting.. not being horrible.


    If you have it bad where you can’t drive or even go to college or get a job yeah? Do you think I wanna go around telling people about this cute disorder?


    @motleyprism Did I call you an attention whore? No. Did I say that people with aspergers are attention whores? No. Did I say that I was an expert (Versed in these disorders)? No. But I do know that SPD and Aspergers are not completely two different things because the traits are the same however with SPD there are learning difficulties. I have my doctors form. I am saying that there are real life people out there that do not take it seriously and think its a style. I am not attacking you, okay?

  18. motleyprism says:

    @CHRISTMASBASTARD If you are so versed in these disorders then you know that AS and SPD are two different things. You’re not the only one with these experiences, and just because some people aren’t as secretive as you doesn’t make them attention whores. I have them both, and no I’m not looking for attention. God blessed me with two X chromosomes so that I can get attention much more easily than making a dumb youtube video. I’m diagnosed by a specialist, not myself.

  19. Felidire says:

    @Aspergianstar2009 Yeah, I was just pointing out how all the women i’ve met who supposedly have ‘problems’ look a lot more attractive than the majority of standard girls who insult them. I’m single, do not date, and don’t really have any desire to date in the future; if I ever did I wouldn’t go for people based on looks… and I pay for myself, they can get a job and pay for their own god-damn sh!t. I’m not their father, lmao! =P


    Hello I have spd which is like aspergers with learning difficulties and i get sick of people attention whoring like ohh brilliant awareness and equality is pretty high these days! everyones crowded around this so I figured that I would just jump on the band wagon! Its not a fun cute new generation of aspergers and everyones got one! Its fucking syndrome that makes you feel like your running on a social tred mil getting no where with friends! I’ve been close to suicide with this dressed up shit!

  21. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @MrHowie1976 I am sorry I have been off with you mate and Shaz I just have gone into my shell of late. Its not been a good time for me. I just have not felt much like doing anything

  22. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @Felidire I am not sure I think bipolar women are extremely attractive. I have met some Aspie women that were stunning, but also had this attitude on them that just was not attractive. Anyway I have been out with what you might call average women and very beautiful women. I found that the beautiful ones always felt you had to pay for everything and should be grateful to have them. The average ones were a lot more kinder and happy to be in my company. At the end of the day its only wrapping

  23. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @gtaleone I agree inside and out. I have seen beautiful AS Girls but then the nasty ways come out!!! But this person is defiantly beautiful all the way through. Her boyfriend at the Aspie Group is very lucky. If only I had met someone like her in the past. Of course there are very little groups around here and most of them do not have Aspie Women anyway as its rare

  24. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @myshihtzudontstink same here I had to get rid of my ex cause she just did not understand why I could not mix with her friends and didn’t want to party all the time. She became very controlling though. To the point of wanting to know what was in my diary and checking all text messages

  25. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    @lethomia I have a diagnosis of Aspergers by 2 Doctors for different reasons. I can tell by the way she is acting that she defiantly has Aspergers. Most of what she has described reminds me a lot of myself. Especially the melt downs, eye contact and insomnia. Also sensory issues and the way she has been treated. I also do not act my age which is 40 and find myself getting on with much younger people

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