Wһаt ԁο wе know аחԁ wһаt ԁο wе חοt know аbουt autism? Hοw саח parents, educators аחԁ tһе general public сυt through tһе hype, tһе unproven аחԁ tһе blatantly bogus? Join renowned autism researcher Laura Schreibman аחԁ find out. Series: “Grey Matters” [4/2007] [Health аחԁ Medicine] [Science] [Sһοw ID: 11953]

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24 Responses to “Grey Matters: The Science And Fiction of Autism”
  1. Agentbromsnor says:

    You are the one bringing up Fragile X, not me. And yes, you either have autism or you don’t, which has to do with labels. I know several people that have symptoms that could easily pass for autism (ANY kind of autism). It depends how much people react to it as well.

  2. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    You wrote to me in the beginning of this, “You might ‘escape’ a label of autism? I’m sorry, but you’re either diagnosed with autism or not.”

    Can you explain how this is talking about the different branches of autism when it was talking to me about my view that those being lightly affected by Fragile X thus having a genetically known autism avoiding the co-morbid autism diagnosis when if they were highly affected by Fragile X they’d get a co-morbid autism label because Fragile X is autism?

  3. Agentbromsnor says:

    I wasn’t talking about Fragile X I was talking about autism in general and the different branches that it has.

  4. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Fragile X is a spectrum disorder.
    Autism is a spectrum disorder.

    Without the genetic marker Fragile X would be autism.

    Fragile X is the first genetically identified autism.

    Someday there may be ten spectrum disorders that are past autistic disorders.

    Do you get my idea yet?

  5. Agentbromsnor says:

    But NOS in PDD-NOS stands for Not Otherwise Specified so that label by itself is very broad, just like other types of autism like Asperger or ADHD. I don’t think there is clear indication of what autism really is, and what it means to have autism. I think autism is more a collection of types of personality disorders, among other things.

    Yes I know what autism is because I have PDD-NOS myself.

  6. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    If you’re diagnosed with Fragile X but mildly affected by Fragile X then you’re unlikely to get a comorbid diagnosis of autism. If you’re highly affected by Fragile X than you’re likely to get a diagnosis of autism.
    Do you know what autism is?
    You could have autism & escape a diagnosis of autism & rather get PDD-NOS or asperger label instead.
    Fragile X & autism are spectrum disorders. Without the genetic marker for Fragile X it would be autism. The genetic marker gives it the new label.

  7. Agentbromsnor says:

    You might ‘escape’ a label of autism? I’m sorry, but your either diagnosed with autism or not. People who are not diagnosed with it are considered ‘normal’. Its silly, but thats because the world is very uneducated as far as autism is concerned.

  8. oifex says:

    She isn’t scary at all. She is a scientist who is supposed to tell the audience the truth instead of comforting the parents. This is the University of California not Oprah Winfrey. If you can’t face the truth then don’t listen to it and stick to wishful thinking. Besides she doesn’t belittle autistic children in this video at all. I guess that telling the truth prevents the parents from being exploited by bogus therapists.

  9. MusicOfPassion says:

    I agree. “It’s a tragic thing involved for everybody.” So she’s saying that autistic kids are burdens? If there weren’t any autistic kids, this world wouldn’t be as advanced as it is currently. She needs to learn to appreciate how special (not in a bad way) autistic kids are.

  10. rosswharrison says:

    She is very scary! Clearly an old time academic “expert” who does not appear to recognize how special and wonderful most of the children on the spectrum are. Such a negative and hopeless attitude and presentation. Over trained yet no advise, hope or practicality. A real “4.0 dumbass”!

  11. acefaces says:

    Rubbish and nonsense. If any of you have ever attended graduate school, this reminds me of the kind of instructors you meet there. What my dad used to call “a 4.0 dumbass.” There isn’t a “shred of evidence” that Option Process (aka Son Rise) works? Take a look at their website or cruise around youtube. Lots of people have had great success with the Son Rise model.

  12. BeaucoupRed says:

    The rats are jumping ship.

    CHEMRISK – a research company hired by the Corn Refiners Association has recently taken down it’s YouTube channel.

    The removal was in response to negative public perception resulting from the discovery of dangerous levels of MERCURY in HIGH-FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. Apparently it has become a liability to defend the sweetener.

    See one of the last remaining ChemRisk videos at CornRefinersAssoc on YouTube.

  13. bennyjournal says:

    why she always saying AND ,thats bad talk :(

  14. bopplayer says:

    Great clinic Dr Schreibman, keep up the great work!

  15. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Having mild autism means you might escape a label of autism completely, but certainly you can understand that if you have a testable way of knowing Fragile X you could also get the label of MR or autism.

    In like manner if you have severe autism you can get an MR label.

    If you got a label of Fragile X it is like getting a label of autism only with a genetic marker.

  16. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Please tell me you are smart enough to know that Fragile X is a disability that was discovered by studying disabled people and that Fragile X like autism is a spectrum disorder.

    If autism could be broken down into fourteen separate disabilities known by genetic cause and called fourteen different names either you wouldn’t have autism anymore or you would have fourteen different types of autism.

    Fragile X would be one of the fourteen different types of autism.

  17. 666sigma says:

    My comments were directed at her lack of common sense.

    They were not intended to say that kids with Kanner’s were mentally retarded. However, we know that most standardized intelligence tests would label these kids as such.

    But she is using “old school” statistics to apply to the expanded ASD definition and that is misinformation.

  18. wiscsuzski says:

    The thing is, even with Kanners, there is so much going on in their mind, that cannot be measured. My kid would certainly be labeled in the mentally retarded range (because he does not exhibit age-appropriate skills), but he is extremely intelligent. So, if non-verbal autistics learn to type or use some other AAC (or eventually speak), we are able to see more of their actual intelligence.

  19. wiscsuzski says:

    The National Fragile X Foundation says this: “Fragile X syndrome can cause a child to have autism or an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) though not all children with fragile X syndrome have autism or an ASD”.

  20. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Schreibman & Anderson (2001) write about more natural intervention settings and techniques saying, “It is important to remember that even though these [natural interventions] are less formally structured, they are no less behavioral than the more highly structured discrete trial training.”

    Schreibman, L., & Anderson, A. (2001). Focus on Integration: The Future of the Behavioral Treatment of Autism. Behavior Therapy, Vol. 32, 619-632.

  21. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Fragile X is autism (a spectrum disorder) the first subset.

    More will be discovered relative to subsets of autism, but thank you Dr. Laura Schreibman for publishing all the information on how to help those with autism.

    I’ll pay for your signature and I’ve read your new book.

    I know you didn’t charge for the first book signature, but I’ll still pay for another signature for the new book.

    I’ve read all the information on autism and you are the best Dr. Schreibman.

  22. ABAisSCIENCE says:


    Well, I don’t think Bill Gates has autism, but I understand it is better for you to believe a disability is not really disabling.

    Still people with real problems exist.

  23. rayrayon says:

    Come on Lady give us a break, I spent the whole hours as you babbled on and on about – nothing – There is no cure for autism you say, there is no need for anyone to make you rich by buying your book. I think you are trying to take advantage of us.

  24. 666sigma says:

    This lady is Exhibit A in why many parents don’t trust the “science.” She loves to mix apples and oranges and draws conclusions as though they are scientifically based fact.

    For example, she says half the kids don’t develop language. Really? 70% are mentally retarded???

    I think she’s talking about Kanner’s only.

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