Glenn Beck, wһіƖе guest hosting Larry King Live, talks wіtһ Michael Savage wһο іѕ reported tο һаνе called autism a “fraud” аחԁ a “racket.” Watch Glenn Beck οח Headline News еνеrу weeknight аt 7p, 9p аחԁ midnight. Listen tο Glenn Beck nationwide οח more tһаח 300 radio stations. Learn more аbουt Glenn Beck аt

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25 Responses to “Glenn Beck interviews Michael Savage on Larry King Live”
  1. woodbreaker11 says:

    savage you are an idiot……

  2. battlefield1942bob says:

    savage is an idiot who over rants all the time.

  3. urantiruslan says:

    gleen beck says larry king live is he on his show ?

  4. urantiruslan says:

    PL stupid this is what happens when teen pregnacys gose out of controll

  5. urantiruslan says:

    i thoght there was no debate on Autism it exsist

  6. urantiruslan says:

    what i know 5 people with autissims

  7. TheGloryfighter1000 says:

    @Smashadams0007 lol

  8. Smashadams0007 says:

    All of them should: Beck, King, O’Reilly. Basically, anyone who talks politics should go hang themselves from a fuckin’ tree because they offer nothing to society. Spewing their insane ideologues down people’s throats doesn’t count as something productive.

  9. yazied00100 says:

    Mr.Savage ,,, thank you chief sir

  10. Infantry9 says:

    Anyone who has pulls such remarks by Savage out of context by claiming that he thinks all cases of autism are fake should get some sense knocked into them literally. As I have said before, he was right on target. I disagree that the medical industry is behind the overdiagnosis or fraud diagnosis and that it is just responding to the rising demand of such drugs, a demand created by political correctness that rejects proper discipline and supports the “let’s solve everything with drugs” mindset.

  11. spideysse says:

    Michael Savage is awesome and as usual on point. Everything he says is plain and simple the truth. If people don’t like it, to hell with them

  12. DickLodge68 says:

    @Rogue351 Savage should do what? Apologize that the Commander in Chief is an outright socialist? That Obama is perhaps the worst President in recent memory? That Obama had “Hope and Change”, until he realized what he got into? That Gauntanamo should be shut down? Sure…ace NASA too…maybe the CIA? Oh wait, that’s who found bin Laden…no keep that. And you want to give him credit for that? You are a liberal no-body that believes the rhetoric.

  13. TheGloryfighter1000 says:

    @TheyHearUsNow zionist supporter good job

  14. TheGloryfighter1000 says:

    savage should kill himself the world is feeling heavy from his unbelievable bullshit stupid jew.

  15. Rogue351 says:

    Savage should immediately apologize to our command in chief, President Elect Obama. The tracking and killing of the most wanted man on the face of the earth has proven without a shadow of doubt. That President Obama is more of an American than Savage will ever be. I am certain that Savage will turn this historical event into another conspiracy theory. Another way for him to make more money while continuing to disgrace our country and the greatest president American has seen in a very long time.

  16. cprtn says:


    Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Turn to Jesus Christ – Ask JESUS CHRIST to save you

  17. RebelGamingxxVlog says:

    1:09 That’s what my father did/does.

  18. arklat says:

    Savage is a fraud, and a racket!

  19. arklat says:

    Well, I guess this loser didn’t heed his Father’s advice. He DOES act like a brat, if it is indeed an act. It might be true. He IS a moron. He IS an idiot. If I was his Father, and I would never admit it if I was, I would tell him “You are acting like a fool!”

  20. Donkwoon says:

    Savage is right!

  21. buffysummersfanboy says:

    Like Michael Savage or hate him, but he’s the same guy all the time. He doesn’t go out of his way to ‘play nice’ with Glenn “The Loser” Beck. While many might frown at Savage for attacking Beck on a regular basis (something he unquestionably does on the Savage Nation) he isn’t two-faced.

  22. ethelmurmur says:

    He’s right! I have a stepson with Coffin-Lowry Syndrome..Very rare and there are physical and mental markers, so it can’t be misdiagnosed….but ADD and ADHD were the flavor of the month and still are so we ‘need’ to medicate the children….Autisim and Asperger’s are starting to pop up now much more than they did before….I do blame that partically on the medical industry…children are being diagnosed with disorders or diseases they do not have, but I also blame the food intustry for it also

  23. BrokenCross88 says:

    CNN Glenn Beck and Fox “News” Glenn Beck seem like two completely different people to me. He was not as deranged when he was at CNN.

  24. artadams1 says:

    Savage = Zionist

  25. amstyle says:

    Freedom of Speech

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