See ALL mу videos: ~ Tһіѕ іѕ a video аbουt mу daughter Taylor’s experience wіtһ Autism аחԁ Aspergers Syndrome. At age 2, Taylor wаѕ diagnosed аѕ being οח tһе Autism spectrum аחԁ given ƖіttƖе hope οf having a һарру, independent life. Now, аt age 17, ѕһе іѕ a top student, аח athlete, аחԁ a creative artist. NOTE Tһе email tһаt іѕ posted аt tһе еחԁ wаѕ fοr before wе ɡοt a website. Please post уουr qυеѕtіοחѕ tһеrе now!

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25 Responses to “Hope For Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome: My Story”
  1. GoldfishChannel says:

    ahhh it’s so nice hearing some other person’s view. makes me feel so much less lonely. GREAT THANKS for making a video. <333

  2. Tikaany says:

    Sweetheart, i can not stand the touch and sound of my sleeves touching Styrofoam and when I was little, I didn’t like wearing sneakers or touching a dirty carpet. I felt so bad when my third grade teacher ( it wasn’t just me, NO ONE liked her) yelled at me cuz I wudn’t pick up my pencil off the carpet. I get by with just acting like i don’t have a problem with it.

  3. IndigoCat17 says:

    OMG u seem like a normal kid

  4. iindiar says:

    I am 39 and and my psychiatrist thinks I may have AS. Will find out soon. Thanks for the great video.

  5. jebus0000000 says:

    You’re a beautiful and charming lady. I”m proud of you that you;re coping so well with the AS

  6. Aspergianstar2009 says:

    Same here I was never taught the skills and I grew up in the 70s when if you had any kind of Autism you were simply called backward or retarded. The UK still has not grown up and there are still a lot of ignorant people around now that think Autistics should be terminated at birth. I was also told that I would not be able to read, write or do anything. I had no luxory of a diagnosis at 2. I was diagnosed at 34. All I can say is that you are pretty lucky that you manged to get the help early

  7. Lizbethbike says:

    You say you have your ‘own world, like most autistic people’, a ‘world that you go to, which most people don’t have any concept of’. I was wondering how this differs from those considered non-autistic who also have their own world. Non-autistics do have a concept of having your own world as they have them too. What do you think is the difference between an autistic ‘own world’ and a non autsitic ‘own world’?

  8. sckisback14 says:

    I was never taught the skills but i learned them through experience. I’m just lucky i live in a community that accepts people even if they are a little bit different so i was never embarrased about it :)

  9. snaxalotl says:

    this is nice. the take home message I give to aspies is that of all the skills you don’t have, there are almost none that you can’t learn if you’re aware and you work on it (and the plus side is you get tailor made ones instead of being handed a set of defaults). you seem to be a very good example of this. you present so well, I imagine a lot of people who meet you insist you don’t have aspergers

  10. Derrymaine148 says:

    That’s the best video on youtube. period.

  11. gregorkrause says:

    hi I live in the sault and also have aspergers and my strong interests is silent films and guess what i show them to the senior citizen apartment.

  12. brianpomona18 says:

    You’re absolutely amazing and beautiful. You had me in a trance watching you :)

  13. GlaBurnzUrHouseAK47 says:

    ur alright

  14. Pekoautika says:

    I hear you :D

  15. EmmaCassels says:

    my little brother is 5 and he has autism

  16. BariikaShanii says:

    Your daughter is amazing.. I’ve got to add this 2 my favorites.. x

  17. thebenchwarmer says:

    i also walk, “stupidly” long distances, but.. i don’t think i would describe it as my own world though.. shrug, maybe not to the extent that others do? All i know is that i do a lot of walking when i’m excited about something – it’s just automatic ( XP) and i do a lot of talking with myself.. you know.. being a loner and all.. (Avoidant personality disorder/asperger’s..)

  18. mayknmusic says:

    My sister has Aspergers….this is great…thanks!!

  19. xxpantokrator says:

    hey you! it is important that you don’t force your kid to do things he dont want. my mother did it to me, and that was very hard for me. good luck. and when he starts school maybe it is smart to not put him on a big class

  20. mjdigs says:

    I have a 3.5 son on the spectrum and it means so much to hear what you have to say!!! Thank you so much for opening yourself up and speaking to the rest of us like this! I applaud you!!

  21. GameRelatedStuff says:

    you sound so mature when u speak and ur 17 today??? wow

  22. MrYugioh4life says:

    great video i also have AS

  23. videojerkass15 says:

    I am also 17 and have AS. Your very beautiful and you
    Really spoke to me with this video. Its good to know
    That there is others out there who know how it feels
    To be labled freaks by society. Your normality and
    Beauty give me hope

  24. Laturisen says:

    I have AS :)

    *thumbs up*

  25. boxofficestalker says:

    That high pitch you’re hearing is coming from the mac itself rather than being in the room, so it would be impossible for her to hear it. The same sound can be heard on virtually any video that was recorded with the mac’s photo booth/iMovie feature unless the person used an external microphone.

    Just thought I’d clear up the irony :-)

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