WEC Veteran, Johnny Hendricks οf Team Takedown/Marc Laimon faces οff against Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Cameron Diffley. AƖƖ Superfighters donated tһеіr purses tο helping tο raise awareness аחԁ alternative treatments fοr Autism wіtһ Grapplers Quest’s “Grappling wіtһ Autism” Team. Grapplers Quest, Tһе World’s Lаrɡеѕt Grappling Events, іѕ аƖѕο proud supporter οf Autism Speaks.

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25 Responses to “Grapplers Quest Charity Superfight: Johnny Hendricks vs Cameron Diffley – Autism Awareness”
  1. billysue2 says:

    @AZrider47 if you wrote a comment like that,your an idiot.Obviously we are looking at a grappling match,of course an elite wrestler who fights pro mma is going to maul a bjj lad with no wrestling and no significant mma experience under those rules.

  2. jjhollywood949 says:

    is robert drysdale coaching cameron diffley?

  3. champyion40 says:

    Cameron is a classy guy and trust me. Cameron took easy on johhny not to make him look so bad. Cameron is a nice guy. johnny is a winner and his not used to losing. You guys got to understand the guy… No champion likes to lose and he was in that heat of the moment. Good job Cameron! you make it look so easy…

  4. WhtMike2006 says:

    No shit. This isn’t mma though

  5. AZrider47 says:

    if that was MMA Hendricks would of destroyed… If you dont agree your an idiot.

  6. mayescountystud says:

    i’ve wrestled at tournaments here in oklahoma with hendricks in high school, mikes right, awesome guy, before the matches johnny would roll with all the guys from other schools, he tought me the monkey roll! class act

  7. billthebutcher2 says:

    I can’t believe he swept Hendricks like that, very impressive. Great match.

  8. MrTrent says:

    Forrest still doesn’t know Cameron’s last name.

  9. WhtMike2006 says:

    Nothing, but some forceful(rough) techniques can be dickish. Its always best to win with pure technique. A lot of wrestlers have a hard time learning this, and injure themselves and end up quitting BJJ. Hendricks seems genuienely concerned with learning BJJ and itsd own tenants, codes, etc. Plus I LOVE the Darce choke. It’s my best move and it’s his too.

  10. WhtMike2006 says:

    What was the final score? If Hendricks had 2 more seconds he would have gotten 3 points because he passed. But you have to pass and maintain side control for 3 whole seconds.

  11. WhtMike2006 says:

    Hendricks is a very friendly, nice, classy guy! He’s a great dude. I’m sure he was dissapointed and took a few seconds to collect his thoughts. Plus, he went very UNphysical on a technical grappler. He could have gotten very rough with him but didn’t.

  12. tlapower says:

    Nothing. I thought Hendricks was just playing the tournament jj game and basically being polite.

  13. 702decatur says:

    Walking off like a little bitch is classy?

  14. keisela777 says:

    What’s wrong with being rough or using force?

  15. tlapower says:

    I thought Hendricks was pretty classy. He could have been a lot rougher with a finesse grappler like his opponent. He wasn’t even using a lot of force to pass guard. I like Hendricks, he seems like a class guy. I hope he stays that way cuz I’d like to follow his success.

  16. diverboy says:

    Great job Cameron!

  17. morgall says:

    wrestler yes, but not as a grappler-

  18. Dgen1 says:

    I love to watch marc lameass’s grapplers; they have the same loser attitude as him. example loser Hendricks walks off after his loss.

  19. 23runner4 says:

    cameron diffley is a badass grappler..

  20. WhtMike2006 says:

    That was a hip heist. An upa is done when tey have a full mount on you…. I’m not trying to be a dick….

  21. cowpokes57 says:

    jonny is the better wrestler,,,way better

  22. Buckydini1212 says:

    great sweep at 1:30.. ive never seen such a high calibor wrestler get tossed like that usually wrestlers have to good of a base from years and years of training their hip strength

  23. mrwrestler87 says:

    good cause and a great match..hendricks is a way better wrestler than submission artist. his opponent here was a lot more submission oriented..

  24. Cawrestlermoto101 says:

    such a fucking badass match

  25. Cawrestlermoto101 says:

    who has autism?

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