Tһіѕ video highlights research аחԁ perspectives frοm tһе book: Asperger’s аחԁ Girls, bу Tony Attwood, et al. www.nowarninglabels.com

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14 Responses to “Girls and Women with Asperger’s Syndrome”
  1. FTWinnable says:

    I write stories about a fantasy kingdom but to hell with the unicorns. I’m not that girly. And what’s up with the harp music?

  2. LovelyLoper says:

    Thank you for your work and dedication. It is comforting for me to find factual, caring, non-threatening videos such as yours.

  3. TanyaSoubiSan says:

    Very good video. It define me very well, but I don’t want that diagnos, for me it would be worse the thousend painfull deaths. It’s hard to explain why I don’t want it, but I just dont want the diagnos. But I do know that I probably have it (and adhd).

  4. selkiegal says:

    I really so like this video….It says a lot!!

  5. stupidkidsrdum says:

    How Peculiar that is the exact definiton of myself…well most of it anyway, i love english and imaginative things…GO THE ASPIES!!

  6. quirktionary says:

    This video is excellent. I’m an aspie chick, and this almost perfectly describes me. (I also love it that a quote from Temple Grandin is featured; she’s my hero!)

  7. DChatc says:

    Our women are the best in the world; devoted and dedicated and WORTHY of equality.

    Long live Aspergerettes! Long live Aspergia; the future of which resides in Aspie woman!

    (I am a gentlleman so I apologize if I am being intrussive commenting in the ladies quarters, I just want to ring in my support for the members of our community; Aspies4Aspies).

  8. DChatc says:

    iloveterriers: “Teacher told my mom I had “problems” with “Group activities”".

    ‘Twas my problem in school from the very beginning, and the problem has only gotten worse as the curriculum has become more concerned with emotional iq and cultural critique and less on actual skills. Curse the Trotskyists of the Frankfurt School! Curse the Bolsheviks who consistantly betrayed Aspie intellectuals following their revolutions for being above the herd and it’s demands!

  9. cocoabeanbrunetti says:

    I don’t agree with everything in this video.For one thing,I really don’t care much for fantasy/Saying that most girls on the spectrum like fantasy is a broad generalisation.

  10. weya says:

    I’m somewhat conflicted by what’s said in this presentation. I still think it is very good though, and I like this information to be put out there. BUT! I don’t like generalizations. :/
    Being an AS girl doesn’t make me obsessed with fantasy worlds, in fact I seem to fit what that novel described as an aspie boy. Additionally, I may seem passive, but that’s just how I -appear-. I’ve had my fair share of stalkers, but I certainly didn’t put up with them in any sort of -passive- way… 5* anyway.

  11. weya says:

    @iloveterriers Agreed. Completely the same until the second paragraph. I’m only 20, so perhaps I’ll find out about that later. lol

  12. MegaNitro69 says:

    I am a mum with a 17 year old as girl and that video was beautiful just like my girl. thanks for post it.

  13. aspend says:

    Thank you for posting this video. I find it ironic that so many of the videos with AS information have loud, ringing background noises or horrible static. They are not very AS friendly. This, however, was very soothing to watch and listen to, and it had some good basic information for people who might want to learn more.

  14. iloveterriers says:

    Hmm, odd. I never was social, but didn’t seem to care. I liked living in my own world, and I still do. Teacher told my mom I had “problems” with “group activities.” I do not know if I am really Asp. or not though.

    Was married in my mid-thirties though. Husband still doesn’t understand why I can’t be “smothered” too much.

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