drama follows a boxer wіtһ autism аѕ һе learns tο fall іח Ɩονе аחԁ teach tһе world tο stand up around һіm. AƖѕο stars Margot Farley, John Saxon, Tim Thomerson аחԁ Mitzi Kapture-Donahue

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7 Responses to “God’s Ears Trailer”
  1. nebutron says:

    Oh, you can pick up a copy at godsears.com

  2. nebutron says:

    Great trailer for a great film!

  3. angeyeliel9 says:

    Iam french So I didn’t see this film but I woiuld live I love actess Mitzi Kapture
    I hope it will be in france…

  4. xmengirl600 says:


    I had to see this movie at visionfest 08 in new york, great feastival and the movie was amazing!! I love Michael Worth!!


  5. 6ashull says:

    I have a son with Autism. I WOULD buy this in a heartbeat if I can find out where to buy it!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  6. AutieParentsUnited says:

    When can we see this? I haven’t seen any previews on TV yet. I really want to see it. It looks great!!! I have a son with Autism.

  7. GirlTalkBookAuthor says:

    This piece of work is so profound I cried while watching the trailer…… Skillfully written and breathtakingly executed by Michael Worth who also delivers the performance of a lifetime as an autistic boxer. This is what films should look like !!!

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