Ninja Aspergers

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15 Responses to “Godfrey Ho’s Ninja Avengers”
  1. mongration says:

    i think this movie was nominated for 4 academy awards if i remember right

  2. FIXTREME says:

    lol Gordon is a MODERN TALKING ninja

  3. KoojiCreative says:

    @bahji9 Not sure but the theme is definitely used in Tubular Bells – Mike oldfield! Man it’s been killing me trying to work it out haha! Finally victory is mine.. Ninja is supreme!!

  4. punipunipunisher says:

    @bahji9 It is just you. Godfrey Ho would never, EVER, steal any music for his movie.

  5. bahji9 says:

    They ripping off Tangerine Dream at the end there, or is that just me?

  6. thejobloshow says:

    We may laugh – but you all wish The Expendables was like this.

  7. toledovf says:

    Great Movie! I love Stuart Smith. Thanks for posting. Thanks to you I just ordered this movie on VHS. Never a dull moment!

  8. COMP3LLED2KILL says:

    Richard Harrison was Fucked-over by Godfrey Ho & Joseph Lai, Harrison signed up for 5 Ninja movies, and Ho shot a load of footage and made over 30 movies out of it,
    but Richard Harrison only got paid for 5 movies………….Godfrey Ho was currupt Cut n’ Paste Filmaker…………the Best of his Ninja movies was Ninja The Protector IMO :)

  9. mtganimemiikefan says:

    omg it says ninja on the headbands XD

  10. zombi1978 says:

    “Shit.” “Son of a bitch!” love how Smith talks here!

  11. Mazinager says:

    Yeah, yeah. Watch out for Ringo, the evil Ninja. One second he mite play a drum solo and the other he kills you with a poisoned shuriken. xD

  12. das81 says:

    this looks dreadfull, fucking cut and paste.

  13. Campslasher07 says:

    Yep, Stuart Smith rules in all those Ninja flicks!!!!
    But iam missing some stuff, there are much more films:)

  14. punipunipunisher says:

    He’s my favourite Ho actor.

  15. Kfied says:

    Never a dull moment with Mr. Stuart Smith!

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